2019-06-23  Jonatan SchlagImprove how we execute commands in chroot master
2019-06-23  Jonatan SchlagPrint more debug info
2019-06-23  Jonatan SchlagImprove how we unmount dirs
2019-06-23  Jonatan SchlagAdd chroot wrapper
2019-06-23  Jonatan SchlagUmount everything we ever mount in the build process
2019-06-23  Jonatan SchlagKeep "" when passing vars to cmd function
2019-06-23  Jonatan SchlagInitialize the IMAGE_RELEASE var to false
2019-06-22  Jonatan SchlagRemove command from settings
2019-06-22  Jonatan SchlagMerge functions and settings in seperate files
2019-06-22  Jonatan SchlagCleanup repo config file
2019-06-22  Jonatan SchlagAdd Cleanup function
2019-06-22  Jonatan SchlagCompress images only for releasCompress images only...
2019-06-22  Jonatan SchlagBuild image in /var/tmp from now
2019-06-22  Jonatan SchlagMake path a constant
2019-06-22  Jonatan SchlagUpdate grub
2019-06-22  Jonatan SchlagRework free space check
2019-06-22  Jonatan SchlagAdd asciidoc as a build dependencies for the network
2019-06-22  Jonatan SchlagAdd some fixes which were not commited yet
2018-11-18  Jonatan SchlagSet the compression level by a cmd argument
2018-11-18  Jonatan SchlagFix check for available space
2018-11-18  Jonatan SchlagThe cleanup must be after we published all images
2018-11-18  Jonatan SchlagFix building the network package
2018-11-18  Jonatan SchlagFix image size
2018-11-18  Jonatan SchlagInstall dev packages by default.
2018-11-18  Jonatan SchlagRemove not used variable
2018-11-18  Jonatan SchlagFix the function which converts the images
2018-11-18  Jonatan SchlagFix copying the grub config
2018-11-18  Jonatan SchlagAdd cmd() function
2018-11-18  Jonatan SchlagAdd constants for TRUE and FALSE
2018-11-15  Jonatan SchlagDirs are created by mktmep
2018-11-15  Jonatan SchlagAdd comment
2018-11-15  Jonatan SchlagReduce image size to something minor 8 GB
2018-11-15  Jonatan SchlagCheck for free space before build
2018-11-15  Jonatan SchlagRefactor cleanup.
2018-11-15  Jonatan SchlagRefactor to script to work in /tmp
2018-11-05  Jonatan SchlagInitial checkin