2019-01-21 Peter Mülleradd networks with faked KP location master
2019-01-14 Michael TremerImport for import of LACNIC
2019-01-14 Michael TremerAdd parser for LACNIC
2019-01-14 Michael TremerMigrate to a binary-encoded database format
2019-01-14 Michael TremerUpdate data for AFRINIC
2019-01-13 Michael TremerFix merging the database with SQLite
2019-01-13 Michael TremerRevert "Replace sqlite with PostgreSQL"
2018-06-30 Michael TremerUpdate ARIN
2018-06-30 Michael TremerUpdate AfriNIC
2018-06-30 Michael TremerIgnore some blocks in the source from AfriNIC
2018-06-21 Michael TremerUpdate RIPE
2018-06-18 Peter MüllerA1 overrides: add missing PureVPN networks and clean up
2018-06-18 Peter MüllerA1 overrides: add IAPS Security Services, L.L.C.
2018-06-18 Michael TremerUpdate APNIC
2018-06-18 Michael Tremertools: Actually print the correct subnet to file
2018-06-17 Michael Tremertools: Commit to database only once when importing...
2018-06-17 Michael TremerImport APNIC
2018-06-17 Michael TremerReplace sqlite with PostgreSQL
2018-06-17 Michael TremerSet database vendor
2018-03-19 Peter Mülleradd networks to overrides-other which must not be added
2018-03-19 Peter Mülleradd A2 overrides
2018-03-18 Peter Mülleradd missing A1 overrides
2018-02-11 Peter Mülleradd missing A1 overrides
2018-01-31 Michael TremerUse the organisation's name as AS name
2018-01-30 Michael TremerImport data from AFRINIC, APNIC, ARIN & RIPE
2018-01-30 Michael TremerAdd script to export data into a location database
2018-01-30 Michael Tremerutil: Remove any inline comments
2018-01-30 Michael TremerSkip any mntner: blocks
2018-01-30 Michael TremerEnsure that country codes are uppercase and fix some...
2018-01-30 Michael TremerSkip any blocks where IP addresses could not be parsed
2018-01-30 Michael Tremerutil: In the RIPE database, % is a comment, too
2018-01-30 Michael TremerMove some commonly used functions to util submodule
2018-01-30 Michael Tremertools: Move filename generation into RIR class
2018-01-30 Michael TremerAdd parser to parse database formats that are in RIPE...
2018-01-30 Michael Tremerdownloader: Only return blocks with content in them
2018-01-30 Michael Tremerdownloader: Skip commented lines
2018-01-30 Michael Tremerdownloader: Only strip right hand side of lines
2018-01-29 Michael Tremerdownloader: Seperate downloaded files into blocks and...
2018-01-29 Michael TremerAdd downloader which decodes files downloaded from...
2018-01-22 Peter Mülleradd override country code to A1 overrides
2018-01-16 Peter MüllerA1 overrides: Sort them by ASN
2017-12-21 Peter MüllerA1 override: add AS396507 (Emerald Onion)
2017-12-21 Peter MüllerA1 override: add AS51852 (Private Layer INC)
2017-12-21 Peter MüllerA1 override: add AS10914 (Cypherpunk Privacy Network)
2017-12-21 Peter MüllerA1 override: add AS37560 (Cyberdyne S.A.)
2017-12-21 Peter Müllercountry override files: inital checkin