2018-02-12 Simon SchubertMerge pull request #34 from mtremer/better-authentication master
2018-02-11 Simon SchubertMerge pull request #57 from mtremer/better-tls
2018-02-11 Michael Tremercrypto: Don't limit to TLSv1 only better-tls
2017-09-01 Edward Bettscorrect spelling mistake
2017-02-10 Mask66use basename to select executable identity
2016-09-29 Ed Mastedma-mbox-create: refactor to use a /var/mail directory fd
2016-09-29 Ed Mastefix 'cannt' typo in error message
2016-08-05 Zach Crownoverdma - Fix security hole (#46)
2016-05-16 Simon SchubertMerge pull request #41 from Gottox/fix-musl
2016-05-16 Enno BolandInclude <sys/param.h> for roundup() declaration with...
2016-03-22 durasebIncrease error message size
2016-03-22 durasebAdded recipient email addresses to log
2016-03-22 durasebIgnore some files
2016-03-22 durasebClose connections on failure
2016-02-07 Simon Schubertrelease dma 0.11
2016-01-30 Simon Schubertlocal: use space instead of tab in "From " separator
2015-11-10 Michael TremerImplement better authentication better-authentication
2015-09-25 Simon Schubertrelease dma 0.10
2015-06-04 Andreas Schweitzerdns: do not treat unreachable DNS server as permanent...
2015-04-08 corecodeMerge pull request #28 from mp39590/freebsd_build
2015-04-08 corecodeMerge pull request #27 from mp39590/sysexits
2015-04-08 MikhailFix build on FreeBSD
2015-04-08 MikhailInitial version
2015-03-19 Antonio Huete... Change BSD Makefiles so dma-mbox-create can be built
2015-03-18 Antonio Huete... Move declarations to dma header file
2014-09-22 Daniel HahlerAdd more information to "bad mail input format" error
2014-02-21 Simon Schubertupdate copyright notice
2014-02-21 Simon Schubertdrop debian directory, they maintain it themselves
2014-02-13 Simon Schubertdeliver_remote: only require host when not using smarthost
2014-02-13 Baptiste DaroussinAdd NULLCLIENT support
2013-07-25 Simon Schubertflushspool: use O_TRUNC instead of utimes(2)
2013-07-22 Simon Schubertdma.8: mandoc fixes + correct mail address
2013-07-06 Simon Schubertnewaliases: provide command alias
2013-07-06 Simon Schubertaliases: log errors to syslog and abort
2013-07-06 Simon Schubertset_from: always fully qualify envelope from
2013-06-03 Simon Schubertrelease dma 0.9
2012-11-21 corecodeMerge pull request #14 from emaste/master
2012-11-21 Ed MasteMore detailed error message for tmp file failure.
2012-11-21 Ed MasteAdd CONF_DIR, as in Makefile
2012-11-20 corecodeMerge pull request #13 from emaste/master
2012-11-20 Ed MasteAdd compat #ifdef for older OpenSSL
2012-11-20 Ed MasteAllow DMA_ROOT_USER & DMA_GROUP to be overridden.
2012-11-20 corecodeMerge pull request #12 from emaste/master
2012-11-20 Ed MasteBe explicit about missing user.
2012-06-15 Simon Schubertspool.c: bzero contents of pointer
2012-03-30 Simon Schubertrelease dma 0.8
2012-02-18 Simon Schubertimplement queue flushing prod
2012-02-18 Simon Schubertdon't complain when we can't lock a queue file during...
2012-02-18 Simon Schubertdeliver_remote: propagate back DNS errors
2012-02-17 Simon Schubertdon't treat -options following -q as argument to it
2012-01-30 Simon SchubertMerge pull request #2 from mohag/master
2012-01-12 Gert van den... Make Makefile and README consistent with INSTALL
2012-01-12 Gert van den... Added some more documentation on compiling
2012-01-08 Simon Schubertdma.8: we only have 2 config files at the moment
2012-01-05 Sascha Wildnerdma.8: Fix a few small issues.
2012-01-03 Simon Schubertrelease dma 0.7
2012-01-02 Simon Schubertmark printf-alike functions
2012-01-02 Simon Schubertclear up warnings found by clang static analysis
2012-01-02 Simon Schubertparse_conf: fix bug with masqueraded domains
2011-12-25 Simon Schubertadd semicolon before date in Received: header
2011-12-07 Simon Schubertrelease dma 0.6
2011-12-07 Simon Schubertdeliver_local: quote "From " more liberally
2011-11-16 Simon Schubertrelease dma 0.5
2011-11-16 Simon Schubertimplement the "*" catch-all alias
2011-11-16 Simon Schubertaccess config files at CONF_PATH, add makefile target...
2011-11-16 Simon Schubertimplement masquerading using the MASQUERADE config...
2011-11-15 Simon Schubertrelease dma 0.4
2011-11-15 Simon SchubertREADME: elaborate, use markdown
2011-11-15 Simon SchubertMakefile: add symlink for mailq
2011-11-15 Simon SchubertMakefile: create spool directories in a separate target
2011-11-15 Simon SchubertAdd symlink for sendmail which is expected by many...
2011-11-15 Simon SchubertMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/4' of git://gitorious...
2011-11-15 Simon SchubertMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/3' of git://gitorious...
2011-11-14 Simon SchubertLICENSE: add
2011-11-14 Simon SchubertMakefile: put libraries at the end when linking
2011-07-09 Simon Schubertrelease dma 0.3
2011-07-09 Simon Schubertparse_addrs: fix parsing for multiple <addresses>
2011-07-08 Simon Schubertmake dma compile again on DragonFly
2011-07-05 Peter PentchevIn OpenSSL 1.0, TLSv1_client_method() returns a const...
2011-02-23 Peter PentchevFix a minor memory leak discovered by cppcheck.
2011-01-25 Peter PentchevFix straight SSL/TLS delivery to remote MX's.
2011-01-08 Simon Schubertreadmail: accept mail without newline at the end
2010-12-17 Peter PentchevMake add_host() really return an error code.
2010-12-13 Simon Schubertdns_get_mx_list: handle errors properly
2010-12-12 Simon Schubertdma-mbox-create: add error/status logging
2010-12-12 Simon Schuberterrlog: preserve errno
2010-11-01 Simon Schubertdma-mbox-create: group mail only needs to write to...
2010-11-01 Simon Schuberttodo: we create mboxes properly now
2010-10-31 Simon Schubertrelease dma 0.2
2010-10-31 Simon Schubertmake ppa: proper name
2010-10-31 Simon Schubertmake ppa: force lower version number
2010-10-31 Simon Schubertdebian: fix lintian warnings and errors
2010-10-31 Simon Schubertdebian: remove unused files
2010-10-31 Simon Schubertdebian: build with consistent flags
2010-10-31 Simon Schubertimplement mbox creation via setuid helper
2010-10-31 Simon Schubertdrop privileges when run by root
2010-10-31 Simon Schubertwritequeuef: create files with g+rw
2010-10-31 Simon Schubertsetlogident: openlog() wants a static variable
2010-10-31 Simon SchubertRevert "debian: better mark as UNRELEASED"
2010-10-31 Simon Schubertpartially adopt 34-manpage-defaults.patch: AUTHPATH...