make requires pkg-config to run autoconf
[ipfire-2.x.git] /
2018-02-11  Michael make requires pkg-config to run autoconf
2018-02-11  Michael Tremertoolchain: Add bison
2018-02-11  Arne Fitzenreitertoolchain: update to gcc-7.3.0 and enable retpolines...
2018-02-02  Michael TremerDrop lcr
2018-02-02  Michael TremerAdd new package: jansson
2018-02-02  Michael TremerDrop libevent2-compat which doesn't build against OpenS...
2018-01-27  Arne Fitzenreiterfinish core118
2018-01-24  Jonatan Schlagpython3-libvirt: drop this package
2018-01-24  Michael TremerRevert "Add Intel microcode updates from Jan 2018"
2018-01-23  Erik KapferLZ4: New compression library.
2018-01-14  Jonatan SchlagAdd Intel microcode updates from Jan 2018
2018-01-09  Michael Tremermdns-repeater: New package
2018-01-08  Michael Show correct architecture when in chroot
2018-01-05  Michael TremerDrop PHP
2018-01-05  Michael TremerDrop owncloud
2018-01-05  Michael TremerDrop mediatomb
2017-12-18  Arne lowering parallel buildprocesses
2017-12-16  Michael TremerDrop tunctl
2017-12-16  Michael TremerDrop phpSANE
2017-12-16  Michael TremerDrop cacti
2017-12-16  Michael TremerDrop openmailadmin package
2017-12-16  Michael TremerDrop nagios
2017-12-16  Michael TremerDecouple nagios-plugins from icinga
2017-12-14  Michael TremerDrop nagiosql
2017-12-14  Michael TremerStart Core Update 118
2017-12-12  Arne Fitzenreiterfinish core117
2017-12-10  Arne limit build to 23 parallel threads.
2017-12-10  Arne Fitzenreiterstrip: use toolchain binary inside of chroot to strip
2017-12-01  Michael Tremerstrip: Explicitely call right binaries
2017-11-29  Michael Create /tools_${arch} link only when building...
2017-11-28  Michael Simplify maths to determine cursor position
2017-11-28  Michael Improve formatting of options
2017-11-28  Michael Fix position of SKIP message when building...
2017-11-28  Michael Tremerssl: Drop package which isn't maintained any more
2017-11-28  Michael TremerDrop vsftpd which isn't actively maintained any more
2017-11-28  Michael Tremerpound: Drop package which isn't very actively maintaine...
2017-11-28  Michael Drop generating a global rootfile
2017-11-28  Michael Fix printing a log line
2017-11-28  Michael Continue producing nice output after screen...
2017-11-23  Michael Don't try to dump a non-existing logfile
2017-11-23  Michael Show architecture we are building the toolchai...
2017-11-23  Michael Fix typo
2017-11-23  Michael Refactor build status code
2017-11-23  Michael TremerCompress toolchain using XZ
2017-11-23  Michael Refactor renice and root check
2017-11-23  Michael Cleanup prepareenv
2017-11-23  Michael TARGET_ARCH has been replaced by BUILD_ARCH
2017-11-23  Michael Merge make-functions into
2017-11-23  Michael TremerMove toolchain from /tools to /tools_${arch}
2017-11-23  Michael Drop option to generate a source ISO
2017-11-07  Michael TremerStart Core Update 117
2017-11-07  Michael Calculate MAKETUNING depending on available...
2017-11-07  Michael Remove setting the EDITOR variable which we...
2017-11-07  Michael Add function to determine how many CPU cores...
2017-11-07  Michael Determine how much memory the build host has
2017-11-02  Arne Fitzenreiterfinish core116
2017-10-23  Michael TremerStart Core Update 116
2017-10-18  Arne Fitzenreiterfinish core115
2017-10-18  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'master' into core115
2017-10-16  Michael TremerPDF-API2: Add optional dependencies to read TrueType...
2017-10-04  Michael TremerMerge branch 'captive-portal' into next
2017-10-04  Michael TremerAdd Ubuntu font family package
2017-09-24  Arne Fitzenreiterstart core115
2017-09-23  Arne FitzenreiterMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/next'
2017-09-23  Arne Fitzenreiterfinish core114
2017-09-22  Michael TremerActually build bootstrap
2017-09-04  Wolfgang Apolinarskiapr and aprutil: Added as requirement for apache 2.4
2017-08-17  Arne Fitzenreiterclose core113
2017-08-16  Michael Actually build iftop
2017-08-15  Stephan FeddersenWIO: first addon release v1.3.1
2017-08-15  Michael TremerStart Core Update 113
2017-07-08  Arne Fitzenreiterncftp: drop addon package
2017-07-07  Arne Fitzenreiterclose core112 v2.19-core112
2017-07-06  Arne Fitzenreiterbump TOOLCHAIN version
2017-07-05  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'next' of
2017-07-04  Arne Fitzenreiterthis grep fails on debian and the output is useless II
2017-07-01  Michael TremerPackage Core Update 112
2017-06-22  Michael TremerDrop architecture-dependent and unused package fwhits
2017-06-20  Marcel remove double build pcre
2017-06-15  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'next' of
2017-06-14  Michael TremerRevert "Drop paxctl"
2017-06-10  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'master' into next
2017-06-07  Michael TremerRun strip with tools from the host system
2017-06-01  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'next' of
2017-06-01  Arne remove display of native gcc
2017-06-01  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'master' into next
2017-05-31  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into next
2017-05-31  Arne Fitzenreiterfinish core111
2017-05-30  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'core110'
2017-05-28  Michael Re-enable build of python3-libvirt
2017-05-24  Michael Build libevent2-compat again
2017-05-24  Michael Bump core update release number
2017-05-22  Michael Tremerimspector: Drop package
2017-05-19  Michael Build lcms2 before ghostscript
2017-05-19  Michael Fix wrong function call to setup build environment
2017-05-18  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' into next
2017-05-18  Michael TremerBump toolchain version
2017-05-18  Michael TremerDrop vdr_vnsiserver5
2017-05-18  Michael Tremerdfb++: Drop package
2017-05-18  Michael Tremeriftop: Drop package