2019-05-30  Michael Tremerwiki: Fix link handling
2019-05-30  Michael Tremerwiki: Add preview for editing pages
2019-05-30  Michael Tremerbootstrap: Update to 4.3.1
2019-05-30  Michael Tremerwiki: Enforce ACLs for watchers
2019-05-30  Michael Tremerwiki: Update files URL schema
2019-05-30  Michael Tremerwiki: Change watch/unwatch URL schema
2019-05-30  Michael Tremerwiki: Change URL type for edits
2019-05-30  Michael Tremerwiki: Change breadcrumb handling
2019-05-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Fix rendering image detail pages
2019-05-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Fix authorisation handling when editing pages
2019-05-26  Michael Tremerblacklisting: Remove blocklist
2019-05-23  Michael Tremerwiki: Go back in history for forever to show recent...
2019-05-23  Michael TremerCSS: Make code elements dark
2019-05-23  Michael TremerCSS: Do not style external links differently
2019-05-18  Michael Tremeraccounts: Authenticate when changing passwords, too
2019-05-18  Michael Tremerpeople: Fix link which referenced the wrong account
2019-05-18  Michael Tremeraccounts: Bind to LDAP after reconnect
2019-05-09  Michael Tremertweets: Tweet something every 4-5 days only
2019-05-08  Michael Tremerblocking: Replace spamhaus XBL against blocklist.de
2019-05-08  Michael Tremerwiki: Remove author from search results
2019-05-08  Michael Tremerwiki: Add watchlist
2019-05-08  Michael TremerUpdate requirements
2019-05-08  Michael Tremermessages: Encode emails as quoted-printable and remove...
2019-05-08  Michael Tremermessages: Do not wrap text
2019-05-08  Michael Tremerwiki: Always show edit button to encourage editing
2019-05-08  Michael Tremerwiki: Remove "Last modified" before date
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerutil: Load required PIL module
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerwiki: External links do not need to have an alias
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerwiki: Handle wiki links
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerwiki: Handle email addresses
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerwiki: Handle external links
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerwiki: Pre-compile regex for interwiki links
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerwiki: Add support for Interwiki links
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerauth: Send Vary: Cookie header for all authentication...
2019-05-07  Michael Tremeraccounts: Drop a couple of unused Python modules
2019-05-07  Michael Tremeraccounts: Change way how to compose the CN
2019-05-07  Michael Tremertemplates: Fix wrong path
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerpeople: Do not show any personal information to users...
2019-05-07  Michael Tremeraccounts: Unify using DN in cache keys
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerpeople: Decrease size of phone numbers field
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerpeople: Fix "None" showing when street is empty
2019-05-07  Michael TremerCleanup sessions, accounts and the message queue once...
2019-05-07  Michael Tremeraccounts: Do not try to resize when no avatar was uploaded
2019-05-07  Michael Tremeraccounts: Fix wrong variable name
2019-05-07  Michael Tremeraccounts: Make avatars square
2019-05-07  Michael TremerCache generated thumbnails
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerfooter: Add spacing between user name and logout button
2019-05-07  Michael Tremeraccounts: Remove search cache
2019-05-07  Michael TremerRevert "auth: Wrap login and logout in a single transac...
2019-05-07  Michael Tremeraccounts: Rename _get_account_from_dn to get_by_dn
2019-05-07  Michael Tremeraccounts: Create LDAP user when account is activated
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerpeople: Allow no account reference when using the passw...
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerauth: Add register button
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerauth: Raise Bad Request on ValueError upon registration
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerauth: Do not allow logged-in users to register again
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerauth: Wrap login and logout in a single transaction
2019-05-07  Michael Tremeraccounts: Add function to register a new (temporary...
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerauth: Add article to headline
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerfeatures: Fix width of icons
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerwiki: Fix wrong variable name
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerpeople: Rename "My Calls" to "Calls"
2019-05-07  Michael Tremeraccounts: Return list as search result
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerpeople: Move "My Calls" into sidebar
2019-05-07  Michael Tremeraccounts: Remove any control characters
2019-05-07  Michael TremerRevert "CSS: Expand menu only on XL screens"
2019-05-07  Michael Tremertemplates: Remove whitespace errors on base template
2019-05-07  Michael TremerCSS: Expand menu only on XL screens
2019-05-07  Michael Tremeraccounts: Use heavy caching to take off load from LDAP...
2019-05-07  Michael Tremermemcache: Allow caching None
2019-05-07  Michael Tremeraccounts: Cache group memberships
2019-05-07  Michael Tremeraccounts: Log time it takes to run an LDAP query
2019-05-07  Michael Tremeraccounts: Simplify LDAP search code
2019-05-07  Michael Tremerwiki: Store title of pages in memcache
2019-05-07  Michael Tremeraccounts: Try to automatically re-connect to the LDAP...
2019-04-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Let search function return a list of pages instea...
2019-04-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Increase space below headlines
2019-04-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Make sidebar content smaller
2019-04-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Stripe tables by default
2019-04-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Compress images better when using JPEG format
2019-04-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Use non-greedy matching when searching for images
2019-04-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Fix render issue when no sidebar exists
2019-04-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Handle external links and email addresses
2019-04-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Allow relative links to have a description, too
2019-04-20  Michael Tremeraccounts: Take PNG images as well
2019-04-18  Michael TremerAdd bot that automatically tweets some things
2019-04-18  Michael Tremernopaste: Encode texts into bytes before sending them...
2019-04-08  Michael Tremercrontab: Fix sytnax error
2019-03-18  Michael TremerMakefile: Hack to make ImageMagick happier
2019-03-18  Michael TremerImprove description text
2019-03-18  Michael Tremer.gitignore: Ignore .DS_Store files
2019-03-18  Michael TremerGenerate favicon.ico and Apple Icons from logo
2019-03-07  Michael Tremerboot.ipfire.org: Serve nightly builds from boot.ipfire...
2019-03-07  Michael Tremerboot.ipfire.org: Only use HTTP
2019-03-06  Michael Tremeraccounts: Fix setting SIP routing address
2019-02-27  Michael Tremernopaste: Do not cache upload page
2019-02-27  Michael Tremernopaste: Fix uploading files that never expire
2019-02-06  Michael TremerFix mirror check
2019-01-10  Michael Tremerblog: Make importing blog posts an async call
2018-12-06  Michael Tremerwiki: Always render live
2018-12-06  Michael Tremerwiki: Add support for relative links