2018-12-11 Peter Müllerfireinfo: support upstream proxy with authentication master
2018-06-13 Michael TremerIgnore any systems with ID "Default string"
2018-06-13 Michael TremerDon't crash when /proc/cpuinfo doesn't have any information
2018-02-13 Michael TremerRead mounpoints from /
2017-12-14 Michael TremerBump version to 2.1.12 v2.1.12
2017-12-14 Peter Müllersubmit fireinfo profile via HTTPS
2015-09-09 Michael TremerFix crash if there is id has already been reset to...
2015-08-12 Michael TremerFilter all IDs that only consist of 0xff
2015-05-04 Michael TremerSkip search for hypervisor name when the CPU string...
2015-03-28 Michael TremerEscape any non-printable ascii characters
2015-03-17 Michael TremerAdd an other forbidden string: "Serial"
2015-02-15 Michael TremerBump version to 2.1.11 v2.1.11
2015-02-14 Michael TremerAbort when vendor/model was found
2014-12-15 Michael TremerRevert vendor/model for ARM to old behaviour
2014-11-03 Michael TremerARM: Read board model from device-tree in /proc
2014-10-28 Michael Tremerbogomips: Don't crash when no bogomips are available
2014-05-01 Michael TremerBump version to 2.1.10. v2.1.10
2014-05-01 Michael TremerBlacklist more invalid strings.
2014-02-15 Michael TremerExclude some more invalid patterns.
2014-02-14 Michael TremerBump version to 2.1.9. v2.1.9
2014-02-14 Michael TremerFix reading harddisk serials.
2014-02-07 Michael TremerRevert "Read mounted filesystems from /proc/mounts...
2014-02-01 Michael TremerBump version to 2.1.8. v2.1.8
2014-01-28 Michael TremerCatch exception when the hardware serial number cannot...
2014-01-28 Michael TremerRead mounted filesystems from /proc/mounts instead...
2013-09-01 Michael TremerFix hypervisor detection.
2013-09-01 Michael TremerDelete MANIFEST.
2013-09-01 Michael TremerUse autotools.
2013-09-01 Michael TremerRewrite hypervisor detection.
2013-09-01 Michael Tremersystem: Don't use the rootfs line from /etc/mtab.
2013-02-28 Michael TremerBump version to 2.1.7. v2.1.7
2013-02-28 Michael TremerAdd an invalid ID string: 03000200-0400-0500-0006-00070...
2012-09-16 Michael TremerBump version to 2.1.6. v2.1.6
2012-09-12 Michael TremerAdd an other invalid ID string.
2012-05-19 Michael TremerBump version to 2.1.5. v2.1.5
2012-05-19 Michael TremerFixes for the Raspberry Pi Computer.
2012-03-11 Michael TremerBump version to 2.1.4. v2.1.4
2012-03-11 Michael TremerChange detection of number of CPU cores.
2011-11-18 Michael TremerBump version to 2.1.3. v2.1.3
2011-11-18 Michael TremerIgnore more invalid vendor strings: "empty".
2011-10-05 Michael TremerBump version to 2.1.2. v2.1.2
2011-10-05 Michael TremerFix cpu model detection regression on x86.
2011-09-04 Michael TremerBump version to 2.1.1. v2.1.1
2011-09-04 Michael TremerFix python syntax error.
2011-09-04 Michael TremerBump version 2.1.0. v2.1.0
2011-09-04 Michael TremerSupport ARM in fireinfo.
2011-02-16 Michael TremerBump version 2.0.5.
2011-02-16 Michael TremerNew bad identity information.
2011-01-26 Michael TremerBump version 2.0.4. v2.0.4
2011-01-26 Michael TremerFix some hypervisor detection if the system returned...
2011-01-19 Michael TremerAdd invalid id "00000000".
2011-01-18 Michael TremerBump version 2.0.3. v2.0.3
2011-01-18 Michael TremerAdd support for Microsoft Hyper-V and Virtual PC.
2011-01-18 Michael TremerAdd invalid ID: 00020003-0004-0005-0006-000700080009.
2011-01-05 Michael TremerBump version 2.0.2. v2.0.2
2011-01-05 Michael TremerRemove unused module load.
2011-01-05 Michael TremerAdd pychecker script to test the code.
2011-01-05 Michael TremerFix typo in hypervisor type detection.
2010-12-31 Michael TremerBump version 2.0.1. v2.0.1
2010-12-31 Michael TremerDisable hypervisor port check for VMWare.
2010-12-31 Michael TremerRely on the system vendor when searching for VMWare...
2010-12-31 Michael TremerFix for VMWare hypervisor detection (crashed on Alix).
2010-12-30 Michael TremerBump version 2.0.0. v2.0.0
2010-12-30 Michael TremerRemove secret_id from profile.
2010-12-27 Michael TremerBump version 0.14.
2010-12-27 Michael TremerFix hypervisor type detection when the C module does...
2010-12-27 Michael TremerAdd MANIFEST file.
2010-12-27 Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ipfire.org/pub/git...
2010-12-27 Michael TremerAdd network information to profile.
2010-12-27 Michael TremerAdd network information to profile.
2010-12-27 Michael TremerHide the private id from the user.
2010-12-26 Michael Tremersendprofile: Add --public-id switch.
2010-12-26 Michael TremerAdd some code commenting.
2010-12-26 Michael TremerAdd license information.
2010-12-26 Michael TremerBump version 0.13.1. v0.13.1
2010-12-26 Michael TremerMake VMWare hypervisor port detection code PIC.
2010-12-26 Michael TremerBump version 0.13. v0.13
2010-12-26 Michael TremerAdd check for Qemu hypervisor that identifies as "Bochs".
2010-12-26 Michael TremerDisallow taking hard disk IDs from qemu.
2010-12-26 Michael TremerImplement the VMWare hypervisor port check.
2010-12-21 Michael TremerThat version importing from the module did not work :( v0.12
2010-12-20 Michael TremerAdd user agent to request that we are sending. v0.11
2010-12-12 Michael TremerFix adding of hdd string only if no other was found.
2010-12-12 Michael TremerCheck if bios vendor is "innotek GmbH" to get if the...
2010-12-12 Michael TremerFix error if no USB subsystem is available.
2010-12-12 Michael TremerBump version 0.10. v0.10
2010-12-12 Michael TremerFix detection of system model.
2010-12-12 Michael TremerFix detection of system vendor.
2010-12-11 Michael TremerBump version 0.9.1.
2010-12-11 Michael TremerSend secret_id for beta (again).
2010-12-11 Michael TremerBump version 0.9. v0.9
2010-12-11 Michael TremerOnly use disk string if no other was found.
2010-12-11 Michael TremerIgnore any string with Chassis.
2010-12-11 Michael TremerBump version 0.8. v0.8
2010-12-11 Michael TremerAdd more unallowed IDs.
2010-12-11 Michael TremerRemove silly log message.
2010-12-11 Michael TremerSkip None values in id generation.
2010-12-11 Michael TremerAdd --secret-id switch and --hardware-string.
2010-12-11 Michael TremerChange URL to upload profiles.
2010-12-11 Michael TremerBumb version 0.7. v0.7