Log which configuration file is loaded.
[oddments/ddns.git] / src / ddns / __init__.py
2014-06-13  Michael TremerLog which configuration file is loaded.
2014-06-10  Michael TremerOnly show success message when no exception occured.
2014-06-10  Michael TremerEnable logging to syslog/journald.
2014-06-10  Michael TremerSet default logging to INFO and switch to DEBUG when...
2014-06-10  Michael Tremerddns: Add argument to list all providers in command...
2014-06-10  Michael TremerAdd a basic command line interface.
2014-06-10  Michael TremerAllow forcing an update.
2014-06-10  Stefan SchantlAdd DNS Park as new provider.
2014-06-09  Stefan SchantlAdd DHS as new provider.
2014-06-09  Michael TremerLWL: Fix typos in class name.
2014-06-09  Michael TremerMerge branch 'lightningwirelabs'
2014-06-09  Michael TremerMigrate to autotools.