python: Raise IndexError when adding the same network twice
[people/ms/libloc.git] / src / network.c
2018-01-30  Michael Tremerpython: Raise IndexError when adding the same network...
2018-01-30  Michael Tremernetwork: Fix underflow in for loop when generating...
2018-01-08  Michael TremerWhen formatting an IP address only pass the actual...
2018-01-08  Michael Tremernetwork: Fix calculating the last IP address of a network
2018-01-08  Michael TremerFix typo
2018-01-08  Michael Tremerdatabase: Implement lookup
2018-01-08  Michael Tremerdatabase: Implement reading a network from the database
2018-01-07  Michael Tremerwriter: Write out the network tree
2018-01-05  Michael Tremernetwork: Fix walking through the tree in order
2018-01-05  Michael TremerOne byte doesn't have to be converted to big endian
2018-01-05  Michael TremerDeclare a static function as static
2018-01-05  Michael Tremernetwork: Implement function to count all nodes
2018-01-02  Michael Tremernetwork: Always use the first address of a network
2018-01-02  Michael TremerMap prefix to IPv6 as well for IPv4 addresses
2018-01-02  Michael TremerValidate the prefix to be within range
2018-01-02  Michael TremerPrevent segmentation fault when no prefix is present
2017-12-30  Michael Tremernetwork: Support parsing IPv4 addresses and map them...
2017-12-29  Michael Tremernetwork: Add asn and remove reference to struct loc_as
2017-12-29  Michael TremerMove all header files into src/loc and install them
2017-12-28  Michael TremerWrite networks to the database
2017-12-28  Michael TremerAllow creating networks in memory