3 days ago  Michael Tremernetwork-hotplug-bridges: Fix logical error in STP_PRIOR... next
3 days ago  Matthias Fischernano: Update to 5.5
3 days ago  Michael Tremercore154: Ship logrotate
3 days ago  Matthias Fischerlogrotate: Update to 3.18.0
3 days ago  Matthias Fischerhtop: Update to 3.0.5
3 days ago  Michael Tremercore154: Ship ipsec-interfaces
3 days ago  Michael TremerIPsec: Disable XFRM policy lookup for VTI devices
3 days ago  Michael Tremercore154: Ship sudo
3 days ago  Adolf Belkasudo: Upgrade to 1.9.5p1
3 days ago  Michael Tremerwpa_supplicant: Update to development version
3 days ago  Michael Tremerhostapd: Update to development version
8 days ago  Michael Tremercore154: Ship kmod
8 days ago  Michael Tremerkmod: Update to 28
8 days ago  Michael Tremermake.sh: Build zstd earlier in stage2
8 days ago  Michael Tremercore154: Ship SSH initscript
8 days ago  Michael Tremerssh: Ignore any errors when stopping daemon
8 days ago  Michael Tremercore154: Ship initscript functions
8 days ago  Michael Tremercore154: Ship header.pl
8 days ago  Leo-Andres... header.pl: Remove duplicate "IpInSubnet" function
8 days ago  Arne Fitzenreiterstrace: update to 5.10
8 days ago  Michael TremerAWS: Ensure the product UUID is uppercase
8 days ago  Michael TremerAWS: Hypervisor UUID has been dropped from newer kernels
9 days ago  Michael Tremeriw: Update to 5.9
9 days ago  Michael Tremercore154: Ship WiFi changes
9 days ago  Michael Tremerwpa_supplicant: Import fresh default configuration
9 days ago  Michael Tremerwireless client: Try using SHA256 over SHA1 when possible
9 days ago  Michael Tremerwireless client: Add support for WPA3
9 days ago  Michael Tremercore154: Ship setup
9 days ago  Arne Fitzenreitersetup: move gateway setting to red address setting.
2021-01-07  Michael Tremerflashrom: Only build package for x86_64 and i586
2021-01-07  Michael Tremercore154: Ship unbound initscript
2021-01-07  Giovanni Aneloniunbound: make local zone transparent
2021-01-07  Michael Tremerflashrom: Update to 1.2
2021-01-07  Michael Tremerfirmware-update: It is 2021
2021-01-07  Michael Tremerfirmware-update: Update to version 20200107
2021-01-06  Michael Tremermake.sh: Build gettext earlier
2021-01-06  Michael Tremercore154: Ship ddns.cgi
2021-01-06  Stefan Schantlddns.cgi: Make dealing with auth tokens more user-friendly.
2021-01-06  Michael Tremercore154: Ship ddns
2021-01-06  Stefan Schantlddns: Add latest upstream patches.
2021-01-06  Jonatan Schlagunbound: keep probing when servers are down
2021-01-06  Adolf Belkasshfs: Update to 3.7.1
2021-01-06  Michael Tremercore154: Ship fuse
2021-01-06  Adolf Belkafuse: Update to 3.10.1
2021-01-06  Michael Tremercore154: Ship iproute2
2021-01-06  Adolf Belkaiproute2: Update to 5.10.0
2021-01-06  Michael Tremercore154: Ship iptables
2021-01-06  Adolf Belkaiptables: Update to 1.8.6
2021-01-06  Adolf Belkastunnel: Update to 5.57
2021-01-06  Michael Tremermisc-progs: ipfirereboot: Remove unused cron functions
2021-01-06  Michael Tremerconfigroot: Make extrahd.pl executable
2021-01-06  Michael Tremermisc-progs: Set some defaults for CONFIG_ROOT and SNAME
2021-01-06  Michael Tremermisc-progs: Drop unused upnpctrl
2021-01-06  Michael Tremermisc-progs: Drop unused updxsetperms
2021-01-06  Michael Tremermisc-progs: Drop unused ipfiredeath & ipfirerebirth
2021-01-06  Michael Tremermisc-progs: Drop unused applejuicectrl
2021-01-06  Michael TremerPackage extended attributes in distro.img and Core...
2021-01-06  Michael Tremermake.sh: Build acl and attr earlier
2021-01-04  Michael Tremercore154: Ship general-functions.pl
2021-01-04  Adolf Belkageneral-functions.pl: Update to fix bug #12428
2021-01-03  Matthias Fischerwget: Update to 1.21
2021-01-03  Michael Tremercore154: Ship knot
2021-01-03  Matthias Fischerknot: Update to 3.0.3
2021-01-03  Michael TremerDrop unused Asterisk CGI files
2021-01-03  Michael TremerDrop unused upnp.cgi
2021-01-03  Michael Tremercore154: Ship updated CGI files
2021-01-03  Matthias FischerSyntax fixes in several CGIs
2021-01-03  Matthias Fischerdhcpcd: Update to 9.4.0
2020-12-29  Michael Tremercore154: Ship logwatch
2020-12-29  Matthias Fischerlogwatch: Fix unmatched entries from clamav
2020-12-29  Michael Tremerhostapd: Bump package version
2020-12-29  Matthias Fischerwlanap.cgi: Cosmetic fix - replace 'Save' image with...
2020-12-29  Stéphane Pautrellang: Update French translation
2020-12-28  Adolf Belkabacula: Update to 9.6.7
2020-12-28  Adolf Belkaiperf3: Update to version 3.9
2020-12-28  Adolf Belkaiperf: Update to 2.0.14a
2020-12-27  Michael Tremercore154: Ship new procps
2020-12-27  Adolf Belkaprocps: Update to 3.3.16
2020-12-27  Michael Tremermeson: Update MD5 checksum
2020-12-27  Stefan Schantlmake.sh: Limit ninja to compute paralellism value
2020-12-27  Stefan Schantlninja: Allow to limit the parallel build processes.
2020-12-27  Stefan Schantlmake.sh: Build ninja and meson.
2020-12-27  Stefan Schantlmeson: New package.
2020-12-27  Stefan Schantlninja: New package
2020-12-24  Michael TremerRun "./make.sh lang"
2020-12-24  Michael Tremercore154: Ship pakfire.cgi
2020-12-24  Matthias FischerUpdate (and cosmetic fixes) for 'pakfire.cgi': Added...
2020-12-24  Michael Tremercore154: Ship country.cgi
2020-12-24  Matthias Fischercountry.cgi: Cosmetic fix for 'Back'-button'
2020-12-24  Peter Müllercountry.cgi: fix location function call
2020-12-24  Matthias Fischerdhcpcd: Update to 9.3.4
2020-12-24  Matthias Fischerhtop: Update to 3.0.4
2020-12-23  Michael Tremercore154: Ship libloc
2020-12-23  Peter Müllerlibloc: update to 0.9.5 and backport fix for #12554
2020-12-23  Michael Tremercore154: Ship remote.cgi
2020-12-23  Peter Müllerremote.cgi: cosmetic changes
2020-12-23  Peter MüllerPostfix: update to 3.5.8
2020-12-22  Peter Müllertexinfo: update to 6.7
2020-12-22  Peter Müllerccache: update to 3.7.12
2020-12-21  Michael Tremercore154: Ship sshctrl