Code cleanup in recipe parse
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2018-04-23  Jonatan SchlagCode cleanup in recipe parse
2018-04-23  Jonatan SchlagAdd basic support for the include statement
2018-04-21  Jonatan SchlagCorrectly handle exit codes
2018-04-21  Jonatan SchlagReturn exit code of executed commands
2018-04-21  Jonatan Schlaglogin: also check lines for login, which do not start...
2018-04-21  Jonatan SchlagOn login print all lines without doing further processing
2018-04-21  Jonatan SchlagAdd new function line_in_buffer
2018-04-19  Jonatan SchlagCall all functions in __main__
2018-04-19  Jonatan SchlagAdd more stuff to the virtual_environ() class
2018-04-19  Jonatan SchlagAdd all stuff to the test class
2018-04-19  Jonatan SchlagAdd the login credentials to the vm() class
2018-04-19  Jonatan SchlagRemove unecessary inspect
2018-04-19  Jonatan SchlagAdd recipe parsing functionality
2018-04-19  Jonatan SchlagAdd network class
2018-04-19  Jonatan SchlagFix deleting the snapshot of our machines
2018-04-19  Jonatan SchlagFix logging if we do not have an image file
2018-04-13  Jonatan SchlagRemove a lot of unused code and testing code
2018-04-13  Jonatan SchlagInitial checkin