2017-10-22  Michael Tremermirror: Drop unused function
2017-10-22  Michael TremerRepositories are never zero
2017-10-22  Michael TremerDownload everything via HTTPS from now on
2017-10-22  Michael Tremermirrors: Do not deliver mirror list for non-mirrored...
2017-10-22  Michael TremerConvert error message to string when sending to database
2017-10-22  Michael TremerRead repositories from local file system when resolving...
2017-10-22  Michael Tremerjobs: Optimise fetching jobs by ID
2017-10-22  Michael Tremerjobs: Allow getting a local repository configuration
2017-10-22  Michael Tremerrepositories: Only add mirrorlist to config when mirrored
2017-10-22  Michael TremerAllow repositories to be owner by a user
2017-10-22  Michael Tremerrepositories: Add priority to database
2017-10-22  Michael Tremerhub: Wrap handing out jobs into a transaction
2017-10-22  Michael Tremerbase: Move access for settings
2017-10-22  Michael TremerDrop ETA guessing which was never really accurate
2017-10-22  Michael TremerDrop unused HeadingDateModule
2017-10-22  Michael Tremerui_modules: Rename self.pakfire to self.backend
2017-10-22  Michael TremerRefactor Bugzilla URL generation
2017-10-22  Michael Tremerweb: Import ui_modules properly
2017-10-22  Michael Tremermirrors: Fix deleting mirrors
2017-10-22  Michael Tremermirrors: Fix showing status when no check has been...
2017-10-22  Michael Tremerweb: Rename mirror module
2017-10-22  Michael TremerMove mirror templates into own subdirectory
2017-10-22  Michael Tremerdb: Cluster filelists table by package ID
2017-10-22  Michael Tremermirrors: Add option to support HTTPS
2017-10-22  Michael TremerFix rendering mirrors page
2017-10-22  Michael TremerAllow checking if a certain file exists in a package
2017-10-21  Michael TremerDelete builds/jobs/packages right away
2017-10-21  Michael Tremerjobs: Improve query to fetch a job by uuid
2017-10-21  Michael TremerDon't set jobs to pending automatically
2017-10-21  Michael TremerDon't send any jobs to a disabled builder
2017-10-21  Michael Tremerhub: Adjust code to create a new build
2017-10-21  Michael Tremerbuilds: Polulate cache for jobs
2017-10-21  Michael TremerImport latest database layout changes
2017-10-21  Michael Tremeruploads: Use random string instead of UUID
2017-10-21  Michael TremerFix various syntax errors
2017-10-21  Michael Tremerhub: Allow easy access to database
2017-10-21  Michael Tremerjobs: Fix some direct accesses to self._data
2017-10-21  Michael TremerRefactor uploads
2017-10-21  Michael Tremerhub: Refactor main application
2017-10-21  Michael Tremerhub: Doesn't need to use translation
2017-10-21  Michael Tremerweb: Fix rendering buildroot page
2017-10-21  Michael TremerRefactor Packages
2017-10-21  Michael TremerRename credits to scores
2017-10-21  Michael TremerDrop concept of non-public builds
2017-10-21  Michael Tremerjobs: Remove deps to type field
2017-10-21  Michael TremerFix syntax error
2017-10-21  Michael Tremerjobs: Drop type column
2017-10-21  Michael Tremerjobs: Create a copy of an existing job when restarting
2017-10-21  Michael Tremerbuilds: Drop functionality to reset a build
2017-10-21  Michael Tremerjobs: Drop tries field
2017-10-21  Michael Tremerjobs: Mark them as deleted instead of removing them...
2017-10-21  Michael Tremerjobs: Drop type field and replace it by test field
2017-10-21  Michael TremerAllow jobs to be superseeded by each other
2017-10-21  Michael Tremerconstants: Hold pakfire files in /pub/pakfire
2017-10-21  Michael TremerFix syntax error
2017-10-21  Michael TremerSplit jobs into an extra Python file
2017-10-21  Michael TremerRefactor Builds
2017-10-21  Michael TremerRefactor importing git commits
2017-10-17  Michael TremerRemove unnecessary import
2017-10-17  Michael Tremersources: Process commits in order of import and by...
2017-10-17  Michael TremerImport latest database layout changes
2017-10-17  Michael TremerUse with context to deal with git repositories
2017-10-17  Michael Tremersources: Return database row after creating commit
2017-10-17  Michael TremerDrop scheduler code which is no longer needed
2017-10-17  Michael TremerRun all cronjobs as user pakfire
2017-10-17  Michael TremerRegularly dist packages
2017-10-17  Michael TremerRegularly process build dependencies
2017-10-17  Michael TremerAdd command to dist packages
2017-10-17  Michael TremerAdd command to restart any failed builds
2017-10-10  Michael TremerAdd command to create test jobs
2017-10-10  Michael TremerFix typo in class name
2017-10-10  Michael Tremerarches: Fix syntax error
2017-10-10  Michael TremerFix reading configuration if environment isn't used
2017-10-10  Michael TremerRemaster repositories every 5 minutes
2017-10-10  Michael TremerDrop unused fields from arches table
2017-10-10  Michael TremerMove remastering repositories
2017-10-10  Jonatan SchlagThe config now also passed as environment variables.
2017-10-10  Jonatan SchlagCatch errors when we try to parse our config
2017-10-10  Jonatan SchlagLoad configurations only if the config file exists
2017-10-10  Michael TremerDon't iterate over deleted repositories
2017-10-10  Michael Tremerbugzilla: Cache repsonses
2017-10-10  Michael Tremerjobs: Always consider a job non-zero
2017-10-10  Michael TremerDon't show job queue on index page
2017-10-10  Michael TremerRefactor arches
2017-10-10  Michael Tremerjobs: Adopt new arch concept
2017-10-10  Michael Tremerarches: Let distro editor to use new arches
2017-10-10  Michael Tremermirror list: Use new arch concept
2017-10-10  Michael Tremerrepository: Don't fetch Arch object when mastering...
2017-10-10  Michael Tremerarches: Allow iterating over all architectures
2017-10-10  Michael Tremerrepository: Drop getting name of noarch architecture
2017-10-10  Michael Tremerpackages: Drop arch_id from import
2017-10-10  Michael Tremerdistro: Sort arches
2017-10-10  Michael Tremersources: Pull full commit
2017-10-10  Michael Tremersource: Remove calling removed function num_commits
2017-10-10  Michael TremerSort arches by priority
2017-10-09  Michael TremerRefactor sources
2017-10-09  Michael TremerBring back a lost function
2017-10-09  Michael TremerAdd command to list packages in a repository
2017-10-09  Michael TremerFix typo in table name
2017-10-09  Michael TremerDrop statistics handlers