2019-08-22  Michael TremerConnect to the database only when using SSL master
2019-08-22  Michael TremerRun services as nobody
2019-08-22  Michael TremerOn Debian, gpgme is called gpg
2019-01-04  Michael Tremermemcache: Always connect to localhost
2019-01-04  Michael TremerDo not install crontab by default
2019-01-04  Michael Tremersystemd: Add unit files for web UI
2019-01-04  Michael Tremerhub: Redirect lost users to pakfire.ipfire.org
2019-01-04  Michael Tremersystemd: Add unit files for hub
2018-01-24  Michael Tremerpakfire requires root to build repositories
2018-01-13  Michael TremerDon't perform LDAP search with empty input
2018-01-13  Michael TremerDrop unused import
2018-01-13  Michael TremerUpdate design of job boxes
2018-01-13  Michael TremerStop crawlers from indexing package content
2018-01-13  Michael TremerFix URL schema for builders
2018-01-13  Michael Tremerbuilders: Don't crash when we could not find a builder
2018-01-13  Michael Tremersearch: Drop help text which probably doesn't help...
2018-01-13  Michael TremerFix limit/offset syntax for PostgreSQL
2018-01-12  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap: make the navbar look nice
2018-01-12  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: port registration sites to bootstrap4
2018-01-12  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: drop base-form*
2018-01-12  Jonatan SchlagRemove documentation section
2018-01-12  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: port job status
2018-01-12  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: rework changelog
2018-01-12  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: port job details pages
2018-01-12  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: port package detail page
2018-01-12  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: port package dependency table
2018-01-12  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: port search sites
2018-01-11  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: fix wrong div
2018-01-11  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: port all user sites to bootstrap4
2018-01-11  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: add forgotten changes in Makfile and Potfile
2018-01-11  Jonatan SchlagMerge branch 'master' into bootstrap4
2018-01-11  Jonatan SchlagMerge branch 'master' of git://git.ipfire.org/pbs
2018-01-11  Michael TremerFix deleting users
2018-01-11  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: remove unused template
2018-01-11  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: Score should be bigger
2018-01-11  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: remove all css stuff to have a clean bootstrap
2018-01-10  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: begin porting the distribution/repository...
2018-01-10  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: correctly set colspan value in build table
2018-01-10  Jonatan SchlagMerge branch 'master' into bootstrap4
2018-01-10  Jonatan SchlagMerge branch 'master' of git://git.ipfire.org/pbs
2018-01-10  Michael TremerDrop format_email function which cannot handle User...
2018-01-10  Michael TremerFix listing commits in a source repository
2018-01-10  Michael TremerFix rendering repo page if no packages in a repo
2018-01-10  Michael TremerCorrectly set cache of user email objects
2018-01-04  Jonatan SchlagMerge branch 'master' into bootstrap4
2018-01-04  Jonatan SchlagMerge branch 'master' of git://git.ipfire.org/pbs
2018-01-04  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: port build details page to bootstrap4
2018-01-04  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: port watchers table to boostrap4
2018-01-04  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: port build comment modal to bootstrap4
2018-01-04  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: port modal base to bootstrap4
2018-01-04  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: port job boxe to bootstrap4
2018-01-04  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: add ui module BuildState
2017-12-29  Michael Tremerbuild comments: Create own class and move logic to...
2017-12-18  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: port build overview to bootstrap4
2017-12-16  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap 4: port builder sites to bootstrap 4
2017-12-14  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: fix base.html admin section
2017-12-14  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: port mirror sites to bootstrap 4
2017-12-12  Jonatan SchlagMerge branch 'master' into bootstrap4
2017-12-12  Jonatan SchlagMerge branch 'master' of git://git.ipfire.org/pbs
2017-12-11  Michael Tremerrepos: Fix rendering repository build times
2017-12-11  Michael Tremermirrors: Drop translated string because of unicode...
2017-12-11  Michael Tremerrepos: get_unpushed_builds() does no longer exist
2017-12-11  Michael Tremerpackages: Make search work
2017-12-11  Michael Tremerusers: Fix search which expects a list instead of a...
2017-12-11  Michael TremerDrop filtering builds option
2017-12-11  Michael Tremerdocker: Add Let's Encrypt root CA
2017-12-04  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: refactor mirror detail list
2017-12-04  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: mirror list
2017-12-02  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: refactored mirror list
2017-12-02  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: reworked log module
2017-11-28  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap 4: rework packages detail list page
2017-11-15  Michael TremerRemember when builders are online
2017-11-14  Michael Tremerhub: Allow to get a job without long-polling
2017-11-13  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: port login.html to bootstrap 4
2017-11-12  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: port package index to bootstrap4
2017-11-06  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap 4: make jobs-table responsive
2017-11-06  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap4: make jobs list table responsive
2017-11-06  Jonatan Schlagbootstrap 4: port index.html
2017-11-06  Jonatan SchlagStart porting the webinterface to bootstrap 4
2017-11-03  Michael Tremerhub: Add new handler for streaming uploads
2017-11-03  Jonatan SchlagMerge branch 'master' of git://git.ipfire.org/pbs
2017-11-01  Michael TremerFix joining repository URLs together
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerusers: Rename registered field to registered_at
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerusers: Drop state
2017-11-01  Michael Tremercron: Dependencies can currently only be resolved as...
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerdb: Drop all custom types
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerldap: Cleanup function names and return values
2017-11-01  Michael TremerMakefile: Fix double slashes
2017-11-01  Jonatan SchlagAdd mail feature to password reset
2017-11-01  Jonatan SchlagAdd password recovery feature
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerjobs: Use templates to sender job status emails
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerusers: Always use the real name to address users
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerdb: Add fields to store password recovery tokens
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerusers: Move sending email activation to its own template
2017-11-01  Michael Tremermessages: Refactor module
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerusers: Let locale attribute return the tornado locale
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerjobs: Log when a builder has been assigned
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerbuilders: Avoid any caching when checking build queue
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerhub: End queue connection when client wants to
2017-11-01  Michael Tremerjobqueue: Fix creating test jobs