2009-01-15  Michael TremerUpdated gitignore.
2009-01-15  Michael TremerSome parts of dlhandler.py were rewritten.
2009-01-15  Michael TremerRemoved files, that are no more needed on source/.
2009-01-15  Michael TremerImported pygit (repository is down?!).
2009-01-15  Michael TremerRedirecting all subdomains to www.ipfire.org.
2009-01-07  Michael TremerChanged footer on build.ipfire.org.
2009-01-07  Michael TremerFixed prio of rowie.at.
2009-01-07  Michael TremerRevert "Change the prio. from mirror "rowie.at" from...
2009-01-07  RonaldChange the prio. from mirror "rowie.at" from 8 to 2.
2009-01-07  RonaldMerge branch 'master' of git://git.ipfire.org/ipfire.org
2009-01-07  RonaldChanche dl. prio. for mirror rowie.at from 8 to 2.
2009-01-02  Ronald WiesingerLast fix on development.xml.
2009-01-02  Ronald WiesingerSome small fix on development.xml .... part 2
2009-01-02  Ronald WiesingerSome small fix on development.xml .... part 1 ....maybe.
2009-01-02  Ronald WiesingerAdd development.xml to ipfire.org.
2009-01-02  Ronald WiesingerSome small beauty fixes on the index.xml.
2009-01-02  Ronald WiesingerFix <li>- to <li> on news.xml
2009-01-01  Ronald WiesingerFix 1st content tag of news.xml.
2009-01-01  Ronald WiesingerLast pretty modify on imprint.xml.
2009-01-01  Ronald WiesingerFixing imprint.xml on ipfire.org the 3rd. try
2009-01-01  Ronald Wiesinger2nd try of fixing sidebar in imprint.xml.
2009-01-01  Ronald WiesingerFix Sidebar in imprint.xml.
2009-01-01  Ronald WiesingerAdd imprint.xml to website ipfire.org.
2009-01-01  Ronald WiesingerFix header of download.xml.
2008-12-15  Michael TremerAdded some verbosity things to buildspy.
2008-11-29  Michael TremerAdded new parameters "cpu" and "machine".
2008-11-29  Michael TremerChanged mode of getfile.py.
2008-11-27  Michael TremerFixed plusses in query string.
2008-11-26  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of /srv/git/ipfire.org
2008-11-26  Michael TremerAdded a new framework that stores files in xml files.
2008-11-25  rootFixed show.py just one dns bug remaining
2008-11-24  Michael TremerAdded a sorry-message to website.
2008-11-24  Michael TremerFixed some syntax things of SSI in header.shtml.
2008-11-15  Michael TremerUpdated some things in builder.
2008-11-15  Michael TremerMake header box resizeable.
2008-11-15  Michael TremerAdded a small footer line with additional information.
2008-11-15  Michael TremerOnly let source code be downloaded by our own robot.
2008-11-12  Michael TremerSave $TARGET in database.
2008-11-08  ManiacikarusAdded timestamp to downloader
2008-11-08  ManiacikarusSome minor fixed for website
2008-11-07  ManiacikarusMerge branch 'master' of git://git.ipfire.org/ipfire.org
2008-11-07  ManiacikarusUpdated Website for 2.3 release
2008-11-03  Michael TremerConverted debug log to error log.
2008-11-03  Michael TremerAdded access log to load balancer.
2008-11-03  Michael TremerEnabled logging of the load balancer.
2008-11-02  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of /srv/git/ipfire.org
2008-11-02  ManiacikarusMerge branch 'master' of git://git.ipfire.org/ipfire.org
2008-11-02  ManiacikarusAdded count to version information
2008-11-02  Michael Tremerbuild: Set ignore value from 1.5h to 15min.
2008-10-31  Ronald Wiesingerchance nightlybuild link from v3 builds to 2.3 builds
2008-10-27  ManiacikarusAdded RC1 Download Link
2008-10-26  ManiacikarusUpdate Release information
2008-10-25  Michael Tremer[build] Added "jobs" and "log".
2008-10-25  Michael TremerMade an option to select the active hosts by hour.
2008-10-23  Michael TremerCleaning up the host list a little bit.
2008-10-16  Ronald Wiesingerchange nightly build link to rowie.at/upload/ipfire...
2008-10-13  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of /srv/git/ipfire.org
2008-10-13  Michael TremerAdded news about beta 5.
2008-10-13  Michael TremerGeneral commit... see diff.
2008-10-11  Michael TremerChanged height of the header box.
2008-10-05  Ronald Wiesingeradd url for beta4 to downloadsite
2008-10-04  Michael TremerAdded randomize token for distcc.
2008-10-04  Michael TremerAdded disabled state for distcc.
2008-10-03  Michael TremerFixed a small math error in DurationsConfig.get_avg().
2008-10-03  Michael TremerIf the host is ourself, we don't return it.
2008-10-03  Michael TremerAlways check if the host is pingable before we send...
2008-10-03  Michael TremerAlways add "localhost/1" to the distcc host list.
2008-10-03  Michael TremerDo only count build time greater than one our.
2008-09-30  Michael TremerI rather prefer the hosts in one line.
2008-09-30  Michael TremerThis is file doesn't belong to build.ipfire.org.
2008-09-30  Michael TremerChecked in new build.ipfire.org.
2008-09-24  Michael TremerRun web irc in iso-mode.
2008-09-15  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of /srv/git/ipfire.org
2008-09-15  Michael TremerFix merge diff.
2008-09-15  Michael TremerRevert "Added images."
2008-09-15  Michael TremerAdded images.
2008-09-15  Michael TremerAdded "IPFire, ein Jahr danach"
2008-09-15  Michael TremerAdded mirror5.ipfire.org to the load balancer.
2008-08-25  ManiacikarusAdded some nice stats
2008-08-22  Michael TremerFrom now on, we can link all sites like: ipfire.org...
2008-08-22  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of /srv/git/ipfire.org
2008-08-22  Michael TremerCatched a possible error in the redirector.
2008-08-22  Michael TremerUpdated the website:
2008-08-18  Ronald Wiesingeradd downloadlink for beta3 of V2.3 to the downloadsite
2008-08-18  Michael TremerAdded news of core update 16 to the website.
2008-08-16  Michael TremerAdded a new mirror: ipfire.wintertech.de
2008-08-16  Michael TremerDid some things on the menu...
2008-08-16  Michael TremerRemoved some unuseful links from the tracker page.
2008-08-16  Michael TremerCorrected a lot of download links.
2008-08-16  Michael TremerUpdated .gitignore.
2008-08-16  Michael TremerAdded a robots.txt for download.ipfire.org.
2008-08-16  Michael TremerReplaced the rediretor by a new faster one.
2008-08-15  Michael TremerReplaced the old perl redirector by a new one in python.
2008-08-05  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of /srv/git/ipfire.org
2008-07-30  Your Name Comes... Merge branch 'master' of git://git.ipfire.org/ipfire.org
2008-07-30  Your Name Comes... Add Beta2 link to downloadsite
2008-07-30  Michael TremerPosted a news article about linux luenen and created...
2008-07-24  Michael TremerAdded a news feed for our site.
2008-07-20  rowiefix wrong download url for beta1
2008-07-20  rowieMerge branch 'master' of git://git.ipfire.org/ipfire.org