2019-12-12  Michael Tremertest-database: Remove signature checks master
2019-12-12  Michael Tremerwriter: Erase the padding
2019-12-12  Michael TremerLog blocks that are being fed into the signature
2019-12-12  Michael Tremerwriter: Put whole header into the hash instead of only...
2019-12-12  Michael Tremertest-signature: Fix path to key
2019-12-12  Michael TremerLog the signature in debug mode
2019-12-12  Michael Tremerdatabase: Catch any errors from EVP_DigestVerify_Update()
2019-12-12  Michael Tremertest: Add test to check that invalid signatures do...
2019-12-11  Stefan Schantlperl: Add get_continent_code()
2019-12-11  Michael Tremerdatabase: Correctly handle error codes from OpenSSL
2019-12-10  Michael Tremerlocation-downloader: Add command to verify the download...
2019-12-10  Michael TremerInstall databases to /var/lib/location
2019-12-10  Michael TremerImport our public signing key
2019-12-09  Michael Tremerlocation-downloader: Exit with 3 when the database...
2019-12-09  Michael Tremerlocation-exporter: Accept A1, A2, A3 as compat country...
2019-12-09  Stefan Schantllocation-exporter: Allow exporting by family
2019-12-09  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Translate family only when it is set
2019-12-06  Stefan Schantldebian: Install location-exporter
2019-12-05  Michael Tremerlocation-exporter: Uncomment accidentially commented...
2019-12-05  Michael Tremerlocation-export: Validate country codes
2019-12-05  Michael Tremerlocation-exporter: ipset: Add line break after header
2019-12-05  Michael Tremerlocation-exporter: Fix syntax errors for nftables export
2019-12-05  Michael Tremerperl: Make verify() a function on the database
2019-12-05  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Do not validate database every time
2019-12-05  Michael Tremerlocation-exporter: New script to convert database into...
2019-11-29  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Allow filtering networks by family
2019-11-29  Michael Tremerlocation-downloader: Verify the database after download
2019-11-29  Stefan Schantlperl: Verify database when it is being opened
2019-11-29  Michael Tremerdatabase: Benchmark time it takes to verify the signature
2019-11-28  Michael TremerImplement signing/verifying databases
2019-11-26  Michael Tremerdatabase: Add scaffolding for checking signatures
2019-11-26  Michael Tremerconfigure: Actually pass detected libraries over to...
2019-11-26  Michael TremerLink against OpenSSL
2019-11-26  Michael TremerMakefile: Cleanup Debian tarball
2019-11-26  Michael Tremerdatabase: Log error when network ID is out of range
2019-11-26  Michael Tremerdebian: Ignore all temporary files
2019-11-26  Michael Tremerdebian: Add command to build Debian packages easily
2019-11-26  Stefan SchantlAdd support for packaging Debian (deb) packages
2019-11-25  Michael TremerBump version to 0.9.0 0.9.0
2019-11-25  Michael Tremerconfigure: Fix platform detection
2019-11-25  Stefan Schantlperl: Provide library location when running the testsuite
2019-11-24  Michael Tremerlibresolv: Check different functions on different platforms
2019-11-24  Michael TremerMake library build on Mac OS X
2019-11-24  Michael TremerFix building man pages on Mac OS X
2019-11-24  Michael Tremerdownloader: Check DNS for most recent version
2019-11-22  Michael Tremerpo: Update German translation
2019-11-22  Michael TremerMakefile: Do not indent variable assignments
2019-11-21  Michael Tremerperl: Remove RPATH
2019-11-17  Michael Tremerlocation-downloader: Add man page
2019-11-17  Michael TremerAdd systemd unit files for location-downloader
2019-11-17  Michael Tremerlocation-downloader: Add proper logging infrastructure
2019-11-17  Michael TremerAdd download script to automatically update the database
2019-11-15  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Add listing networks by flags
2019-11-15  Michael TremerFix names of flags
2019-11-15  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Add output for ipset
2019-11-15  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Allow exporting data for nftables
2019-11-15  Michael Tremerlocation-query: Support listing networks for xt_geoip
2019-11-15  Michael Tremernetwork: Initialize country code with nothing
2019-11-15  Michael TremerImprove error reporting when a network could not be...
2019-11-15  Michael Tremerpython: Raise error when a network/AS could not be...
2019-10-22  Michael Tremertest-stringpool: Include stdint.h on Linux
2019-10-19  Michael TremerFix off_t casting in tests
2019-10-19  Michael Tremerdatabase: Fix checking pointer
2019-10-19  Michael TremerCorrect cast off_t to intmax_t before printing it
2019-10-18  Michael TremerMerge branch 'apple'
2019-10-18  Michael Tremerperl: Do not insist on Perl 5.28 or higher
2019-10-18  Michael Tremerlinker: Do not use --gc-sections on non-GNU platforms
2019-10-18  Michael Tremercountry: Include compat.h to build on other arches
2019-10-17  Michael Tremercountry: Fix comparison function
2019-10-17  Michael Tremertest: Add another country for test
2019-10-17  Michael TremerDetect if linker supports --version-script=
2019-10-17  Michael TremerFormat off_t data types properly for printing
2019-10-17  Michael TremerMake package compile on Mac OS X
2019-10-17  Michael TremerFall back to getenv() when secure_getenv() is not available
2019-10-15  Michael Tremerpython: Implement lookup function for countries
2019-10-15  Michael Tremerpython: Extend bindings for countries
2019-10-15  Michael Tremerwriter: Write countries before pool is being written
2019-10-15  Michael Tremercountry: Fix segmentation fault when continent code...
2019-10-15  Michael Tremercountry: Remove string termination
2019-10-15  Michael Tremerdatabase format: Add some padding to header
2019-10-15  Michael TremerFix re-ordering flags which are now only 16 bits
2019-10-15  Michael Tremercountry: Use one function to copy country codes
2019-10-15  Michael Tremercountry: Add simple function to test if a country code...
2019-10-15  Michael Tremercountry: Fix SEGV when accessing the string pool
2019-10-15  Michael Tremerdatabase format: Reduce number of flags to 16
2019-10-15  Michael TremerAdd a dictionary with countries to the database
2019-10-13  Michael Tremerpython: Use shorthand function to export __version__
2019-10-13  Michael Tremerpython: Expose flags
2019-10-13  Michael TremerHandle A1, A2, A3 as special cases when searching for...
2019-10-13  Michael TremerImplement searching for networks with a certain flag
2019-10-13  Michael TremerAdd flags for A1, A2 and A3
2019-10-13  Michael TremerAdd flags to network objects
2019-10-03  Michael Tremerman: Add location-query.8
2019-10-03  Michael Tremerdatabase: Print timings in milliseconds
2019-10-03  Michael Tremertest: Fix compiling AS test after header change
2019-10-03  Michael TremerMerge branch 'perl'
2019-10-03  Stefan Schantlperl: Testsuite: Add tests for lookup_asn()
2019-10-03  Stefan Schantlperl: Add function to perform AS number lookups.
2019-10-03  Stefan Schantlperl: Testsuite: Add tests for invalid address and...
2019-10-03  Stefan Schantlperl: Fix lookup if given address is invalid or not...