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1# Added for Squid accounting
2%tr = (
4'acct action' => 'Action',
5'acct activate' => 'Activate',
6'acct addresses' => 'Address Management',
7'acct bank' => 'Bank',
8'acct bic' => 'BIC',
9'acct billarchive' => 'Bill Archive',
10'acct billgroup' => 'Billing Groups',
11'acct billgroupexists' => 'A billing group with this name already exists',
12'acct billtext1' => 'Bill text',
13'acct billnr' => '(always state bill number)',
14'acct billoverview' => 'Bill overview',
15'acct blz' => 'Bank code',
16'acct ccmail' => 'E-Mail CC-Addresses',
17'acct currency' => 'Currency (EUR,USD)',
18'acct traffic' => 'Traffic',
19'acct amount' => 'Amount',
20'acct cent' => 'Price/MB (e.g. 0.003)',
21'acct cent1' => 'Price MB',
22'acct city' => 'City',
23'acct config' => 'Configuration',
24'acct commit' => 'Execute',
25'acct company' => 'Company',
26'acct companyexists' => 'A Company with this name already exists',
27'acct companytype' => 'Type',
28'acct customer' => 'Customer',
29'acct cust empty' => 'No Customer addresses defined',
30'acct dbsize' => 'Database size',
31'acct dbmaintenance' => 'Database maintenance',
32'acct delbefore' => 'Delete all entries before',
33'acct deladr' => 'Delete',
34'acct edit' => 'Edit',
35'acct edit_addr' => 'Add / Edit',
36'acct email' => 'E-Mail',
37'acct emptydb' => 'Erase Database (all data)',
38'acct emptydbtraf' => 'Erase Database (only traffic data)',
39'acct empty field' => 'Field must not be empty: ',
40'acct entries' => 'Entries',
41'acct err custdel' => 'Address can not be deleted. It is defined as customer in a Bill group - Bill group',
42'acct err hostdel' => 'Address can not be deleted. It is defined as provider in a Bill group - Bill group',
43'acct exst_cust_addr' => 'Customer addresses',
44'acct exst_host_addr' => 'Provider addresses',
45'acct expert' => 'Activate maintenance area',
46'acct expdelbefore' => 'Delete',
47'acct fax' => 'Faximile',
48'acct fix billpos' => 'Fixed bill positions of bill group',
49'acct gb' => 'GB',
50'acct generated' => 'Generated',
51'acct hint billgrp' => 'You have to define a provider and a customer address first',
52'acct hint_hoster' => 'Has only to be filled when type "provider"',
53'acct hrb' => 'HRB-No',
54'acct hoster' => 'Provider',
55'acct hosts' => 'Host Overview',
56'acct host empty' => 'No provider addresses defined',
57'acct host detail' => 'Host Details',
58'acct iban' => 'IBAN',
59'acct inet' => 'Internet',
60'acct interval' => 'Checkintervall',
61'acct invalid' => 'Invalid value for',
62'acct invalid billpos' => 'You have to fill in all fields for fixed bill positions',
63'acct invalid mailip' => 'Invalid IP address for mailserver',
64'acct invalid mailfqdn' => 'Invalid FQDN for mailserver',
65'acct invalid mailport' => 'Invalid port for mailserver',
66'acct invalid png' => 'Invalid PNG file',
67'acct invalid pngsize' => 'Invalid PNG size',
68'acct kb' => 'KB',
69'acct kto' => 'Account Number',
70'acct latestdb' => 'Last DB entry',
71'acct logging' => 'Activate Logging (/var/log/accounting.log)',
72'acct logo' => 'Actual Logo',
73'acct logo upload' => 'Upload Logo (PNG, max. 400x150)',
74'acct maintenance' => 'Maintenance',
75'acct mailaddr' => 'Mailserver address',
76'acct mailport' => 'Mailserver port',
77'acct mailuser' => 'Username',
78'acct mailpass' => 'Password',
79'acct mailrcpt' => 'E-Mail Recipient',
80'acct mailsender' => 'E-Mail Sender',
81'acct mailtxt' => 'Text for bill mail',
82'acct mb' => 'MB',
83'acct members' => 'Members',
84'acct menu' => 'Proxy Accounting',
85'acct month' => 'Month',
86'acct multiuser' => 'User can be in multiple groups',
87'acct mwst_name' => 'VAT',
88'acct mwst' => 'Tax rate',
89'acct name1' => 'Name 1',
90'acct name2' => 'Name 2',
91'acct nr' => 'RG-No.',
92'acct oldestdb' => 'Fist DB Entry',
0f14446a 93'acct not optional' => 'These fields are required',
94'acct parameter' => 'Parameter',
95'acct path' => 'Path',
96'acct pdf billtxt' => 'Bill',
97'acct pdf date' => 'Date',
98'acct pdf zwsum' => 'subtotal',
99'acct pdf page' => 'Page',
100'acct pdf prov' => 'Sender',
101'acct pdf sum1' => 'Sum',
102'acct pdf price' => 'Price',
103'acct pdf time' => 'Accounting',
104'acct plz' => 'Postcode',
105'acct preview' => 'Bill preview',
106'acct price pp' => 'Unit price',
60f8111d 107'acct proxy_enable' => 'Please activate proxy first',
108'acct pos' => 'Pos.',
109'acct sum total' => 'Total',
110'acct name' => 'Description',
111'acct no data' => 'No Data available',
112'acct rrdsize' => 'Size of Bill directory',
113'acct settings' => 'Accounting settings',
114'acct skipurl' => 'Skip these URLs (Intranet)',
115'acct status' => 'Status',
60f8111d 116'acct str' => 'Street',
117'acct str_nr' => 'No.',
118'acct subject' => 'Subject',
119'acct sum' => 'Sum',
120'acct task' => 'Task',
121'acct tb' => 'TB',
122'acct tel' => 'Telephone',
123'acct tls' => 'Use TLS',
124'acct traffic monthly' => 'Monthly data volume',
125'acct title' => 'Webproxy Accounting',
126'acct usemail' => 'Send bills via Mail',
127'acct usermulti' => 'is already in group',
128'acct ustid' => 'USt-ID',
129'acct edit settings' => 'Edit settings',
130'acct value' => 'Value',
131'acct view' => 'Show',
132'acct year' => 'Year'
134# End Squid accounting