2018-09-18  Jonatan SchlagNitsi: Add test for port bonding master
2018-09-16  Jonatan SchlagFix function port_get_slaves
2018-09-16  Jonatan SchlagMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-09-16  Michael Tremeripsec: security policies: Make integrity command plural
2018-09-16  Jonatan SchlagMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-09-16  Jonatan SchlagMove vpn tests into an own directory structure
2018-09-16  Michael Tremeripsec: security policies: Make group type command plural
2018-09-16  Jonatan SchlagAdjust include paths because of the new include path...
2018-09-16  Michael Tremeripsec: security policies: Show PRFs when dumping SecPol...
2018-09-16  Michael Tremeripsec: security polices: Make cipher command plural
2018-09-16  Jonatan SchlagUse new include path feature of nitsi
2018-09-16  Michael Tremeripsec: security-policies: Make PRF command plural
2018-09-16  Michael Tremeripsec: security-policies: Add CLI to modify PRFs
2018-09-16  Michael Tremeripsec: Generate IKE proposals with PRFs
2018-09-16  Jonatan SchlagNitsi: port vlan test- check if detach works
2018-09-16  Jonatan SchlagAdd vlan port test for nitsi
2018-09-16  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'jschlag/master'
2018-09-16  Michael Tremernitsi: Add test for PPPoE server/client
2018-09-16  Michael Tremerpppoe: Bring up port when zone is coming up
2018-09-16  Jonatan SchlagAdd VPN n2n tests for vti
2018-09-16  Jonatan SchlagUse new phase1 and setup recipes in vpn tests
2018-09-16  Michael Tremernitsi: Make sure that we are always running with the...
2018-09-16  Michael Tremernitsi: Automatically drop to a shell in case a test...
2018-09-16  Michael Tremerpppoe-server: Run with absolute path
2018-09-16  Michael Tremerpppoe-server: Read configuration again
2018-09-16  Michael TremerInstall ppp scripts with executable permissions
2018-09-15  Jonatan SchlagMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-09-15  Michael Tremernitsi: Drop Hello World test
2018-09-15  Michael Tremernitsi: Add phase1
2018-09-15  Michael TremerMake make distcheck happy
2018-09-15  Jonatan SchlagChange ipv6 addresses from global to "private" addresse...
2018-09-15  Jonatan SchlagMake setting of traffic selectors in nitsi test easier
2018-09-15  Jonatan SchlagInclude ping test of ipv4 and ipv6 into ipv64 test
2018-09-15  Michael TremerMakefile: Install dhclient-helper as an executable...
2018-09-15  Jonatan SchlagChange ipv6 addresses from global to "private" addresse...
2018-09-15  Jonatan SchlagMake setting of traffic selectors in nitsi test easier
2018-09-15  Jonatan SchlagInclude ping test of ipv4 and ipv6 into ipv64 test
2018-09-15  Michael Tremervpn: Poly1305 is AEAD
2018-09-15  Michael Tremernitsi: Rename make-install include file to setup
2018-09-15  Michael Tremernitsi: Include some inital commands in make-install...
2018-09-15  Michael Tremernitsi: Install configuration files into the right place
2018-09-15  Michael Tremernitsi: Remove lines that are already in the default...
2018-09-15  Michael Tremernitsi: Remove reference to non-existant strongswan...
2018-09-15  Jonatan SchlagMerge branch 'nitsi-zone-commands'
2018-09-15  Michael TremerIPsec: Add support for ChaCha20-Poly1305
2018-09-15  Stefan SchantlFix hook for static address configuration.
2018-09-15  Jonatan SchlagAdd recipe for port vars
2018-09-15  Jonatan SchlagAdd gitignore in include dir of nitsi recipes
2018-09-15  Jonatan SchlagAdd include recipe for nitsi vpn n2n tests
2018-09-15  Jonatan SchlagAdd default settings file for nitsi tests
2018-08-15  Michael Tremerreset: Trigger udev to re-add all network interfaces
2018-08-15  Michael TremerRemove registration of functions called on init
2018-08-15  Michael Tremerdns: Re-generate resolv.conf when flushing settings
2018-08-11  Jonatan SchlagAdd a test to check that we can attach ports to a zone...
2018-08-07  Jonatan SchlagAdd new test zone-new-bridge
2018-07-28  Jonatan SchlagAdd test for command raw device-get-by-mac-address
2018-07-28  Jonatan SchlagAdd new function device_get_by_mac_address()
2018-07-28  Jonatan SchlagAdd recipe to set network settings
2018-07-28  Jonatan SchlagAdd recipe to reset network configuration
2018-06-30  Jonatan SchlagAdd include dir for nitsi test
2018-06-30  Jonatan SchlagFix network reset
2018-06-25  Jonatan SchlagWe need to change the path of the image in the settings...
2018-06-25  Jonatan SchlagAdapt settings file of nitsi tests to new syntax
2018-06-25  Jonatan SchlagAdapt nitsi command line to new syntax
2018-06-15  Michael TremerDrop README file from virtual environment
2018-06-15  Michael TremerNITSI: Automatically download required images
2018-06-15  Michael TremerMakefile: Ship virtual environment files in release...
2018-06-15  Michael Tremernitsi: Add a test that calls "make check" in the virtua...
2018-06-15  Michael TremerMakefile: Remove any excess substitution rules
2018-06-15  Michael TremerBuild source tarball before running any NITSI tests
2018-06-15  Michael Tremernitsi: Create "nitsi" Makefile target
2018-06-04  Jonatan SchlagFix test hello-world
2018-06-04  Jonatan SchlagFix path to virtual environment of hello-world test
2018-06-04  Jonatan SchlagAdd first test for nitsi
2018-06-04  Jonatan SchlagAdd simple Readme for the basic virtual-environment
2018-06-04  Jonatan SchlagAdd first basic virtual environment for nitsi
2018-03-09  Jonatan SchlagIPsec: regenerate a swanctl config on connection startu...
2018-03-09  Jonatan Schlagip-tunnel: choose the correct type based on the ip...
2018-03-09  Jonatan Schlagip-tunnel: Improve checks
2018-03-09  Jonatan Schlagdevice: add new function device_tunnel_get_type()
2018-03-09  Jonatan Schlagdevice: add new function device_is_vti6
2018-03-09  Jonatan Schlagip-tunnel: add new function
2018-03-09  Jonatan SchlagIPsec: Fix routing in tunnel mode
2018-03-01  Michael Tremerfirewall: Disable PMTU by default
2018-03-01  Michael Tremerfirewall: Enable ECN by default
2018-03-01  Michael Tremerfirewall: Enable ECN fallback mechanism when ECN is...
2018-03-01  Jonatan SchlagIPsec: Fix routing
2018-03-01  Jonatan Schlag... IPsec: Log the content of all PLUTO variables in debug...
2018-03-01  Jonatan SchlagAdd new function ip_get__assigned_addresses_from_net()
2018-03-01  Jonatan Schlag... Add new function: device_get_by_assigned_ip_address()
2018-02-11  Jonatan SchlagFix zone_config_check_same_setting
2018-02-11  Jonatan SchlagFix radvd startup
2018-02-06  Michael TremerReplace ipv[64]-static by one static hook
2018-02-06  Michael Tremeripv6-static: Remove shell switches to define address...
2018-02-06  Michael TremerMakefile: All shell library files where executable...
2018-02-06  Michael Tremerfunctions: Include path to new utils
2018-02-06  Michael Tremernetwork-phy-list-ht-caps: Don't print empty lines
2018-02-06  Michael Tremerlibnetwork: Don't fail when wireless devices are not...
2018-02-06  Michael Tremerlibnetwork: Properly handle errors from netlink messages
2018-02-06  Michael Tremernetwork-phy-list-ht-caps: Fix SEGV when no PHY was...