36 hours ago  Michael Tremerpeople: Show SIP agent status master
36 hours ago  Michael Tremerpeople: Clarify UID requirements
37 hours ago  Michael Tremermirrors: Do not raise unknown Exception from socket...
7 days ago  Michael Tremersupport: Make Wiki headline more clear
7 days ago  Michael TremerMerge branch 'community'
8 days ago  Michael TremerUse Python's internal asyncio stuff instead of Tornado's
8 days ago  Michael Tremerpeople: Cache avatars for forever now since they have...
9 days ago  Michael Tremerpeople: Simplify SSO process for Discourse
13 days ago  Michael Tremermessages: Fix cleaning up mail queue
13 days ago  Michael Tremeraccounts: Cleanup expired password reset tokens
13 days ago  Michael Tremerpeople: Submit real name to mailing list as well
13 days ago  Michael Tremerpeople: Invite newly registered users to newsletter
13 days ago  Michael TremerUse our internal mail framework for sending newsletter...
13 days ago  Michael Tremerpeople: Implement password reset
13 days ago  Michael Tremerpeople: Implement initiation of password reset
13 days ago  Michael Tremerpeople: Add UI for password resets
2019-10-30  Michael Tremerpeople: Improve password UI
2019-10-30  Michael Tremerpeople: Tighten regex pattern whenever UIDs are being...
2019-10-30  Michael Tremerpeople: Delete correct memcache keys
2019-10-30  Michael Tremerpeople: Add hash to avatar
2019-10-30  Michael Tremerpeople: Search for nicknames as well
2019-10-30  Michael Tremerpeople: Encourage people to add a description
2019-10-30  Michael Tremerpeople: Keep description empty (and not use None)
2019-10-29  Michael Tremerpeople: Cannot hide sudo group
2019-10-29  Michael Tremerpeople: Send description to Discourse
2019-10-29  Michael Tremerpeople: Make space for a description
2019-10-29  Michael Tremerpeople: Add groups to navigation
2019-10-29  Michael Tremerpeople: Ignore more groups
2019-10-29  Michael Tremerpeople: Show email address of groups
2019-10-29  Michael Tremerpeople: Link from groups to accounts and vice-versa
2019-10-29  Michael Tremerpeople: List group members
2019-10-29  Michael Tremerpeople: Show number of group members on listing page
2019-10-29  Michael Tremerpeople: Ignore a couple of internal groups
2019-10-29  Michael Tremerpeople: Add group listing page
2019-10-28  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Allow importing profiles for aarch64
2019-10-28  Michael Tremerpeople: Encourage people to upload an avatar
2019-10-28  Michael Tremerpeople: Search for non-POSIX groups, too
2019-10-28  Michael Tremerpeople: Send signup emails to moderators
2019-10-28  Michael Tremerpeople: Add moderator group for mod rights on Discourse
2019-10-28  Michael Tremerpeople: Show group memberships
2019-10-28  Michael Tremerpeople: Show when a user has joined
2019-10-28  Michael Tremeraccounts: Generate random session ID in webapp
2019-10-28  Michael Tremerpeople: Do not show calls button for regular users
2019-10-28  Michael Tremerpeople: Drop SSH keys
2019-10-28  Michael Tremerpeople: Check if UID is valid and available on registration
2019-10-28  Michael Tremerpeople: Show last successful/failed authentication...
2019-10-25  Michael Tremeraccounts: Do not fail when an account has already been...
2019-10-25  Michael Tremerdownload: Do not check any RBLs any more
2019-10-23  Michael TremerCapture country code at registration of an account
2019-10-23  Michael Tremerpeople: Fix downloading the raw avatar
2019-10-23  Michael Tremersupport: Have all icons on top on mobile viewport community
2019-10-23  Michael Tremerfooter: Add community link and re-order
2019-10-23  Michael TremerRe-order links in top navigation
2019-10-23  Michael TremerRework support page and add references to community...
2019-10-23  Michael Tremerpeople: Commit accidentially commented code
2019-10-23  Michael Tremerblog+tweets: Allow passing different times to recent...
2019-10-22  Michael Tremerpeople: Ask user to authenticate for Discourse when...
2019-10-22  Michael Tremerpeople: Implement SSO for Discourse
2019-10-22  Michael Tremerlocation: Add a "How to use" page
2019-10-18  Michael Tremerlocation: Add an index page that presents the project
2019-10-17  Michael TremerUpdate font-awesome to 5.11.2
2019-10-10  Michael Tremerwiki: Fix deleted page detection
2019-10-10  Michael Tremerwiki: Set From: header when sending emails
2019-10-10  Michael TremerRevert "wiki: Set sender when sending emails"
2019-10-10  Michael Tremerwiki: Implement restoring pages
2019-10-10  Michael Tremerwiki: Implement deleting files
2019-10-10  Michael Tremerwiki: Deduplicate blobs
2019-10-07  Michael Tremerwiki: Improve layout of file detail page
2019-10-07  Michael Tremerwiki: Allow uploading newer revisions of a file
2019-10-07  Michael Tremerwiki: Automatically redirect from /start pages
2019-09-29  Michael TremerCLI: Fix function name
2019-09-29  Michael Tremermessages: Keep priority numerical by default
2019-09-29  Michael Tremerpeople: Send email to admin@ipfire.org for new account...
2019-09-29  Michael Tremerpeople: Check StopForumSpam when registering accounts
2019-09-26  Michael TremerFix links to wiki which referred to /start
2019-09-26  Michael Tremermirrors: Catch if servers refuse connections
2019-09-23  Michael TremerStart webapp after PostgreSQL has been launched
2019-09-05  Michael Tremerwiki: Permit no space between hash and headline
2019-09-04  Michael Tremerwiki: Fix path for embedding images
2019-08-30  Michael Tremerwiki: Fix alignment of tables
2019-08-28  Michael TremerShorten list of blacklists
2019-08-28  Michael Tremerwiki: Fix double-use of page variable
2019-08-27  Michael Tremerwiki: editor: Indent everything using tabs
2019-08-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Move preview code into Editor class
2019-08-27  Michael Tremerwiki: editor: Set focus on textarea when launching
2019-08-27  Michael Tremerwiki: editor: Initialise selection with some data
2019-08-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Support links in editor
2019-08-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Add code feature to editor
2019-08-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Add keyboard shortcuts to edit text
2019-08-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Use setRangeText and move cursor to end when...
2019-08-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Add editor elements to insert headlines
2019-08-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Add link to files page
2019-08-27  Michael Tremerwiki: Add a little JS editor for highlighting text
2019-08-26  Michael TremerBe less verbose when tweeting
2019-08-21  Michael Tremerwiki: Set sender when sending emails
2019-08-20  Michael Tremerwiki: Improve code highlighting
2019-08-20  Michael Tremerblog/wiki: Only create Bugzilla links for numbers of...
2019-08-20  Michael Tremerhwdata: Fix paths on Debian
2019-08-18  Michael TremerMake the file scan and mirror check less verbose
2019-08-18  Michael Tremercrontab: Make sure that we are running bash when execut...