2017-06-02 Michael TremerMakefile: Fix generating man-pages only master
2016-10-21 Michael TremerRemove TODO list
2016-10-21 Michael Tremerlatency: Show "Default Gateway" in headline for gateway
2016-10-21 Michael Tremerprocessor: Show processor usage in percent instead...
2016-10-21 Arne Fitzenreiterdisk: Fix exporting graphs
2016-10-19 Arne Fitzenreiterdisk: Catch error for SMART devices w/o tmp sensors
2016-09-05 Michael Tremerlatency: Silence "no replies received" when no IPv6...
2016-09-05 Michael TremerReplace Nones with UNKNOWN instead of NaN
2015-12-19 Michael Tremerlatency: Ping 'gateway'
2015-12-18 Michael Tremerconntrack: Reformat now/avg/min/max values below graph
2015-12-18 Michael TremerSplit the C module into multiple smaller files
2015-12-18 Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-12-18 Michael TremerIntroduce a colour scheme and fix design of the graphs
2015-12-15 Michael Tremercpufreq: Fix graph generation
2015-12-15 Michael Tremersensors: Make the lines less fat
2015-12-15 Michael Tremersensors: Fall back to ACPI temperature sensor to proces...
2015-12-15 Michael TremerRefectoring of the main classes
2015-12-15 Michael TremerRefectoring of the main classes test
2015-12-14 Michael TremerRemove some unused code
2015-12-14 Michael Tremerconntrack: Sort graph areas by standard deviation
2015-12-14 Michael TremerAllow getting the standard deviation of the plotted...
2015-12-14 Michael TremerMake RRD key names accessible as a list
2015-12-14 Michael TremerAdd some magic to collecty that makes the graph templat...
2015-12-14 Michael Tremerentropy: Remove trend line
2015-12-14 Michael TremerAllow generating thumbnails of graph images
2015-12-13 Michael TremerMake the graph title optional
2015-12-12 Michael TremerBump version to 004 004
2015-12-12 Michael TremerCommit all collected data in the write cache to disk...
2015-12-12 Michael TremerAdd graphs for IP fragmentation
2015-12-12 Michael Tremerconfigure: Check for all headers we use
2015-12-12 Michael TremerAdd df plugin
2015-11-24 Michael TremerUpdate translations
2015-11-24 Michael Tremer.gitignore: Ignore any graph files in the source directory
2015-11-24 Michael TremerAdd system interrupts plugin
2015-11-24 Michael TremerAutomatically guess image format when generating graphs
2015-11-23 Michael TremerAdd lastupdate()
2015-11-23 Michael Tremersensors: Fix typo in property name
2015-11-23 Michael TremerChange the background colour to white
2015-11-23 Michael TremerAdd context switches plugin
2015-11-23 Michael Tremermemory: Remove too much whitespace
2015-10-27 Michael TremerRemove left-over variables from overlayed methods
2015-10-27 Michael Tremerprocessor: Fix title
2015-10-27 Michael Tremercpufreq: Fix graph title
2015-10-26 Michael TremerAdd graph info functionality
2015-10-26 Michael Tremerlocale: Fix fallback to default locale
2015-10-26 Michael TremerFix import of processor plugin
2015-10-26 Michael TremerSync translations
2015-10-26 Michael TremerRename cpu plugin to 'processor'
2015-10-26 Michael Tremersensors: Localise plugin
2015-10-26 Michael Tremermemory: Localise plugin
2015-10-26 Michael Tremerloadavg: Localise plugin
2015-10-26 Michael Tremerlatency: Localise plugin
2015-10-26 Michael Tremerinterface: Localise plugin
2015-10-26 Michael Tremerentropy: Localise plugin
2015-10-26 Michael Tremerdisk: Localise plugin
2015-10-26 Michael Tremercpufreq: Localise plugin
2015-10-26 Michael Tremercpu: Localise plugin
2015-10-26 Michael Tremerconntrack: Localise plugin
2015-10-26 Michael TremerAdd code to localise graph templates
2015-10-26 Michael Tremerlatency: Don't show full packet loss in background
2015-10-26 Michael TremerAdd options to generate localised graphs
2015-10-23 Michael TremerEnforce running with UTC
2015-08-11 Michael Tremerlatency: Improve logging when host could not be reached
2015-08-11 Michael TremerCatch exception when cpufreq is not supported on a...
2015-06-29 Michael Tremerlatency: Rewrite latency module
2015-06-29 Michael Tremerplugins: Automatically replace None by NaN
2015-06-06 Michael TremerBump version to 003 003
2015-06-06 Michael Tremerdaemon: Don't wait until the worker thread has finished...
2015-06-06 Michael Tremerdaemon: Decrease minimum number of worker threads to two
2015-06-06 Michael TremerAdd version information
2015-06-06 Michael Tremerclient: Allow better escaping for custom intervals
2015-06-06 Michael Tremerclient: Return the graph as a bytes object
2015-06-06 Michael Tremergraphs: Add interval "month"
2015-06-06 Michael TremerFix shebang of collectyd and collecty-client
2015-06-06 Michael Tremercpu: Collect CPU stats once a minute
2015-06-06 Michael Tremerinterface: Collect interface stats twice a minute
2015-06-06 Michael Tremerlatency: Remove default interval
2015-06-06 Michael Tremerloadavg: Collect data only once a minute
2015-05-27 Michael TremerGenerate graphs in memory
2015-05-27 Michael TremerExpand RRD files to hold data up to five years
2015-05-27 Michael TremerMigrate to Python 3
2015-05-26 Michael TremerAdd cpufreq plugin
2015-05-26 Michael TremerImplement worker thread concept
2015-05-25 Michael TremerDo not crash write queue when a RRD file could not...
2015-05-25 Michael Tremerconfigure: Call python just python
2015-05-25 Michael TremerAdd to
2015-05-25 Michael Tremerdisk: Convert temperatures to Kelvin
2015-05-25 Michael TremerCreate the object table only once and cache it
2015-05-25 Michael TremerNormalise the filenames of the RRDs
2015-05-25 Michael TremerAdd sensors plugin
2015-05-24 Stefan Schantlconfigure: Fix systemd detection
2015-05-24 Michael TremerAllow the plugins to return the results as a tuple...
2015-05-24 Michael TremerAdd disk plugin
2015-05-24 Michael TremerRemove translation template
2015-05-20 Michael TremerBump version to 002 002
2015-05-19 Michael TremerUpdate POTFILES
2015-05-19 Michael Tremerinterface: Show the correct interface name in graph
2015-05-19 Michael Tremerconntrack: Add graph templates
2015-05-19 Michael Tremergraph templates: Make some atttibutes easier to set
2015-05-10 Michael TremerSilence non-debugging output a bit