2015-11-18 Michael TremerUpdate translations master
2015-10-16 Stefan SchantlBump version to 009
2015-10-10 Jonas DittmannAdd provider support
2015-08-08 Michael TremerCatch SSL errors
2015-07-09 Stefan SchantlBump version to 008
2015-07-09 Stefan Schantlnamecheap: Fix undeclared variable.
2015-07-09 Marco GötzeAdd DNSmadeEasy as new provider.
2015-07-09 Michael TremerCatch 'Internal Server Error' on update
2015-07-01 Michael TremerSoft-fail on network errors
2015-07-01 Michael TremerCatch "no route to host" errors
2015-07-01 Michael Tremerconfigure: Fix systemd detection
2015-04-26 Michael Tremerdatabase: Open database for the search operations, too
2015-04-25 Michael TremerUpdate .gitignore for systemd service files
2015-04-25 Michael TremerPerform lazy initialization of the database
2015-04-04 Michael TremerUpdate translations
2015-03-31 Leo-Andres... Add as new provider.
2015-03-04 Stefan SchantlBump version to 007
2015-03-04 Stefan SchantlMerge branch 'strato-dep-mx'
2015-03-02 Stefan Schantlstrato: Add mx and backupmx flags to update request.
2015-03-02 Stefan SchantlAdd support for systemd.
2015-02-18 Stefan SchantlAdd as provider.
2015-02-18 Stefan SchantlAdd as new provider.
2015-02-08 Stefan Schantl Bump version to 006
2015-02-08 Stefan SchantlMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/man-pages'
2015-02-08 Michael BuhrAdd '' as new provider.
2015-01-24 Stefan SchantlAdd as new provider.
2015-01-22 Stefan SchantlMerge branch 'zoneedit-10645'
2015-01-22 Stefan Provider does not use the DynDNS 2 Protocol.
2015-01-05 Stefan Fix authentication.
2014-10-22 Stefan SchantlAdd as new provider.
2014-10-22 Stefan Provider do not use the DynDNS2 protocol.
2014-10-15 Michael TremerBump version to 005
2014-09-29 Michael TremerUpdate translations
2014-09-29 Michael Tremerdatabase: Add an index on the hostname column
2014-09-29 Michael Don't repeat failed updates
2014-09-29 Michael TremerHold back further updates after failed updates for...
2014-09-25 Michael TremerImprove man pages
2014-09-25 Michael Tremerconfigure: Fix typos
2014-09-16 Michael TremerUpdate translations
2014-09-14 Stefan Use generic url for IPv4 and v6 address...
2014-09-14 Michael TremerDynU: Fix typo in function call
2014-09-14 Michael TremerAdd runtime check for providers if all dependencies...
2014-09-14 Michael TremerAdd option to ignore removal of IP addresses
2014-09-14 Michael TremerMerge branch 'database'
2014-09-14 Gerald HansenAdd as new provider.
2014-09-10 Stefan Use "token" instead of "secret" in confi...
2014-09-10 Stefan Add support for IPv6.
2014-09-10 Michael TremerCreate database to track updates that have been performed
2014-09-10 Michael TremerMove away from the proto = configuration option
2014-09-09 Stefan SchantlAdd support for generating manpages.
2014-09-09 Stefan SchantlAdd xsl stylesheet for html page generation.
2014-09-09 Stefan SchantlAdd ddns.conf.5 manpage.
2014-09-09 Stefan SchantlAdd ddns.1 manpage.
2014-09-07 Michael Also support IPv6
2014-09-07 Michael TremerHandle HTTP error 404 generically
2014-09-07 Stefan SchantlAdd a missing handle information to sample.conf
2014-09-07 Stefan SchantlAdd as new provider.
2014-09-03 Stefan SchantlMerge branch ''
2014-09-03 Stefan SchantlMerge branch ''
2014-09-03 Stefan Fix website URL.
2014-08-28 Stefan Add support for token based auth.
2014-08-28 Stefan SchantlAdd|net as new provider.
2014-08-28 Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'stevee/ddns-fixes'
2014-08-28 Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'stevee/fixes'
2014-08-28 Stefan SchantlAdd "badagent" response handling for DDNSProtocolDynDNS2.
2014-08-28 Stefan SchantlFix typo in DynDNS2 proto response code.
2014-08-28 Christian ErpeldingAdded to README
2014-08-27 Christian ErpeldingAdded as DDNS provider
2014-08-16 Manuel WorschechAdded support for selecting a DNS zone nsupdate should...
2014-08-05 Michael TremerBump version to 004.
2014-08-05 Michael TremerPrint "already up to date" message only in debugging...
2014-08-04 Michael TremerUpdate translations.
2014-08-04 Michael TremerCatch temporary problems with resolving DNS entries.
2014-08-04 Michael TremerUse raw configuration parser.
2014-07-24 Michael TremerAdd a program prefix to syslog messages.
2014-07-19 Michael TremerUpdate translations.
2014-07-19 Michael TremerREADME: Mention support for nsupdate
2014-07-18 Michael TremerBump version to 003.
2014-07-15 Stefan Schantldynu: Fix updating if no IPv6 address is available.
2014-07-15 Stefan Schantlentrydns: Drop accidently commited send method.
2014-07-14 Michael TremerLog HTTP header for status codes != 200
2014-07-14 Michael TremerFix inheritance of DynDNS protocol 2 class
2014-07-14 Michael TremerDon't log a successful image if no update was performed
2014-07-14 Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'stevee/opendns'
2014-07-14 Stefan SchantlAdd opendns as new provider.
2014-07-14 Stefan SchantlAdd entrydns as new provider.
2014-07-11 Michael TremerBump version to 002.
2014-07-09 Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'stevee/fixes'
2014-07-09 Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'stevee/'
2014-07-09 Stefan SchantlAdd as new provider.
2014-07-09 Stefan SchantlAdd as new provider.
2014-07-09 Stefan SchantlMove XML response parser into own class.
2014-07-09 Stefan SchantlFreeDNSAfraid: Readd missing lines.
2014-07-08 Michael Tremerconfigure: Display some more variables at the end of...
2014-07-08 Michael Tremerconfigure: Check for existance of nsupdate
2014-07-07 Michael TremerFix cathing errors.
2014-07-07 Michael TremerAdd support for the BIND nsupdate utility
2014-07-06 Michael TremerBump version to 001.
2014-07-06 Michael TremerAllow a missing [config] section.
2014-07-05 Michael TremerAutomatically register all provider classes.