2015-07-30 Simon KelleyFix new poll() code for helper pipe. Removed CPU-spin. master
2015-07-27 Simon KelleyDeclare utime().
2015-07-27 Kevin Darbyshire... Update DNSSEC timestamp file on process TERM.
2015-07-27 Conrad KosteckiUpdate german translation
2015-07-27 Simon KelleyDNSSEC fix: correct logic for signed records in unsigne...
2015-07-16 Simon KelleySmall tweak to DNSSEC fix.
2015-07-16 Simon KelleyDNSSEC fix, signed wildcard CNAME to unsigned domain.
2015-07-15 Jan PsotaUpdate Polish translation.
2015-07-15 Simon KelleyClose Lauchpad bug in Debian changelog.
2015-07-13 Simon KelleyGrow pollfds array exponentially.
2015-07-12 Simon KelleyMerge messages for translations.
2015-07-12 Simon KelleyUse poll() instead of select() to remove limits on...
2015-07-08 Simon KelleyLog message typo.
2015-07-08 Simon KelleyFix compilation warning.
2015-07-08 Simon KelleyTest for overflowing platform FD_SET size.
2015-07-07 Simon KelleyBump version in Debian changelog.
2015-07-06 Simon KelleyFix inotify code to handle dangling symlinks better.
2015-07-05 Simon KelleyAvoid hanngs in DHCP ping code when system time goes...
2015-07-05 Simon Kelley--conf-file should read no file, not try and read the...
2015-07-05 Ján SáreníkManpage typo fix.
2015-06-12 Simon KelleyHandle CNAMEs to DS records when confirming absence...
2015-06-10 Simon KelleyMerge messages and fix makefile process to do this.
2015-06-10 Neil JerramDocumenation updates for --bridge-interface and "off...
2015-06-10 Neil JerramApply --bridge-interfaces to unsolicited router adverti...
2015-06-10 Neil JerramUpply --bridge-interface aliasing to solicited router...
2015-06-10 Neil JerramAllow router advertisements to have the "off-link"...
2015-06-10 Neil JerramExtend --bridge-interface aliasing to DHCPv6.
2015-06-10 Neil JerramFix logging of unknown interface in --bridge-interface...
2015-06-09 Simon KelleyAdd a couple of missed logging strings to the catalogue.
2015-06-09 Nicolas CavallariAdd Dbus methods to create and delete DHCP leases.
2015-06-06 Simon KelleyHandle corner cases in NSEC coverage checks.
2015-06-04 Simon KelleyMore reproducibility fixes for Debian package.
2015-06-03 Simon KelleyDHCPv6: DHCPCONFIRM should be OK for any address on...
2015-06-01 Simon KelleyClose Debian bug for bug fixed upstream.
2015-06-01 swiggerCorrectly sanitise DNS header bits in answer when recre...
2015-05-26 Simon KelleyMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2015-05-26 John HanksAdd infiniband to example config file.
2015-05-20 Christian DemsarMan page typo.
2015-05-20 Simon KelleyTweak immediately previous patch.
2015-05-19 Simon KelleySelect correct DHCP context when in PXE bootserver...
2015-05-15 Simon KelleyRemove support for DNS Extended Label Types.
2015-05-15 Simon KelleyFix buffer overflow introduced in 2.73rc6.
2015-05-14 Simon KelleyUse correct DHCP context for PXE-proxy server-id.
2015-05-14 Simon KelleyTweak last commit.
2015-05-13 Simon KelleyAllow T1 and T2 DHCPv4 options to be set.
2015-05-13 Simon KelleyPointer to mail-archive mailing list mirror in doc...
2015-05-13 Simon KelleyTweak Debian systemd unit file.
2015-05-10 Simon KelleyTweak EDNS timeout code.
2015-05-08 Simon KelleyCheck IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses with --stop-rebind.
2015-05-08 Simon KelleyHandle UDP packet loss when fragmentation of large...
2015-04-28 Nicolas CavallariConstify some DHCP lease management functions.
2015-04-28 Simon KelleyDon't remove RRSIG RR from answers to ANY queries when...
2015-04-28 Simon KelleyFix argument-order botch which broke DNSSEC for TCP...
2015-04-26 Johnny S. LeeMake get-version work when repo is a git submodule.
2015-04-25 Simon KelleyLogs in DHCPv6 not suppressed by dhcp6-quiet.
2015-04-22 Simon KelleyTweaks to previous, DNS label charset commit.
2015-04-21 Simon KelleyHandle domain names with '.' or /000 within labels.
2015-04-20 Simon KelleyRevert 61b838dd574c51d96fef100285a0d225824534f9 and...
2015-04-19 Moshe LeviCheck IP address command line arg in dhcp_release.c
2015-04-17 Simon KelleyLog domain when reporting DNSSEC validation failure.
2015-04-16 Simon KelleyNote CVE-2015-3294
2015-04-16 Stefan TomanekFix (srk induced) crash in new tftp_no_fail code.
2015-04-16 Simon KelleyAuth: correct replies to NS and SOA in .arpa zones.
2015-04-12 Simon KelleyFix crash in auth code with odd configuration.
2015-04-09 Simon KelleyFix crash on receipt of certain malformed DNS requests.
2015-04-06 Simon KelleyFix crash caused by looking up servers.bind when many...
2015-04-03 Simon KelleyFix compiler warning when not including DNSSEC.
2015-04-03 Simon KelleyReturn INSECURE, rather than BOGUS when DS proved not...
2015-04-01 Stefan TomanekWhitespace fixes.
2015-03-31 Stefan Tomanekadd --tftp-no-fail to ignore missing tftp root
2015-03-30 Simon KelleyMerge message translations.
2015-03-29 Simon KelleyFix crash in last commit.
2015-03-29 Simon KelleyAllow control characters in names in the cache, handle...
2015-03-28 Simon KelleyDNSSEC fix for non-ascii characters in labels.
2015-03-27 Simon KelleyProtect against broken DNSSEC upstreams.
2015-03-27 Simon KelleyReturn SERVFAIL when validation abandoned.
2015-03-26 Simon KelleyDon't fail DNSSEC when a signed CNAME dangles into...
2015-03-19 Lung-Pin Changdhcp: set outbound interface via cmsg in unicast reply
2015-03-19 Simon KelleyMake --address=/ equivalent to --server...
2015-03-11 Simon KelleyFix boilerplate code for re-running system calls on...
2015-03-07 Simon KelleyTweak DNSSEC timestamp code to create file later, remov...
2015-03-04 Simon KelleyNew version of contrib/reverse-dns
2015-03-02 Simon KelleyFix last commit to not crash if uid changing not config...
2015-03-01 Simon KelleyAdd --dnssec-timestamp option and facility.
2015-02-23 Joachim ZobelLog parsing utils in contrib/reverse-dns
2015-02-23 Tomas HozzaFix uninitialized value used in get_client_mac()
2015-02-17 Chen WeiFix trivial memory leaks to quieten valgrind.
2015-02-14 Simon KelleyMake dynamic hosts files work when --no-hosts set.
2015-02-14 Simon KelleyTypos.
2015-02-12 Simon KelleyDebian systemd fixes.
2015-02-11 Shantanu GadgilFix get-version script which returned wrong tag in...
2015-02-09 Chris LambMake Debian build reproducible.
2015-02-07 Simon Kelleyman page typo.
2015-02-03 Simon KelleyExtra logging for inotify code.
2015-02-02 Simon KelleyFixup dhcp-configs after reading extra hostfiles with...
2015-02-02 Thiébaud WeksteenManpage typo fix.
2015-02-02 Simon KelleyDebian changelog bugfix.
2015-02-01 Simon KelleyFix build failure on openBSD.
2015-02-01 Simon KelleyBSD make support
2015-01-31 Simon KelleyFix broken ECDSA DNSSEC signatures.