2021-08-18  Michael Tremerreleases: Promote aarch64 and demote armv6l
2021-07-19  Michael TremerCSS: Add tables for blog content
2021-03-17  Michael Tremerdonation: Fix typo
2021-03-17  Michael Tremerlocation: Add list of well-known users
2020-12-01  Michael Tremerbase: Add references to LWL store
2020-11-30  Michael TremerUpdate Christman campaign copy
2020-10-27  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Fix rendering page when country code is unknown
2020-08-21  Michael Tremerlocation: Use country name from location database
2020-08-18  Michael TremerRSS: Change feed to Atom format
2020-08-18  Michael TremerRSS: Fix empty GUID field
2020-08-04  Michael Tremerdownload: Re-add torrent links
2020-08-04  Michael Tremerdownload: Introduce secondary architectures for i586...
2020-08-04  Michael Tremerreleases: Add aarch64 to supported architectures
2020-08-04  Michael Tremerlocation: Fix typo in blog URL
2020-08-04  Michael Tremerlocation: Remove BETA badge
2020-08-04  Michael Tremerlocation: Fix spacing in Python example code
2020-08-04  Michael Tremerlocation: Add download page
2020-08-04  Michael Tremerlocation: Remove unnecessary -d test.db argument
2020-08-04  Michael Tremerlocation: Add latest relevant blog post
2020-08-04  Michael Tremerdonate: Do not cache donation page
2020-08-04  Michael Tremerauth: Set Cache-Control: no-store when we don't want...
2020-06-12  Michael Tremerwiki: Do not try to resize vector images
2020-06-08  Michael TremerDrop unused format_asn() function
2020-06-08  Michael Tremermirrors: Fix printing AS information
2020-06-08  Michael Tremerlocation: Show ASN when no name is available
2020-06-08  Michael Tremerlocation: Do not show the map when we do not know the...
2020-06-08  Michael Tremerutil: Avoid error when no network was found
2020-06-08  Michael Tremerlocation: Bring back map
2020-06-08  Michael Tremerlocation: Redesign lookup page
2020-06-08  Michael Tremerlocation: Redesign index page
2020-06-08  Michael Tremerlocation: Disable caching for the index page
2020-06-08  Michael TremerRemove unused blacklist feature
2020-06-08  Michael Tremerlocation: Drop old warniing about blocked resources
2020-06-08  Michael Tremerlocation: location-query(8) has been renamed to location(8)
2020-06-05  Michael Tremerdonations: Bring back PayPal
2020-05-19  Michael TremerUse host certificate to send emails
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerbootstrap: Update to 4.5.0
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerrobots.txt: Disallow indexing anything with query strings
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerwiki: Allow adding a comment when a page is being restored
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerwiki: Add tree
2020-05-19  Michael TremerMigrate to libloc
2020-05-19  Michael Tremerconfigure: Fail if tools are missing
2020-05-11  Michael Tremerdonate: Add information about PCI DSS
2020-05-11  Michael Tremerdonate: Add note about PayPal
2020-05-05  Michael Tremerwiki: Move navigation into footer
2020-05-05  Michael TremerMake the wiki slightly narrower by dropping the sidebar
2020-05-04  Michael Tremerwiki: Only show revisions of the same file
2020-05-04  Michael Tremerwiki: Render empty header block for files
2020-04-27  Michael Tremeraccounts: Reject subdomains of blacklisted domains...
2020-04-14  Michael Tremerblog: Mark announcement messages as auto-generated
2020-03-25  Michael Tremerdonations: Remove organization step here because it...
2020-03-25  Michael Tremerdonations: Split API call into many small things
2020-02-13  Michael Tremermirrors: Divide list by country
2020-02-12  Michael TremerCSS: Style blockquotes
2020-02-09  Michael TremerTry to reconnect to the LDAP server for longer than...
2020-02-04  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Disable all caching
2020-02-04  Michael Tremermirrors: Silence another warning
2020-02-04  Michael Tremerzeiterfassung: Validate API responses
2020-02-04  Michael Tremermirrors: Stop emailing Michael if a mirror is down
2020-02-04  Michael Tremersearch: Use PostgreSQL's websearch_to_tsquery()
2020-02-03  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://people.ipfire.org/pub...
2020-02-03  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Show amount of active profiles
2020-02-03  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://people.ipfire.org/pub...
2020-02-03  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Show total amount of profiles in database
2020-02-03  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Label unknown processors as "Unknown"
2020-01-26  Michael Tremerblog: Make unpublished posts render again
2020-01-23  Michael Tremerblog: Mark announcement emails as bulk, too
2020-01-23  Michael Tremerwiki: Add meta tags for OpenGraph & Twitter
2020-01-23  Michael Tremerblog: Add meta tags for OpenGraph & Twitter
2020-01-19  Michael Tremerregister: Fix hiding invalid feedback
2020-01-17  Michael Tremercrontab: Prevent sending emails twice
2020-01-16  Michael Tremermessages: Ensure that addresses are properly encoded
2020-01-16  Michael Tremermessages: Do not manually pass recipients any more
2020-01-16  Michael Tremermessages: Make sure all messages have a To: header
2020-01-16  Michael Tremermessages: Talk to local relay instead of using sendmail
2020-01-09  Michael Tremeraccounts: Add CLI command to list all email addresses
2020-01-09  Michael Tremeraccounts: Do not log a warning when the server did...
2020-01-04  Michael Tremeraccounts: Implement page searches for LDAP
2019-12-24  Michael Tremeraccounts: Drop username check from StopForumSpam
2019-12-24  Michael Tremeraccounts: Perform some basic checks on valid email...
2019-12-24  Michael Tremerregistration: Disable registration button if UID/email...
2019-12-24  Michael Tremeraccounts: Check emails against our local blacklist
2019-12-24  Michael TremerDrop mockups
2019-12-13  Michael TremerMake legal link work on all pages
2019-12-12  Michael TremerMark Christmas emails as bulk
2019-12-10  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' )of ssh://people.ipfire.org/pub...
2019-12-10  Michael Tremerwiki: Fix group membership check for ACLs
2019-12-10  Michael Tremerblog: Fix last publications check if we have posts...
2019-12-10  Michael Tremerpeople: Show pending registrations
2019-12-10  Michael Tremeraccounts: Remove left-over newsletter subscription...
2019-12-10  Michael Tremerauth: Do not attempt to render page after redirect
2019-12-09  Michael Tremerauth: Do not cache registration page because of XSRF...
2019-12-06  Michael Tremerwiki: Fix styling of footnotes
2019-12-04  Michael Tremeraccounts: Limit LDAP operations to 10 seconds
2019-12-04  Michael Tremermessages: Do not use relative links in emails
2019-12-04  Michael TremerAdd unsubscribe link to text emails
2019-12-04  Michael Tremeraccounts: Count up to INT_MAX objects
2019-12-02  Michael Tremeraccounts: Limit request times to StopForumSpam
2019-12-02  Michael Tremermessages: Fix wrong variable name
2019-12-01  Michael Tremerdonations: Adress people by their first name in some...