26 hours ago  Matthias Fischerknot: Update to 2.9.5 master next
2 days ago  Matthias Fischerminidlna: Update to 1.2.1
2 days ago  Matthias Fischerffmpeg: Update to 4.2.3
2 days ago  Michael Tremercore145: Enable OpenVPN metrics collection
2 days ago  Michael Tremeropenvpn: Create database schema if not exists
2 days ago  Matthias Fischermake.sh: Suppress 'ls :cannot access *.bz2'-message
2 days ago  Matthias Fischernano: Update to 4.9.3
6 days ago  Michael TremersquidGuard: Fix generating databases with libdb >= 5
8 days ago  Michael Tremerids-functions.pl: Quote array of subnets
8 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitermove perl-DBI and perl-DBD-SQLite to core system
8 days ago  Arne Fitzenreiterupdate credits.cgi
8 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: add bind
8 days ago  Matthias Fischerbind: Update to 9.11.19
8 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: stop/start suricata and squid
8 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: restart squid
8 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: add unbound
8 days ago  Matthias Fischerunbound: Update to 1.10.1
8 days ago  Peter MüllerTor: update to
9 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: add knot
9 days ago  Matthias Fischerknot: Update to 2.9.4
9 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: add ids-functions.pl
9 days ago  Stefan Schantlids-functions.pl: Fix generating of HOME_NET declaration
9 days ago  Michael Tremerde: Fix typo in "received"
9 days ago  Stéphane Pautrelfr: Add missing strings
11 days ago  Michael Tremermake.sh: Add command to find dependencies
11 days ago  Matthias Fischerclamav: Update to 0.102.3
11 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: add pci id database
11 days ago  Peter Müllerhwdata: update PCI database
11 days ago  Erik Kapfertshark: Update to version 3.2.3
11 days ago  Erik Kapferlibseccomp: Update to version 2.4.3
11 days ago  Michael Tremershairport-sync: Update to 3.3.6
11 days ago  Erik Kapferupdate.sh: Stop|Start OpenVPN for update
11 days ago  Erik KapferOpenVPN: Update to version 2.4.9
11 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: update rng init
11 days ago  Michael Tremerrandom: Initialise the kernel's PRNG earlier
11 days ago  Michael Tremerrandom: Launch rngd earlier in the boot process
2020-05-13  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: add files linked against new libpng, libdb
2020-05-13  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: add gnupg, squid and bump cups
2020-05-10  Arne Fitzenreiterrootfiles: change MACHINE to xxxMACHINExxx
2020-05-10  Arne Fitzenreitermtools: update rootfile
2020-05-09  Arne Fitzenreiterberkelay-compat: fix build on aarch64
2020-05-09  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: fix firewall rules.pl path
2020-05-09  Arne Fitzenreiterberkeley: fix typo
2020-05-09  Arne Fitzenreiterberkeley: update automake before build
2020-05-09  Matthias Fischernano: Update to 4.9.2
2020-05-09  Arne Fitzenreiterpcengines-apu-firmware: update to
2020-05-09  Arne Fitzenreiterclamav: fix database present check
2020-05-09  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: add suricata and libhtp
2020-05-09  Peter MüllerSuricata: update to 5.0.3
2020-05-09  Peter Müllerlibhtp: update to 0.5.33
2020-05-09  Stephan FeddersenWIO: wiographs.cgi - New position for back image
2020-05-09  Stephan FeddersenWIO: wio-lib.pl - Patch Bug 12284 - IPSec Connected...
2020-05-09  Stephan FeddersenWIO: wio.cgi - Patch Bug 12284 - IPSec Connected since...
2020-05-09  Stephan FeddersenWIO: wio.fr.pl - some typos were correct by Stéphane...
2020-05-09  Stephan FeddersenNew WIO PAK_ver
2020-05-09  Peter MüllerPostfix: update to 3.5.1
2020-05-09  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: add firewall rules.pl
2020-05-09  Michael Tremerfirewall: Log accepted connections even when NAT is...
2020-05-09  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: add optionsfw.cgi
2020-05-09  Peter Mülleroptionsfw.cgi: properly translate on/off radio buttons
2020-05-09  Peter Müllergraph.pl: fix intendation of user CPU load
2020-05-09  Peter Müllersystem.cgi: properly translate load average graph
2020-05-09  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: add graphs.pl
2020-05-09  Peter Müllergraphs.pl: use brackets instead of hypens
2020-05-09  Peter Müllerde.pl: mention technical detail regarding new not SYN...
2020-05-09  Peter Mülleren.pl: fix spelling of "SYN"
2020-05-09  Peter Müllergraphs.pl: fix spelling of "SYN"
2020-05-09  Matthias Fischertmux: Update to 3.1
2020-05-09  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: add BerkeleyDB, berkeley, berkeley-compat...
2020-05-09  Michael Tremernetatalk: New package
2020-05-09  Michael Tremerberkeley: Re-add 4.4 as compat package
2020-05-09  Michael Tremerberkeley: Update to 5.3.28
2020-05-09  Michael Tremeropenldap: Update to 2.4.49
2020-05-09  Michael TremerBerkeleyDB: Update to 0.63
2020-05-09  Stéphane Pautrellang: Update French translation
2020-05-09  Michael TremerUpdate translations
2020-05-09  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: add hyperscan
2020-05-09  Erik Kapferhyperscan: Update to version 5.2.1
2020-05-09  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: add libenvent2
2020-05-09  Peter MüllerTor: bump package version
2020-05-09  Peter Müllerlibevent2: update to 2.1.11-stable
2020-05-09  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: add libusb
2020-05-09  Peter Müllerlibusb: update to 1.0.23
2020-05-09  Erik KapferOpenVPN: Fix for N2N plausibility checks
2020-05-06  Stefan Schantl70-log.menu: Fix ovpnclients section.
2020-05-03  Arne Fitzenreitermpd: bump version that is linked against new ffmpeg
2020-05-03  Arne Fitzenreiterborgbackup: fix 32bit rootfiles
2020-05-02  Stefan SchantlLangs/de.pl: Add translations for OpenVPN roadwarrior...
2020-05-02  Arne Fitzenreitervnstat: remove unmount ramdisk message
2020-05-02  Matthias Fischervnstat 2.6: Fix for initscript - removed 'evaluate_retval'
2020-05-02  Arne Fitzenreiterwebui: update rootfile
2020-05-02  Arne Fitzenreitercoreutils: add uptream patch to fix build on aarch64
2020-05-02  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: add vnstat
2020-05-01  Arne Fitzenreitercore145: add open vpn changes
2020-05-01  Michael Tremeropenvpn: Store connection times in ASCII timestamps
2020-05-01  Michael Tremeropenvpn: Add metrics script
2020-05-01  Stefan SchantlLangs/en.pl: Add duration.
2020-05-01  Stefan SchantlAdd ovpnclients page to log menu.
2020-05-01  Michael TremerOpenVPN Log: Add connection duration
2020-05-01  Michael TremerOpenVPN: Capitalise some headings and labels