2011-03-12  Michael TremerFix weird device CLI command. master
1981-09-14  Michael Tremeripv[46]-static: Sum up some functions.
1981-09-14  Michael TremerMake versioning of IP protocols more modular.
1981-09-14  Michael Tremerbridge: Automatically enable promisc mode.
2010-10-09  Michael TremerFix error in Makefile.
2010-10-09  Michael TremerAdd Makefile.
2010-10-09  Michael TremerAdd README.
2010-07-31  Michael Tremernetwork: Fix duplicate check.
2010-07-31  Michael Tremernetwork: Some more general IP functions.
2010-07-31  Michael Tremernetwork: Improve IPV4 support.
2010-07-31  Michael Tremernetwork: Initialize the IPv6 stack.
2010-07-31  Michael Tremernetwork: Add new check for ethernet devices.
2010-07-29  Michael Tremernetwork: Initial support for IPv6 tunnels with aiccu.
2010-07-29  Michael Tremernetwork: Updated stp framework.
2010-07-25  Michael Tremernetwork: Change configuration variables of hook 'virtua...
2010-07-25  Michael Tremernetwork: Change name of access point devices to apN.
2010-07-25  Michael Tremernetwork: Add some sanity checks when removing a port.
2010-07-25  Michael Tremernetwork: Some code cleanup.
2010-07-25  Michael Tremernetwork: Experimental support for wireless access points.
2010-07-23  Michael Tremernetwork: STP: Make protocol version configureable.
2010-07-23  Michael Tremernetwork: Remove deprecated functions.
2010-07-23  Michael Tremernetwork: Automatically create all ethernet ports.
2010-07-23  Michael Tremernetwork: Do initial configuration once at boot time.
2010-07-21  Michael Tremernetwork: ipv4-static: Apply gateway settings.
2010-07-21  Michael Tremernetwork: Init ppp when running network.
2010-07-18  Michael Tremernetwork: Logging changes on ip-updown.
2010-07-17  Michael Tremernetwork: Some work on configuration code.
2010-07-17  Michael Tremernetwrk: Remove unused function.
2010-07-17  Michael Tremernetwork: Replace listsort by a function that doesn...
2010-07-17  Michael Tremernetwork: Code cleanup.
2010-07-16  Michael Tremernetwork: Optimize help function.
2010-07-16  Michael Tremernetwork: Add reset option.
2010-07-11  Michael Tremernetwork: Oops. Forgot some files.
2010-07-10  Michael Tremernetwork: Initialize bonding at start.
2010-07-10  Michael Tremernetwork: Add possibility to remove ports from zone...
2010-07-10  Michael Tremernetwork: Add some more checks if detatching a device...
2010-07-10  Michael Tremernetwork: Add some initialization handlers.
2010-07-10  Michael Tremernetwork: Move virtual functions to seperate file and...
2010-07-10  Michael Tremernetwork: Put bridge functions into extra file.
2010-07-10  Michael Tremernetwork: Fix bridge functions.
2010-07-10  Michael Tremernetwork: Proper exit codes for bridge hook.
2010-07-10  Michael Tremernetwork: Again very much changes that are hard to break...
2010-07-10  Michael Tremernetwork: Remove some unneeded functions.
2010-07-09  Michael Tremernetwork: Magnificent changes on code.
2010-06-20  Michael Tremernetwork: Make two groups of hooks, again.
2010-06-19  Michael Tremernetwork: New hook ipv6-static.
2010-06-19  Michael Tremernetwork: Change status output of ipv4-static hook.
2010-06-19  Michael Tremernetwork: Faster implementation of seq and lowercase.
2010-06-18  Michael Tremernetwork: Don't wait that zone gets in forwarding state.
2010-06-18  Michael Tremernetwork: New function beautify_time.
2010-06-18  Michael Tremernetwork: Make code shorter (no functional changes).
2010-06-18  Michael Tremernetwork: Allow -h and --help to request help.
2010-06-18  Michael Tremernetwork: Only jump to help if the --help parameter...
2010-06-18  Michael Tremernetwork: Cleanup colour namespace.
2010-06-18  Michael Tremernetwork: Add shortcut "network status <zone>".
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: Update routing functions.
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: New function device_is_promisc.
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: pppoe: Add some nice status output.
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: bridge ipv4-static: Add some nice status output.
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: bridge virtual: Add some nice status output.
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: bridge ethernet: Add some nice status output.
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: bridge: Add some nice status output.
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: ipv4-static: Set gateway only on nonlocal...
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: Add two functions to make very nice status...
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: pppoe: Kill pppd daemon in a better way.
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: New function zone_is_up, zone_is_down, zone_is...
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: New function uppercase (very fast).
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: Speedup function uuid.
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: New function mac_format.
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: Speedup function mac_generate.
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: Speedup function device_get_mac.
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: Speedup function device_hash.
2010-06-17  Michael Tremernetwork: Enhance colour functions.
2010-06-10  Michael Tremernetwork: Catch exit code of pppd.
2010-06-06  Michael Tremernetwork: Remove deprecated function device_set_mac.
2010-06-06  Michael Tremernetwork: device_set_{down,up} do set-up/tear-down their...
2010-06-06  Michael Tremernetwork: Improve function that creates virtual devices.
2010-06-06  Michael Tremernetwork: Log assertion errors.
2010-06-04  Michael Tremernetwork: Add help for zone command.
2010-06-04  Michael Tremernetwork: Enhanced the logging and did minor code cleanups.
2010-06-04  Michael Tremernetwork: Make restart timeout configureable.
2010-06-04  Michael Tremernetwork: Add help for restart command.
2010-06-04  Michael Tremernetwork: Add some small databases for status monitoring...
2010-06-03  Michael Tremernetwork: Remove some unused functions.
2010-06-03  Michael Tremernetwork: Add updetach option to pppoe hook.
2010-06-03  Michael Tremernetwork: Add restart command.
2010-06-03  Michael Tremernetwork: Don't explicitely load the ppp_generic module.
2010-06-03  Michael Tremernetwork: Create some default actions for the ppp events.
2010-06-03  Michael Tremernetwork: Handle pppd ip-up and ip-down events sober...
2010-06-03  Michael Tremernetwork: Add help texts for config command.
2010-06-03  Michael Tremernetwork: Add help tests for start and stop command.
2010-06-03  Michael Tremernetwork: Update codebase.
2010-05-12  Michael Tremernetwork: Remove support for blue zone.
2010-05-04  Michael Tremernetwork: Check if hook executeable before returning it.
2010-02-08  Michael Tremernetwork: New package.