Make all parameters in the ini file lower-case
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2018-06-09  Jonatan SchlagMake all parameters in the ini file lower-case
2018-06-06  Jonatan SchlagSupporting the a single statement in a recipe
2018-06-06  Jonatan SchlagImprove handling of file which should be copied into...
2018-06-04  Jonatan SchlagSet log level of login to info
2018-05-21  Jonatan SchlagCatch exceptions to avoid crashing the cleanup
2018-05-21  Jonatan SchlagRaise exception instead of dropping them
2018-05-16  Jonatan SchlagCleanup imports part 2
2018-05-14  Jonatan SchlagSort imports: part 1
2018-05-13  Jonatan SchlagMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-05-13  Jonatan SchlagImprove return codes
2018-05-09  Jonatan SchlagFormat the name in the log file always with the same...
2018-05-09  Jonatan SchlagUse one time to which all serial connection output...
2018-05-09  Jonatan SchlagAdd logging to test.log of all serial connection output
2018-05-07  Jonatan SchlagAdd logging to a general log file
2018-05-05  Jonatan SchlagAdd and and make them work