2018-07-12  Michael TremerIntroduce autotools
2018-07-12  Michael Tremer.gitignore: Add .vscode
2018-07-12  Michael TremerDrop tools we no longer need
2018-07-12  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into next
2018-06-23  Michael TremerAllow flash images to be XZ compressed
2018-05-22  Michael Tremerdatabase: Remove TransactionRollbackError
2018-05-22  Michael Tremerdonation: Align payment method names with what I use...
2018-05-22  Michael Tremerdonations: Use 3-letter currency codes
2018-05-22  Michael TremerImplement donation redirection to backend
2018-05-11  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Only list countries on start page when >...
2018-04-26  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Show popular country on index page
2018-04-25  Michael TremerMake all absolute links use https:// instead of
2018-04-25  Michael Tremerwebapp: Remove many old redirects
2018-04-25  Michael Tremerwebapp: Remove lazy initialization of backend
2018-04-25  Michael Tremerwebapp: Refactor application launch
2018-04-25  Michael TremerDrop fancybox
2018-04-25  Michael TremerDrop Google Plus page
2018-04-25  Michael TremerRemove dev.* prefix from menu
2018-04-25  Michael TremerRemove some Google site identification file
2018-04-25  Michael TremerDrop cookie secret
2018-04-25  Michael Tremerwebapp: Don't compress output
2018-04-25  Michael TremerDrop German translation
2018-04-25  Michael TremerDrop wishlist
2018-04-25  Sven HoehnDonation page responsivness
2018-04-25  Sven HoehnBootstap migration talk.ipfire.org
2018-04-25  Sven Hoehnbasic styling talk.ipfire.org
2018-04-25  Sven HoehnBootstrap 4 migration: login
2018-04-25  Sven HoehnBootstrap 4 migration: geoip.dev.ipfire.org
2018-04-25  Sven HoehnBootstap 4 migration: nopaste.dev.ipfire.org (?)
2018-04-25  Sven HoehnBootstrap 4 migration: mirrors.dev.ipfire.org
2018-04-25  Sven HoehnBootstrap 4 migration: fireinfo page (part)
2018-04-25  Sven HoehnBootstrap 4 migration: downloads.dev.ipfire.org
2018-04-25  Sven HoehnBootstrap migration: 404 page
2018-04-25  Sven HoehnBootstrap 4 migration: chat
2018-04-25  Sven Hoehnadded "or" line and javascript switching for currency...
2018-04-25  Sven Hoehnchange the icon, the button style and text on the donat...
2018-04-25  Sven Hoehnnew donation page with basic styling.
2018-04-25  Sven Hoehnfixed second navigation bug over main navigation
2018-04-25  Sven HoehnFeature page complete page markup and added new icons
2018-04-25  Sven Hoehnadded background to support section
2018-04-25  Sven Hoehnmodification of the buttons on the support and communit...
2018-04-25  Sven Hoehnbasic styling Donate page
2018-04-25  Sven Hoehnbasic styling Community page
2018-04-25  Sven Hoehnbasic styling Support page
2018-04-25  Sven Hoehnicons styling in seperat file
2018-04-25  Sven Hoehnbasic style Download page
2018-04-25  Sven Hoehnadjust touch target on mobile Feature page
2018-04-25  Sven HoehnFeature page mobile version first steps.
2018-04-25  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Easily get penetration of a certain release
2018-04-25  Svenadd active side in navigation
2018-04-25  Svenremove sticky Navbar on feature page and add scroll to
2018-04-25  Svenfeatures page added spyscoll to navigation
2018-04-25  SvenFeature page headers and a little bit more on the navig...
2018-04-25  Svenbasic markup features page
2018-04-25  SvenBug 11338
2018-04-25  Svenadded tux on mobile menu
2018-04-25  SvenBug 11335 modified font smoothing and weight
2018-04-25  Svenmenu button was not hidden when navigation is open...
2018-04-25  Svenmoved part from the custom scss to modules _custom_nav...
2018-04-25  SvenBug 11327 try again to fix flickering on scroll
2018-04-25  Svenfix footer on large screen.
2018-04-25  Svenwork on spacing and sizes Viewport 600px wide.
2018-04-25  SvenBug 11338: modified sizes
2018-04-25  SvenBug 11339: closed (add color on hover state)
2018-04-25  SvenBug 11339: closed
2018-04-25  SvenBug 11327: fixed
2018-04-25  SvenBug 11337: closed
2018-04-25  SvenBug 11335: closed
2018-04-25  SvenBug 11333: closed
2018-04-25  SvenBug 11332: fixed
2018-04-25  SvenBug 11329: fixed
2018-04-25  SvenArrow at the bottom to scroll down now white on hover.
2018-04-25  SvenNew icons.
2018-04-25  Svenfix Webkit column latest news and feature section
2018-04-25  Svenembed SVG Icons in the footer.
2018-04-25  Svenedit font weight in buttons
2018-04-25  Svenadd stats
2018-04-25  SvenImages
2018-04-25  Svenadd spacing and menu on mobile
2018-04-25  Svenadd responsive layout.
2018-04-25  Svenbox shadows on buttons
2018-04-25  Svenexcluded unused parts from Bootstrap
2018-04-25  SvenStyled the other sections.
2018-04-25  SvenNavbar styling and Intro section for Website - Start...
2018-04-25  SvenAdded Bootstrap 4.0.0-alpha 6, new images and mockups...
2018-04-25  Michael TremerMove imprint to legal
2018-04-25  Michael TremerUpdate imprint according to new GDPR legislation
2018-04-23  Michael TremerUse HTTPS for OpenStreetMap links
2018-03-29  Michael TremerRemove mirror list generation from webapp
2018-01-22  Michael TremerFix typo on hardware page
2017-12-16  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Serve profile avatars over HTTPS
2017-11-16  Michael Tremeraccounts: Admin group has been replaced by wheel
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Write profiles in one transaction
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Don't constantly wipe the log table
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerdatabase: Support transactions
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerdatabase: Disconnection on transaction rollback error
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerplanet: Log view when rendering the post
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Don't return HTTPError, raise instead
2017-11-01  Michael TremerRevert "Revert "database: Reconnect on programmimg...
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerdatabase: Log when connection was lost