daemon: Don't wait until the worker thread has finished after sending shutdown signal
[collecty.git] / src / collecty / daemon.py
2015-06-06  Michael Tremerdaemon: Don't wait until the worker thread has finished...
2015-06-06  Michael Tremerdaemon: Decrease minimum number of worker threads to two
2015-05-27  Michael TremerMigrate to Python 3
2015-05-26  Michael TremerImplement worker thread concept
2015-05-25  Michael TremerDo not crash write queue when a RRD file could not...
2015-05-10  Michael TremerSilence non-debugging output a bit
2015-05-10  Michael TremerAdd dbus interface
2015-05-08  Michael TremerRewrite plugin architecture
2015-05-07  Michael TremerChange DataSources to be called Plugins
2015-05-05  Michael TremerImprove logging by using the native journal module
2015-05-05  Michael TremerRemove support for reading configuration files
2015-05-05  Michael TremerUse autotools 001