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ownerJonatan Schlag
last changeMon, 23 Oct 2017 09:37:08 +0000 (11:37 +0200)
2017-10-23 Jonatan SchlagMerge branch 'master' of git:// master
2017-10-23 Michael TremerFix typo
2017-10-23 Michael TremerAlways use absolute path when deleting a file
2017-10-23 Michael TremerRefactor deleting files
2017-10-23 Michael TremerForce repository update after a build has been removed
2017-10-23 Michael Tremerdb: Drop unused fields
2017-10-23 Michael TremerRedesign mastering repositories
2017-10-23 Michael TremerFix typo
2017-10-23 Michael Tremerdb: Enforce that a build is only in a repository once
2017-10-23 Michael TremerAllow deleting files after a certain time from the...
2017-10-23 Michael Tremercli: Parse tornado options as well
2017-10-22 Michael Tremerdb: Drop unused slogans table
2017-10-22 Michael Tremerbuilders: Drop overload concept
2017-10-22 Michael TremerRevert "Drop unused HeadingDateModule"
2017-10-22 Michael TremerRemove builders load progress bar
2017-10-22 Michael Tremermirror check: Catch any false responses
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