2017-10-16  Michael Tremercaptive: Add headline to T&C box
2017-10-12  Michael TremerDownload sources via HTTPS
2017-10-12  Michael Tremerinstaller: Fix detection if we have the correct ISO...
2017-10-12  Michael Tremerinstaller: Allow download of ISO images over HTTPS
2017-10-11  Michael Tremeripfire-netboot: Update to v2.0
2017-10-11  Matthias Fischerunbound: Update to 1.6.7
2017-10-11  Peter Mülleralso force TLS when requiring user authentication in...
2017-10-11  Peter Müllergenerate ECDSA key on existing installations
2017-10-11  Peter Müllership changed files for Apache and ECDSA
2017-10-11  Peter Müllerenable dual-stack ECDSA and RSA certificates in Apache
2017-10-11  Peter Müllergenerate ECDSA key on existing installations
2017-10-11  Peter Müllerprefer ECDSA over RSA and remove clutter
2017-10-11  Matthias Fischerweb-user-interface: Removed 'dial.cgi' from lfs-file
2017-10-11  Michael Tremernetboot: Update to 1.2
2017-10-11  Michael Tremercaptive: Allow editing terms in coupon mode
2017-10-11  Michael Tremercore115: Ship updated extrahd.pl
2017-10-11  Matthias FischerRemove PRINT-line in extrahd.pl
2017-10-11  Michael Tremercore115: Ship latest OpenVPN changes
2017-10-11  Erik KapferOpenVPN: Fix for '--ns-cert-type server is deprecated' .
2017-10-11  Peter Müllerremove unused dial.cgi directives from Apache vhosts...
2017-10-10  Peter Müllerdelete unused dial.cgi file
2017-10-09  Michael Tremercore115: No need to reload apache after it has been...
2017-10-09  Michael Tremercore115: Regenerate IPsec configuration
2017-10-09  Peter Mülleradd missing check for Curve25519 in vpnmain.cgi
2017-10-09  Michael Tremercore115: Rebuild language cache during update
2017-10-09  Michael Tremercore115: Ship updated apache
2017-10-09  Matthias Fischerapache: Update to 2.4.28
2017-10-09  Michael Tremercaptive: Fix saving empty terms
2017-10-06  Michael TremerDownload ISO images from https://downloads.ipfire.org
2017-10-06  Michael TremerPull latest translations for installer & setup from...
2017-10-06  Michael Tremercore115: Include captive portal in updater
2017-10-05  Michael Tremercore115: Add captive portal cron jobs to updater
2017-10-05  Michael Tremercaptive portal: Correctly initialise an array for 8h...
2017-10-05  Michael Tremercaptive portal: Reload firewall rules after cleanup
2017-10-05  Michael Tremercaptivectrl: Remove unused code
2017-10-05  Michael Tremercaptive portal: Don't remove unlimited access after...
2017-10-04  Michael TremerMerge branch 'captive-portal' into next
2017-10-04  Michael Tremercaptive portal: Allow sessions to expire after 8 hours
2017-10-04  Michael Tremercaptive-portal: Serve Ubuntu font files locally
2017-10-04  Michael TremerAdd Ubuntu font family package
2017-09-30  Michael Tremercore115: Ship update for OpenVPN
2017-09-30  Matthias Fischeropenvpn: Update to 2.3.18
2017-09-30  Matthias Fischertor: Update to 3.1.7
2017-09-24  Michael Tremercore115: Ship cosmetic improvements in proxy.cgi
2017-09-24  Matthias Fischerproxy.cgi: Some cosmetics for the absolutely lazy ones...
2017-09-24  Arne Fitzenreiterstart core115
2017-09-24  Arne FitzenreiterMerge branch 'master' into next
2017-09-24  Arne Fitzenreitercore114: add php to updater v2.19-core114
2017-09-23  Matthias Fischerwpa_supplicant: Update to 2.6
2017-09-23  Arne FitzenreiterMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/next'
2017-09-23  Arne Fitzenreiterfinish core114
2017-09-23  Arne Fitzenreitercore114: force update addons after core update
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Update configuration for Apache 2.4
2017-09-22  Michael TremerRootfile update
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Show access page in browser language
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Do not try to execute the favicon
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Fix passing redirection URL
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Run apache in HTTP/1.0 mode
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Fix another typo in captivectrl
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Fix typo in German translation
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Let apache follow symlinks to load bootstrap
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Fix directory permissions
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Logo directory no longer exists
2017-09-22  Michael TremerRootfile update
2017-09-22  Michael Tremerapache2: Create captive portal logging directory
2017-09-22  Michael TremerActually build bootstrap
2017-09-22  Michael TremerUpdate German translation for captive portal
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Link .map files as well
2017-09-22  Michael Tremerbootstrap: Install map files, too
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Show message when an invalid coupon code was...
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Do not show checkbox when in coupon mode
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Verify that the user actually accepted the...
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Style any error messages
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Show a message when no coupon code was entered
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Fix some template updates that I forgot
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Drop duplicate function to list active clients
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Redesign clients list box
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Redesign generated coupons table
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Correctly set coupon lifetime
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Remember selected coupon expiry time
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Allow creating multiple coupons in bulk
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Reformat times
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Cleanup coupon generation block
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Cleanup logo upload
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Cleanup authentication selection
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Code cleanup
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Allow uploading JPEG images, too
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Serve logo through an extra CGI script
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Save logo in /var/ipfire/captive
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Allow selecting the session expiry time for...
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Group settings together and create branding...
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Some more CGI cleanup
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Rename "Voucher" mode to "Coupon"
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Rename "License" mode to "Terms & Conditions"
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Allow selecting highlight colour in web interface
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Refactor the access page
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Get MAC address of a device without calling arp
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Don't compare action string
2017-09-22  Michael Tremercaptive: Import new design
2017-09-22  Michael Tremerbootstrap: New package