2010-05-11  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ipfire.org/pub/git... master
2010-05-11  Michael TremerSet names of threads for better debugging.
2010-04-29  Michael TremerRegister some handlers to the interface callback function.
2010-04-29  Michael TremerAdd garbage collector event.
2010-04-29  Michael TremerAdd some new events (still experimental).
2010-04-29  Michael TremerChange packet decoding by reading out ethernet type.
2010-04-29  Michael TremerLog every database query when in debug mode.
2010-04-29  Michael TremerAdd shortcut to database instance from Event class.
2010-04-29  Michael TremerAdd shortcut for database from main class.
2010-04-29  Michael TremerAdd shortcut to add events from Event class.
2010-04-29  Michael TremerAdd shortcut to add events from main class.
2010-04-29  Michael TremerAdd database interface to queue class.
2010-04-29  Michael TremerRemove database instance from each interface thread.
2010-04-29  Michael TremerMoved Database class to own file with enhancements.
2010-04-22  Michael TremerUse old API of threading code to be compatible with...
2010-04-20  Michael TremerAdd list of install requirements.
2010-04-20  Michael TremerAdd licensing information.
2010-04-20  Michael TremerAdd Makefile and example configuration file.
2010-04-17  Michael TremerAdd .gitignore.
2010-04-17  Michael TremerSplitted into daemon and python module.
2010-04-17  Michael TremerAdd a event that is able to execute shell commands.
2010-04-17  Michael TremerAdd a global event queue.
2010-04-17  Michael TremerDon't check length of arp messages.
2010-04-16  Michael TremerSpeedup the arp packet parsing function.
2010-04-16  Michael TremerInitial checkin.