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3 days ago  Michael Tremerwiki: Set sender when sending emails master
4 days ago  Michael Tremerwiki: Improve code highlighting
4 days ago  Michael Tremerblog/wiki: Only create Bugzilla links for numbers of...
4 days ago  Michael Tremerhwdata: Fix paths on Debian
6 days ago  Michael TremerMake the file scan and mirror check less verbose
6 days ago  Michael Tremercrontab: Make sure that we are running bash when execut...
9 days ago  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
9 days ago  Michael Tremeraccounts: Only try parsing dates when we have a value
9 days ago  Michael TremerAdd update command to restart webapp gradually
9 days ago  Michael Tremerpeople: Force all UIDs to be lowercase
9 days ago  Michael Tremerpeople: Check permissions before listing calls
9 days ago  Michael Tremerpeople: Show admins when an account was last changed
9 days ago  Michael Tremerpeople: Show list of recently created user accounts
12 days ago  Michael Tremerlegal: Send mail to Lightning Wire Labs GmbH
12 days ago  Michael Tremercrontab: Rename file
12 days ago  Michael Tremeraccounts: Update LDAP base
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