2 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitermake.sh: add core to version string master next
3 days ago  Arne Fitzenreiterdnsdist: a compile thread needs two gigabyte of ram
3 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: replace "pakfire remove"
3 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: remove dropped packages
3 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: fix typo
4 days ago  Arne Fitzenreiterpakfire: Re-install previous core update when in testin...
4 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: ship updated fireinfo.cgi
4 days ago  Stefan Schantlfireinfo.cgi: Use pakfire lib to gather the pakfire...
6 days ago  Stefan Schantlppp: Add upstream patch to fix bounds check in EAP...
6 days ago  Arne Fitzenreiterw_scan: fix country and satalite selection menu
7 days ago  Arne Fitzenreiteru-boot: split rpi aarch64 quirk into parts
8 days ago  Peter MüllerTor: update to
8 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add changed u-boot files to updater
8 days ago  Arne Fitzenreiteru-boot: add quirk for rpi on aarch64
8 days ago  Arne Fitzenreiteru-boot: remove kirkwood kernel detection from bootscript
9 days ago  Arne Fitzenreiterred.up: move update-dns-forwareders behind the firewall
9 days ago  Arne Fitzenreiterflash-images: update the uENV root UUID also on arch64
10 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add ppp to updater
10 days ago  Stefan Schantlppp: Update to 2.4.8
10 days ago  Arne Fitzenreiterelinks: suppress welcome dialog
10 days ago  Michael Tremerdehydrated: Fix various syntax errors
10 days ago  Arne Fitzenreiterpaks: remove scripts for elinks and phpSANE
10 days ago  Arne Fitzenreiterpaks: add/move extract_backup_includes to pak update...
11 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: remove old ddns python-2.7 version
11 days ago  Arne Fitzenreiterddns: rootfile update
12 days ago  Michael Tremercyrus-imapd: Drop package
12 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add cloudinit helper to updater
12 days ago  Michael Tremercloud-init: Disable using ISP nameservers
12 days ago  Michael Tremeraws-setup: Remove some excessive whitespace
12 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add dns.cgi to updater
12 days ago  Michael Tremerdns.cgi: Do not show table header if no servers are...
12 days ago  Stefan Schantlguardian: Add upstream patch for HTTP parser.
12 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add ddns to updater
12 days ago  Stefan Schantlddns: Import latest upstream patches for ddns-013
12 days ago  Stefan Schantlddns: Update to 013
12 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add proxy.cgi tp updater
12 days ago  Stefan Schantlproxy.cgi: Switch to MD5 hashed passwords for local...
12 days ago  Michael Tremerlibpciaccess: Update to 0.16
12 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add udev network-hotplug-bridges script to...
12 days ago  Michael Tremerudev: Set wireless interfaces into AP mode before addin...
12 days ago  Michael Tremerudev: Add more logging to bridge hotplug script
12 days ago  Stefan Schantlw_scan: Update to 20170107
12 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitervdradmin: update to 3.6.10
12 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitervdr: update to 2.4.1
13 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitermake.sh remove extra PAKFIRE_CORE version for nightly...
13 days ago  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: cleanup unused kirkwood patches
13 days ago  Arne Fitzenreiteru-boot-kirkwood: drop package
13 days ago  Michael TremerDrop streamripper
13 days ago  Michael TremerDrop rtpproxy
13 days ago  Michael TremerDrop setserial
13 days ago  Michael TremerDrop icegenerator
13 days ago  Michael TremerDrop icecast
13 days ago  Michael TremerDrop ez-ipupdate
13 days ago  Michael TremerDrop DirectFB
13 days ago  Michael TremerDrop check_mk_agent
13 days ago  Michael TremerDrop multicat & bitstream
13 days ago  Michael TremerDrop batctl
13 days ago  Michael TremerDrop arm
13 days ago  Stefan Schantlmake.sh: Build lua before haproxy.
13 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add pakfire changes to updater
13 days ago  Michael Tremermake.sh: Configure Pakfire to load packages from the...
13 days ago  Michael Tremermake.sh: Cleanup code that builds ${SYSTEM_RELEASE}
13 days ago  Michael Tremermake.sh: Tidy up Git commands
13 days ago  Michael Tremerpakfire: Add version suffix when in a certain tree
13 days ago  Michael Tremerpakfire.cgi: Add UI to select repository
13 days ago  Michael Tremerpakfire.cgi: Rename %pakfiresettings to %cgiparams
13 days ago  Michael Tremerpakfire.cgi: Remove some old settings
13 days ago  Michael Tremerpakfire: Automatically compose $version
13 days ago  Michael Tremerdnsdist: Update to 1.4.0
13 days ago  Michael Tremerhaproxy: Update to 2.1.3
13 days ago  Stefan Schantlsuricata: Update to 5.0.2
13 days ago  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: update to 4.14.171
2020-02-13  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: armv5tel rootfile update
2020-02-13  Arne Fitzenreiterqemu: bump pak version
2020-02-12  Matthias Fischerclamav: Update to 0.102.2
2020-02-12  Jonatan SchlagQemu: remove not needed files for aarch64 and PA-RISC
2020-02-12  Jonatan SchlagQemu: Remove unneeded files
2020-02-12  Jonatan SchlagQemu: remove files for sparc
2020-02-12  Jonatan SchlagQemu: remove files only needed for Power PC
2020-02-12  Matthias Fischertmux: Update to 3.0.a
2020-02-12  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add squid to updater
2020-02-12  Matthias Fischersquid: Update to 4.10
2020-02-12  Matthias Fischermc: Update to 4.8.24
2020-02-12  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add suricata changes to updater
2020-02-12  Stefan Schantlsuricata: Enable RDP protocol parser.
2020-02-12  Stefan Schantlruleset-sources: Update snort dl urls.
2020-02-12  Stefan Schantlsuricata: Enable new and rust-depended protocol parsers.
2020-02-12  Stefan SchantlSuricata: Update to 5.0.1
2020-02-08  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: rootfile update
2020-02-08  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: add kernel to updater
2020-02-08  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: move 140/141 file to oldcore
2020-02-08  Arne Fitzenreitercore142: start updater
2020-02-06  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: enable and enforce signed kernel modules
2020-02-05  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: update to 4.14.170
2020-02-03  Arne Fitzenreiterkernel: drop kirkwood kernel core141 v2.25-core141
2020-02-03  Arne Fitzenreiterunbound: try resolve twice before time sync with ipfire...
2020-02-02  Arne Fitzenreiterunbound: add returncode to resolve function
2020-01-31  Michael TremerPPP: Always fetch DNS servers from provider
2020-01-31  Michael Tremerpppsetup.cgi: Drop DNS setting
2020-01-30  Arne Fitzenreiterdns.cgi: increase timeout to 5s