descriptionA new installer for IPFire
ownerMichael Tremer
last changeFri, 28 May 2021 16:14:32 +0000 (16:14 +0000)
2021-05-28  Michael Tremermaster: Enable graphical boot and install unicode font master
2021-05-28  Michael Tremermaster: Use standard GRUB image for legacy boot, too
2021-05-28  Michael Tremermaster: Create a basic GRUB configuration file
2021-05-28  Michael Tremermaster: Create GRUB EFI image on ISO9660 filesystem...
2021-05-28  Michael Tremermaster: Install the same GRUB modules in EFI mode
2021-05-27  Michael Tremermaster: Create a minimal GRUB EFI image
2021-05-27  Michael Tremermaster: Generate a random label for the disk image
2021-05-25  Michael Tremermaster: Install a kernel and device-mapper for build
2021-05-25  Michael Tremermaster: Throw away dracut logs
2021-05-25  Michael Tremermaster: Ensure that the kernel in the build and live...
2021-05-18  Michael Tremermaster: Pakfire now supports different architectures...
2021-05-18  Michael Tremermaster: Install kernel and create an initramdisk
2021-05-13  Michael Tremermaster: Install some extra modules which not pre-loaded
2021-05-13  Michael Tremermaster: Install temporary system and call grub-mkstanda...
2021-05-12  Michael Tremerbricklayer-master: Experimentally install GRUB on CD
2021-05-12  Michael TremerAdd debug shell
3 months ago master