database: Unmap all mapped sections when freeing database
[people/ms/libloc.git] / src / database.c
2018-01-08  Michael Tremerdatabase: Unmap all mapped sections when freeing database
2018-01-08  Michael Tremerdatabase: Implement lookup
2018-01-08  Michael Tremerdatabase: Implement reading a network from the database
2018-01-07  Michael Tremerdatabase: Load networks from database
2018-01-07  Michael Tremerdatabase: Pass header to functions loading database...
2018-01-07  Michael Tremerdatabase: Map network nodes section when opening the...
2017-12-29  Michael TremerMove all header files into src/loc and install them
2017-12-12  Michael TremerDo not copy the file pointer when opening a database
2017-12-12  Michael TremerUse be*toh and htobe* to convert to big-endian
2017-12-12  Michael TremerLog how long it takes to open the database
2017-12-12  Michael Tremerdatabase: Log how long it took to retrieve an AS
2017-12-12  Michael Tremerstringpool: Make them initializable right from the...
2017-12-12  Michael TremerSplit database into a writer and reader
2017-12-12  Michael Tremerdatabase: Move string pool to the end of the file again
2017-12-12  Michael Tremerdatabase: Save time when the database was created
2017-12-12  Michael Tremerdatabase: Add function to align to page boundaries
2017-12-12  Michael Tremerdatabase: Cleanup writing AS section
2017-12-12  Michael Tremerdatabase: Cleanup writing pool
2017-12-12  Michael Tremerstringpool: Use mmap to make reading the pool more...
2017-12-12  Michael Tremerdatabase: Copy the file pointer so we can keep the...
2017-12-12  Michael TremerMove all database format definition into format.h
2017-12-12  Michael TremerIntroduce object to store an AS
2017-12-08  Michael TremerDraft initial database format