descriptionMichael's tree of dnsmasq.
ownerMichael Tremer
last changeThu, 30 Jul 2015 19:59:07 +0000 (20:59 +0100)
2015-07-30 Simon KelleyFix new poll() code for helper pipe. Removed CPU-spin. master
2015-07-27 Simon KelleyDeclare utime().
2015-07-27 Kevin Darbyshire... Update DNSSEC timestamp file on process TERM.
2015-07-27 Conrad KosteckiUpdate german translation
2015-07-27 Simon KelleyDNSSEC fix: correct logic for signed records in unsigne...
2015-07-16 Simon KelleySmall tweak to DNSSEC fix.
2015-07-16 Simon KelleyDNSSEC fix, signed wildcard CNAME to unsigned domain.
2015-07-15 Jan PsotaUpdate Polish translation.
2015-07-15 Simon KelleyClose Lauchpad bug in Debian changelog.
2015-07-13 Simon KelleyGrow pollfds array exponentially.
2015-07-12 Simon KelleyMerge messages for translations.
2015-07-12 Simon KelleyUse poll() instead of select() to remove limits on...
2015-07-08 Simon KelleyLog message typo.
2015-07-08 Simon KelleyFix compilation warning.
2015-07-08 Simon KelleyTest for overflowing platform FD_SET size.
2015-07-07 Simon KelleyBump version in Debian changelog.
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