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111 min ago  Michael Tremeraccounts: Drop exact search master
118 min ago  Michael Tremeraccounts: Use regex to enforce correct length of usernames
2 hours ago  Michael Tremeraccounts: Fix off-by-one error when checking username...
4 days ago  Michael Tremerauth: Fix redirection when next is unset
6 days ago  Michael Tremerpeople: Show SIP agent status
6 days ago  Michael Tremerpeople: Clarify UID requirements
6 days ago  Michael Tremermirrors: Do not raise unknown Exception from socket...
11 days ago  Michael Tremersupport: Make Wiki headline more clear
11 days ago  Michael TremerMerge branch 'community'
12 days ago  Michael TremerUse Python's internal asyncio stuff instead of Tornado's
12 days ago  Michael Tremerpeople: Cache avatars for forever now since they have...
2019-11-04  Michael Tremerpeople: Simplify SSO process for Discourse
2019-10-31  Michael Tremermessages: Fix cleaning up mail queue
2019-10-31  Michael Tremeraccounts: Cleanup expired password reset tokens
2019-10-31  Michael Tremerpeople: Submit real name to mailing list as well
2019-10-31  Michael Tremerpeople: Invite newly registered users to newsletter
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