2017-11-28  Michael Tremervpnmain.cgi: Disable compression by default
2017-11-28  Michael Tremerapache: Wait until apache has stopped when we want...
2017-11-28  Michael Tremerapache: Ensure that not everyone can read the keys
2017-11-28  Arne Fitzenreiterboost: disable parallel build
2017-11-27  Arne Fitzenreitersamba: import security updates from redhead
2017-11-23  Michael Tremermake.sh: Don't try to dump a non-existing logfile
2017-11-23  Michael Tremermake.sh: Show architecture we are building the toolchai...
2017-11-23  Michael Tremermake.sh: Fix typo
2017-11-23  Michael Tremermake.sh: Refactor build status code
2017-11-23  Michael TremerCompress toolchain using XZ
2017-11-23  Michael Tremermake.sh: Refactor renice and root check
2017-11-23  Michael Tremermake.sh: Cleanup prepareenv
2017-11-23  Michael Tremermake.sh: TARGET_ARCH has been replaced by BUILD_ARCH
2017-11-23  Michael Tremermake.sh: Merge make-functions into make.sh
2017-11-23  Michael TremerMove toolchain from /tools to /tools_${arch}
2017-11-23  Michael Tremermake.sh: Drop option to generate a source ISO
2017-11-20  Michael Tremercore117: Reload apache for change of configuration
2017-11-20  Peter Müllerdisable SSL compression and session tickets in Apache
2017-11-13  Michael TremerRetire the IPFire CA
2017-11-13  Michael Tremercore117: Ship updated CA bundle
2017-11-13  Peter Müllerupdate ca-certificate CA bundle
2017-11-13  Michael Tremercore117: Ship changes in pakfire
2017-11-13  Peter Müllervalidate GPG keys by fingerprint
2017-11-13  Michael Tremercore117: Ship latest GeoIP changes
2017-11-13  Michael TremerGeoIP: Add lookup function for convenience
2017-11-13  Michael Tremergeoip-functions.pl: Fix typos and formatting
2017-11-13  Michael Tremermake.sh: Default to armv5tel on armv7* build hosts
2017-11-13  Michael TremerRevert "make.sh: Use -pipe in CFLAGS when host has...
2017-11-11  Michael Tremercaptive portal: Require authorization before redirectin...
2017-11-07  Michael Tremercore117: Ship updated routing.cgi
2017-11-07  Alexander MarxBUG11466: fix routing.cgi the function call in routing...
2017-11-07  Alexander MarxNetwork-functions: add check if variables are defined
2017-11-07  Michael Tremercore117: Ship updated network-functions.pl
2017-11-07  Alexander MarxBUG11466: Fix network_equal function
2017-11-07  Michael Tremercore117: Ship changed files of the webUI
2017-11-07  Peter Müllerlink to HTTPS version of www.ipfire.org in WebUI
2017-11-07  Peter MüllerTor: Use relay mode as default setting
2017-11-07  Michael TremerStart Core Update 117
2017-11-07  Michael Tremerunbound: Silence error when upstream name servers canno...
2017-11-07  Michael Tremermake.sh: Calculate MAKETUNING depending on available...
2017-11-07  Michael Tremermake.sh: Remove setting the EDITOR variable which we...
2017-11-07  Michael Tremermake.sh: Add function to determine how many CPU cores...
2017-11-07  Michael Tremermake.sh: Use -pipe in CFLAGS when host has >1GB of...
2017-11-07  Michael Tremermake.sh: Determine how much memory the build host has
2017-11-06  Michael Tremercaptive: One month is only 30 days instead of 210
2017-11-03  Arne Fitzenreitercore116: stop apache before extracting updated files v2.19-core116
2017-11-03  Arne Fitzenreitercore116: replace apache restart by stop and start
2017-11-03  Arne Fitzenreitercore116: ship updated wget
2017-11-02  Arne Fitzenreiterfinish core116
2017-11-02  Arne Fitzenreitercore116: set need_reboot flag
2017-11-02  Arne Fitzenreitercore116: ship openssh
2017-11-02  Arne Fitzenreitercore116: fix openssl symlink
2017-11-02  Michael Tremerwget: Update file extension
2017-11-02  Michael Tremeropenssl: Update to 1.0.2m
2017-10-29  Michael Tremerwget: Update to 1.19.2
2017-10-28  Michael Tremercore116: Ship updated apache
2017-10-28  Wolfgang ApolinarskiUpdate to Apache 2.4.29
2017-10-23  Michael Tremercore116: Ship updated proxy.cgi
2017-10-23  Matthias Fischerproxy.cgi: Even more cosmetics
2017-10-23  Michael Tremercore116: Ship snort
2017-10-23  Matthias Fischersnort: Update to 2.9.11
2017-10-23  Michael TremerStart Core Update 116
2017-10-23  Matthias Fischerxz: Update to 5.2.3
2017-10-22  Arne Fitzenreiterdrop httpscert and merge to apache initskript v2.19-core115
2017-10-21  Michael Tremercore115: Add missing parameter to actually generate...
2017-10-18  Arne Fitzenreiterfinish core115
2017-10-18  Arne Fitzenreitercore115: add extrahd.cgi to updater
2017-10-18  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'master' into core115
2017-10-18  Peter Müllerredirect to TLS WebUI if authorisation required
2017-10-18  Michael TremerRevert "Use best XZ compression for smaller images...
2017-10-18  Michael TremerRevert "cdrom: Use -8 as compression parameter"
2017-10-17  Michael Tremercdrom: Use -8 as compression parameter
2017-10-17  Michael TremerUse best XZ compression for smaller images and packages
2017-10-17  Michael Tremercdrom: Change format to XZ and compress in parallel
2017-10-17  Michael Tremerpackages: Compress in parallel
2017-10-17  Michael Tremercaptive: Fix localisations
2017-10-17  Michael Tremercaptive: Simplify coupon time selection
2017-10-17  Michael Tremercaptive: Reindent code for better readability
2017-10-17  Michael Tremercaptive: Localise GREEN/BLUE
2017-10-17  Michael TremerRootfile update
2017-10-16  Michael Tremercore115: Ship logrotate
2017-10-16  Matthias Fischerlogrotate: Update to 3.13.0
2017-10-16  Michael TremerPDF-API2: Add optional dependencies to read TrueType...
2017-10-16  Michael TremerMake perl-PDF-API2 part of the base system
2017-10-16  Michael TremerPDF-API2: Update to 2.033
2017-10-16  Matthias Fischerwpa_supplicant: Update to 2.6
2017-10-16  Michael TremerKRACK attack: Patch wpa_supplicant & hostapd
2017-10-16  Michael TremerKRACK attack: Patch wpa_supplicant & hostapd
2017-10-16  Michael Tremercaptive: Allow PDF export of coupons
2017-10-16  Michael Tremercaptive: Add headline to T&C box
2017-10-12  Michael TremerDownload sources via HTTPS
2017-10-12  Michael Tremerinstaller: Fix detection if we have the correct ISO...
2017-10-12  Michael Tremerinstaller: Allow download of ISO images over HTTPS
2017-10-11  Michael Tremeripfire-netboot: Update to v2.0
2017-10-11  Matthias Fischerunbound: Update to 1.6.7
2017-10-11  Peter Mülleralso force TLS when requiring user authentication in...
2017-10-11  Peter Müllergenerate ECDSA key on existing installations
2017-10-11  Peter Müllership changed files for Apache and ECDSA
2017-10-11  Peter Müllerenable dual-stack ECDSA and RSA certificates in Apache
2017-10-11  Peter Müllergenerate ECDSA key on existing installations