7 days ago  Valters Jansonsdebian: Add dpkg's symbols file master
8 days ago  Michael Tremercountries: Fix matching invalid country codes
8 days ago  Peter Mü import additional IP information...
8 days ago  Peter Mü add source column for overrides...
8 days ago  Peter Mü Import (technical) AS names from...
11 days ago  Peter MüllerImplement an additional flag for hostile networks safe...
11 days ago  Peter Mü track original countries more...
11 days ago  Peter Mü track original countries as well
2021-05-25  Peter Mü add source information for RIR data feeds
2021-05-25  Peter Mü keep track of sources for network...
2021-05-18  Peter Mü fix search_networks() function call
2021-05-14  Peter Mü emit warnings due to unknown...
2021-05-06  Valters Jansonsdebian: Drop unintended files from location-python
2021-05-06  Valters Jansonsdebian: Add all temporary files to Gitignore
2021-04-19  Valters Jansonssystemd: Add Documentation= to location-update
2021-04-19  Valters Jansonsdebian: Add watch configuration for uscan
2021-04-19  Valters Jansonsdebian: Set 'Multi-Arch: foreign' hint for Python
2021-04-19  Valters Jansonsdebian: Add examples/python/ to documentation
2021-04-19  Valters Jansonsdebian: Update copyright format link to use HTTPS
2021-04-19  Valters Jansonsdebian: Move libloc1 to 'libs' section
2021-04-16  Valters Jansonspo: Update translations
2021-04-14  Valters Jansonsdebian: Rework historical changelog
2021-04-14  Valters Jansonsdebian: Add missing '<' in copyright
2021-04-07  Valters Jansonsdebian: Add intltoolize to dh_auto_configure
2021-03-31  Michael TremerBump version to 0.9.6 0.9.6
2021-03-31  Michael TremerRevert " Do not provide PREFIX value for...
2021-03-31  Peter Mü skip networks with unknown countr...
2021-03-29  Peter Mü process unaligned IP ranges in...
2021-03-22  Michael Tremerdatabase: Free mmapped countries section
2021-03-02  Stefan Honor DESTDIR when installing perl bindings
2021-02-26  Stefan Do not specify CC and LD when building...
2021-02-23  Stefan Do not provide PREFIX value for perl build.
2021-01-25  Peter Mü reduce log noise for unusable...
2021-01-25  Peter Mü delete 6to4 IPv6 space as well
2020-12-23  Peter Mü fix typo
2020-12-21  Michael Tremerlocation: Fix list-networks-by-as
2020-12-02  Michael Tremerdebian: Sync version 0.9.5
2020-12-01  Michael Tremerdatabase: Restart flatten algorithm from the top when...
2020-11-27  Michael Tremernetwork-list: Exit find operation early when the list...
2020-11-27  Michael Tremerpython: Do not check whether an integer is larger than...
2020-11-27  Michael Tremerpython: PyList_Size returns ssize_t which is signed
2020-11-27  Michael TremerSilence compiler formatting warnings for size_t
2020-11-27  Michael Tremerconfigure: Adjust man-pages switch with documentation
2020-11-26  Michael Tremeras-list/country-list: Set elements list to zero after...
2020-11-26  Michael Tremernetwork-list: Add greater elements after the current one
2020-11-26  Michael Tremernetwork-list: Add more networks to test
2020-11-26  Michael Tremernetwork: Copy flags when split into subnets
2020-11-25  Michael Tremerconfigure: Bump version to 0.9.5
2020-11-25  Michael Tremernetwork-list: Use clear function to tidy up
2020-11-25  Michael Tremernetwork-list: Include network header
2020-11-25  Michael Tremernetwork: Remove deprecated sort call
2020-11-25  Michael Tremernetwork: Massively improve performance on exclude
2020-11-25  Michael Tremernetwork: Call subnet function with the correct order...
2020-11-25  Michael Tremernetwork: Add more excluded networks straight to the...
2020-11-25  Michael Tremernetwork: Do not execute with an error when the excluded...
2020-11-25  Michael Tremernetworks: Remove comparing family
2020-11-25  Michael Tremernetworks: Add tests for overlaps function
2020-11-25  Michael Tremernetwork-list: Remove useless comment
2020-11-25  Michael Tremernetwork-list: Show index when listing networks
2020-11-25  Michael Tremernetwork-list: Do not half list when popping the first...
2020-11-25  Michael Tremernetwork-list: Set elements pointer to NULL so that...
2020-11-24  Michael Tremernetwork-list: Check last element before doing binary...
2020-11-24  Michael Tremernetwork-list: Use binary search to find if a network...
2020-11-24  Michael Tremernetwork: Adjust return codes of loc_network_match_addre...
2020-11-24  Michael TremerDrop loc_network_gt which is now unused
2020-11-24  Michael TremerDrop loc_network_eq in favour of loc_network_cmp
2020-11-24  Michael Tremertest: Add more networks to list to see the algorithm...
2020-11-24  Michael Tremernetwork: Add excluded networks to to_check list
2020-11-24  Michael Tremerdatabase: Read the first element from the list
2020-11-24  Michael Tremerdatabase: Avoid merging the same data twice
2020-11-24  Michael Tremernetwork-list: Drop sorting functions
2020-11-24  Michael Tremernetwork-list: Make this a sorted list
2020-11-20  Michael Tremernetwork: Remove deprecated loc_network_is_subnet_of...
2020-11-20  Michael Tremernetwork: Speed up subnet check
2020-11-20  Michael Tremernetwork: Add function to return the prefix
2020-11-20  Michael Tremernetwork: Optimise _subnet function
2020-11-20  Michael Tremernetwork-list: Implement merging in reverse in one step
2020-11-20  Michael Tremerdatabase: Flatten out code due to compiler errors
2020-11-20  Michael Tremernetwork: Remove debugging output
2020-11-20  Michael Tremernetwork: Fix loc_network_is_subnet()
2020-11-20  Michael Tremertest: Add tests to network-lists
2020-11-19  Michael Tremerdatabase: Disable some useless code when not running...
2020-11-19  Michael Tremerexport: Speed-up export in xt_geoip format
2020-11-19  Michael Tremerexport: Remove old flattening feature
2020-11-19  Michael Tremerpython: Add property to return IP addresses as bytes
2020-11-19  Michael Tremerpython: Fix download of database
2020-11-18  Michael Tremerlocation: End lookup after an invalid IP address was...
2020-11-18  Michael Tremerpython: Remove unnecessary db object from writers
2020-11-18  Michael Tremerexport: Remove filtering for flags
2020-11-18  Michael Tremerdatabase: Add debug output to filtering
2020-11-17  Michael Tremerdatabase: Free filter lists in enumerator
2020-11-17  Michael Tremerdatabase: Do not clean up python list
2020-11-17  Michael TremerActually clear all lists
2020-11-17  Michael Tremerexport: Change back to use Network objects
2020-11-17  Michael Tremeras: Make lists grow dynamically
2020-11-17  Michael Tremernetworks: Make list grow dynamically
2020-11-17  Michael Tremercountries: Make list grow dynamically
2020-11-17  Michael Tremerdatabase: Simplify AS matching code
2020-11-17  Michael Tremerdatabase: Simplify network matching code
2020-11-17  Michael Tremeras: Add list for easier processing