2014-06-09  Stefan SchantlAdd DHS as new provider.
2014-06-09  Stefan SchantlFix generation of the basic auth http header.
2014-06-09  Michael TremerLWL: Fix typos in class name.
2014-06-09  Michael TremerMerge branch 'lightningwirelabs'
2014-06-09  Stefan SchantlAdd support for the Lightning Wire Labs DNS Service.
2014-06-09  Michael TremerUpdate translations.
2014-06-09  Michael TremerMigrate to autotools.
2014-06-09  Michael TremerUpdate providers so they don't need to format the reque...
2014-06-09  Michael Tremersend_request(): Allow passing a dict with data for...
2014-06-08  Stefan SchantlAdd class to raise configuration errors.
2014-06-08  Michael TremerUse the Lightning Wire Labs DNS service for guessing...
2014-06-08  Michael TremerFix crash when no proxy is configured.
2012-08-01  Michael TremerAdd licensing information.
2012-07-19  Michael TremerInitial commit.