2020-09-28  Michael Tremerlocale: Use LANGUAGE instead of legacy LANG master
2020-09-28  Michael Tremeri18n: Update German translation
2020-09-28  Michael TremerAuto-generate POTFILES.in and update translations
2020-09-28  Michael Tremergraphs: Swap widths and height
2020-09-28  Michael Tremerlocales: Drop our custom module
2020-09-28  Michael TremerRemove or move as many constants as possible
2020-09-28  Michael Tremergraphs: Increase default width to 960px
2020-09-28  Michael Tremergraphs: Make backgrounds transparent
2020-09-28  Michael TremerAvoid unnecessary module load
2020-09-28  Michael Tremerdaemon: Move collectyd to /usr/sbin
2020-09-28  Michael TremerRename collecty-client to collecty
2020-09-28  Michael Tremerdbus: Move bus domain into bus submodule
2020-09-28  Michael Tremerclient: Rename CollectyClient to Collecty
2020-09-28  Michael Tremercollectly-client: Move CLI code into CLI script
2020-09-28  Michael Tremercollectd: Rewrite script according to modern Python...
2020-09-28  Michael Tremerdaemon: Rename class and do not load with main module
2020-09-28  Michael Tremerplugins: Remove unused variable
2020-09-28  Michael Tremerdaemon: Refactor WriteQueue without Python's queue...
2020-09-28  Michael Tremerdaemon: Refactor some parts of the write queue
2020-09-28  Michael Tremerdaemon: Make WriteQueue thread-safe
2020-09-28  Michael TremerTidy up collection and remove double-handling of unexpe...
2020-09-28  Michael Tremerconntrack: Refactor plugin
2020-09-24  Michael Tremergraphs: Remove deprecated STACK command
2020-09-24  Michael Tremerprocessor: Add outlines like all other graphs
2020-09-24  Michael Tremergraphs: Make areas less opaque
2020-09-24  Michael Tremermemory: Refactor plugin to store data in kilobytes...
2020-09-24  Michael Tremermemory: Refactor graph
2020-09-24  Michael Tremerloadavg: Refactor graph
2020-09-24  Michael Tremerlatency: Refactor graph
2020-09-24  Michael Tremeripfrag: Refactor graphs
2020-09-24  Michael Tremerinterrupts: Refactor graphs
2020-09-24  Michael Tremerinterfaces: Refactor graphs
2020-09-24  Michael Tremerdisk: Refactor bad sectors graph
2020-09-24  Michael Tremerdf: Refactor graphs
2020-09-24  Michael Tremergraphs: Correctly apply area opacity
2020-09-24  Michael Tremergraphs: Make the first column slightly wider
2020-09-24  Michael Tremercontext switches: Refactor graph
2020-09-24  Michael Tremerprocessor: Redesign graph
2020-09-24  Michael Tremergraphs: Justify all legends
2020-09-24  Michael Tremerprocessors: Add line with total usage
2020-09-21  Michael Tremerlatency: Ping 10 times within 10 seconds
2020-09-21  Michael Tremerinterrupts: Rename to interrupts from system-interrupts
2020-09-21  Michael Tremerinterrupts: Fix graph title when showing a specific...
2020-09-21  Michael Tremerinterrupts: Collect data for all interrupts
2020-09-21  Michael TremerAdd a simply backup mechanism
2020-09-21  Michael TremerDrop loading some unused modules
2020-09-21  Michael Tremerprocessor: Add guest_nice usage, too
2020-09-21  Michael Tremerprocessors: Plot steal and guest usage in graphs
2020-09-21  Michael Tremerprocessors: Collect usage for all individual cores
2020-09-21  Michael Tremerdaemon: Collect every plugin immediately after daemon...
2020-09-20  Michael Tremerplugins: Add a simple helper function to read integers...
2020-09-20  Michael TremerOpen all files in a with statement block
2020-09-20  Michael TremerTidy up imports of other modules
2020-09-20  Michael Tremercolours: Fix importing functions
2020-09-20  Michael Tremerloadavg: Fix legend alignment
2020-09-20  Michael Tremerdaemon: Add plugins to scheduler when the daemon launches
2020-09-20  Michael TremerDo not load util submodule in __init__.py
2020-09-20  Michael TremerRemove unused list
2020-09-20  Michael Tremerre: Avoid pre-compiling regular expressions
2020-09-20  Michael TremerDrop unused Timer class
2020-09-20  Michael Tremerlatency: Give plugin a lower priority
2020-09-20  Michael Tremerdaemon: Allow launch without any plugins
2020-09-20  Michael TremerDo not log supported locales
2020-09-20  Michael Tremerdaemon: Drop our own scheduler and use sched
2020-09-20  Michael Tremercolours: Fix string formatting for transparency
2020-09-20  Michael Tremerlogging: Tidy up code and align with other projects
2020-09-20  Michael TremerFix import of _collecty module
2020-09-20  Michael TremerMove color functions into the color module
2020-05-10  Michael TremerDrop entropy plugin
2017-06-02  Michael TremerMakefile: Fix generating man-pages only
2016-10-21  Michael TremerRemove TODO list
2016-10-21  Michael Tremerlatency: Show "Default Gateway" in headline for gateway
2016-10-21  Michael Tremerprocessor: Show processor usage in percent instead...
2016-10-21  Arne Fitzenreiterdisk: Fix exporting graphs
2016-10-19  Arne Fitzenreiterdisk: Catch error for SMART devices w/o tmp sensors
2016-09-05  Michael Tremerlatency: Silence "no replies received" when no IPv6...
2016-09-05  Michael TremerReplace Nones with UNKNOWN instead of NaN
2015-12-19  Michael Tremerlatency: Ping 'gateway'
2015-12-18  Michael Tremerconntrack: Reformat now/avg/min/max values below graph
2015-12-18  Michael TremerSplit the C module into multiple smaller files
2015-12-18  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ipfire.org/pub/git...
2015-12-18  Michael TremerIntroduce a colour scheme and fix design of the graphs
2015-12-15  Michael Tremercpufreq: Fix graph generation
2015-12-15  Michael Tremersensors: Make the lines less fat
2015-12-15  Michael Tremersensors: Fall back to ACPI temperature sensor to proces...
2015-12-15  Michael TremerRefectoring of the main classes
2015-12-15  Michael TremerRefectoring of the main classes test
2015-12-14  Michael TremerRemove some unused code
2015-12-14  Michael Tremerconntrack: Sort graph areas by standard deviation
2015-12-14  Michael TremerAllow getting the standard deviation of the plotted...
2015-12-14  Michael TremerMake RRD key names accessible as a list
2015-12-14  Michael TremerAdd some magic to collecty that makes the graph templat...
2015-12-14  Michael Tremerentropy: Remove trend line
2015-12-14  Michael TremerAllow generating thumbnails of graph images
2015-12-13  Michael TremerMake the graph title optional
2015-12-12  Michael TremerBump version to 004 004
2015-12-12  Michael TremerCommit all collected data in the write cache to disk...
2015-12-12  Michael TremerAdd graphs for IP fragmentation
2015-12-12  Michael Tremerconfigure: Check for all headers we use
2015-12-12  Michael TremerAdd df plugin