2019-03-18  Michael Tremer.gitignore: Ignore .DS_Store files
2019-03-18  Michael TremerGenerate favicon.ico and Apple Icons from logo
2019-03-07  Michael Tremerboot.ipfire.org: Serve nightly builds from boot.ipfire...
2019-03-07  Michael Tremerboot.ipfire.org: Only use HTTP
2019-03-06  Michael Tremeraccounts: Fix setting SIP routing address
2019-02-27  Michael Tremernopaste: Do not cache upload page
2019-02-27  Michael Tremernopaste: Fix uploading files that never expire
2019-02-06  Michael TremerFix mirror check
2019-01-10  Michael Tremerblog: Make importing blog posts an async call
2018-12-06  Michael Tremerwiki: Always render live
2018-12-06  Michael Tremerwiki: Add support for relative links
2018-12-06  Michael Tremerwiki: Render HTML for faster pages
2018-12-06  Michael Tremerwiki: Remove doubly-used variable page
2018-12-04  Michael Tremerwiki: Adjust width of label for changes box
2018-12-04  Michael Tremeraccounts: Log to which LDAP server we are connecting
2018-12-04  Michael Tremerwiki: Send email when page has been changed
2018-12-04  Michael Tremeraccounts: Use stored email address
2018-12-04  Michael Tremermessages: Log messages in debug mode only
2018-12-04  Michael Tremercron: Run all jobs as nobody
2018-12-04  Michael Tremermessages: Fall back to no-reply@ipfire.org when there...
2018-12-04  Michael Tremermessages: Actually put message into the queue
2018-12-04  Michael Tremermessages: Add default locale
2018-12-03  Michael Tremermessages: Read templates_dir from configuration file
2018-12-03  Michael Tremerbackend: Fix order of import if submodules
2018-12-03  Michael Tremermessages: Import code that handles emails
2018-12-03  Michael Tremerwiki: Add wrapper to send emails to watchers
2018-12-03  Michael Tremerwiki: Only show last segment of a page when no title...
2018-12-03  Michael Tremerwiki: Show diff link only when changes are shown
2018-12-03  Michael Tremerwiki: Show changes when listing all revisions
2018-12-03  Michael Tremerwiki: Show a sidebar on file detail view
2018-12-03  Michael Tremerwiki: Make bottom bar less eye-catching
2018-12-03  Michael Tremerwiki: Use custom CSS for checkboxes and file uploads
2018-12-03  Michael Tremerwiki: Add help text to what watching a page means
2018-12-03  Michael Tremerwiki: Rename is_watching() to is_watched_by()
2018-12-03  Michael Tremerwiki: Don't show watch checkbox when a page is already...
2018-12-03  Michael Tremerwiki: Create a watchlist with all pages a user has...
2018-12-03  Michael Tremerwiki: Fix heading on diff page
2018-12-02  Michael TremerAdd docker container for testing
2018-12-02  Michael Tremerwiki: Add page that diffs revisions of a page
2018-12-02  Michael TremerShip local copy of hwdata module
2018-11-26  Michael Tremerrelease: Cache blog post
2018-11-26  Michael Tremerreleases: Show SHA256 checksums when available
2018-11-26  Michael Tremercron: Scan for release files once an hour
2018-11-26  Michael TremerUse yabencode to decode torrent files
2018-11-26  Michael Tremerrelease: Wrap scanning files into a transaction
2018-11-26  Michael Tremerreleases: Open files in binary mode for hashing
2018-11-26  Michael TremerCLI: Parse tornado's arguments
2018-11-26  Michael Tremerrelease: Iterate through all releases when searching...
2018-11-26  Michael Tremerfiles: Store a SHA256 checksum of files in the database...
2018-11-26  Michael Tremerrelease: Add command to scan files
2018-11-23  Michael Tremeraccounts: Save search_domain only once
2018-11-23  Michael Tremerwiki: Show useful repr for pages
2018-11-23  Michael Tremerwiki: Move edit action into own handler
2018-11-23  Michael Tremerwiki: Add ACLs
2018-11-21  Michael Tremerdonate: Add note about credit card fees
2018-11-20  Michael Tremerdonate: Add bank account owner information
2018-11-20  Michael Tremerdonate: Make help texts narrow as the rest of the page
2018-11-19  Michael Tremerwiki: Set expires of 1h for image files
2018-11-19  Michael Tremerwiki: Cache thumbnail images in memcache
2018-11-19  Michael Tremermemcache: Refactor our wrapper class and add logging
2018-11-19  Michael TremerRevert "Drop using memcache"
2018-11-19  Michael Tremerwiki: Remove debugging lines
2018-11-19  Michael Tremerwiki: Add usage instructions for images
2018-11-19  Michael Tremerwiki: Center images on detail page
2018-11-19  Michael Tremerwiki: Always link images to detail page
2018-11-19  Michael Tremerwiki: Add detail page for files
2018-11-19  Michael TremerAdd link to blog to main navigation
2018-11-18  Michael Tremerwiki: Embed images
2018-11-18  Michael Tremerwiki: Use downsized version of images in gallery
2018-11-18  Michael Tremerwiki: Automatically resize images
2018-11-18  Michael Tremerwiki: Add file gallery and allow uploading files
2018-11-18  Michael Tremerwiki: Fix typo
2018-11-18  Michael Tremerpeople: Try to store address better in LDAP
2018-11-18  Michael Tremerpeople: Hide various things from users that are not...
2018-11-18  Michael Tremerpeople: Add account activation handler
2018-11-18  Michael Tremerpeople: Implement simple registration process
2018-11-18  Michael Tremeraccounts: Don't rely on objects being of class posixAccount
2018-11-18  Michael Tremerdownloads: Redirect old release links
2018-11-18  Michael Tremerdonation: Check blacklist before allowing to access...
2018-11-13  Michael Tremerwiki: Make sidebar search on older versions of Python
2018-11-13  Michael TremerCSS: Add file with only fonts
2018-11-13  Michael Tremerwiki: Add a page that helps users editing pages
2018-11-13  Michael Tremerwiki: Show a sensible name for non-existant pages
2018-11-13  Michael Tremerwiki: Make navbar independent from page
2018-11-13  Michael Tremerwiki: Implement search
2018-11-12  Michael Tremerwiki: Hide breadcrumbs on lower levels
2018-11-12  Michael Tremerwiki: Make make_breadcrumbs() return a list
2018-11-12  Michael Tremerwiki: Hide top level in breadcrumbs
2018-11-12  Michael Tremerwiki: Add support for [[wiki]] links
2018-11-12  Michael Tremerwiki: Move navigation bar to base template
2018-11-12  Michael Tremerwiki: Add edit button and link to old revisions
2018-11-12  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ipfire.org/pub/git...
2018-11-12  Michael Tremerwiki: Obviously the sidebar is wiki content, too
2018-11-12  Michael Tremerwiki: CSS: Always enable blockquotes
2018-11-12  Michael Tremerwiki: CSS: Always enable tables
2018-11-12  Michael Tremerwiki: Add some more markdown extras
2018-11-12  Michael Tremerwiki: Style wiki content
2018-11-12  Michael Tremerwiki: Borrow markdown rendering from blog
2018-11-12  Michael Tremerwiki: Add page that lists revisions of a page
2018-11-12  Michael Tremerwiki: Fix creating deleted pages