man: Convert network-description(8) to asciidoc
[people/ms/network.git] /
2019-03-31  Michael Tremerman: Convert network-description(8) to asciidoc
2019-03-31  Michael Tremerman: Drop test page
2019-03-31  Michael Tremerman: Add asciidoc configuration file
2019-03-31  Michael Tremerman: Use asciidoc to generate HTML pages directly
2019-03-31  Michael Tremerman: Add test page for asciidoc
2019-03-31  Michael TremerDrop code for radvd
2019-03-30  Michael Tremerwireless-ap: Automatically enable all supported ciphers
2018-12-16  Michael Tremerbird: Add some generic configuration file
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerip-tunnel: New port hook
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerlibnetwork: Add function to check if a PHY supports...
2018-09-21  Michael TremerMove offloading code into an own file
2018-09-20  Michael TremerAdd support for LEDs
2018-09-19  Michael Tremeribnetwork: Add command to show available VHT capabiliti...
2018-09-17  Michael Tremernitsi: Add tests for ip-tunnels in GRE mode
2018-09-17  Michael TremerMakefile: Forgot to remove 6to4-tunnel hook
2018-09-17  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'jschlag/master'
2018-09-17  Michael Tremerman: Add documentation for IP tunnel hook
2018-09-17  Michael TremerAdd generic IP tunnel zone hook
2018-09-16  Jonatan SchlagMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-09-16  Jonatan SchlagMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-09-16  Jonatan SchlagMove vpn tests into an own directory structure
2018-09-16  Jonatan SchlagAdd vlan port test for nitsi
2018-09-16  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'jschlag/master'
2018-09-16  Michael Tremernitsi: Add test for PPPoE server/client
2018-09-16  Jonatan SchlagAdd VPN n2n tests for vti
2018-09-16  Michael Tremernitsi: Make sure that we are always running with the...
2018-09-16  Michael Tremernitsi: Automatically drop to a shell in case a test...
2018-09-16  Michael TremerInstall ppp scripts with executable permissions
2018-09-15  Jonatan SchlagMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2018-09-15  Michael Tremernitsi: Drop Hello World test
2018-09-15  Michael Tremernitsi: Add phase1
2018-09-15  Michael TremerMake make distcheck happy
2018-09-15  Michael TremerMakefile: Install dhclient-helper as an executable...
2018-09-15  Michael Tremernitsi: Rename make-install include file to setup
2018-09-15  Michael Tremernitsi: Include some inital commands in make-install...
2018-09-15  Jonatan SchlagMerge branch 'nitsi-zone-commands'
2018-09-15  Jonatan SchlagAdd default settings file for nitsi tests
2018-08-11  Jonatan SchlagAdd a test to check that we can attach ports to a zone...
2018-08-07  Jonatan SchlagAdd new test zone-new-bridge
2018-07-28  Jonatan SchlagAdd test for command raw device-get-by-mac-address
2018-07-28  Jonatan SchlagAdd recipe to set network settings
2018-07-28  Jonatan SchlagAdd recipe to reset network configuration
2018-06-30  Jonatan SchlagAdd include dir for nitsi test
2018-06-25  Jonatan SchlagWe need to change the path of the image in the settings...
2018-06-25  Jonatan SchlagAdapt nitsi command line to new syntax
2018-06-15  Michael TremerDrop README file from virtual environment
2018-06-15  Michael TremerNITSI: Automatically download required images
2018-06-15  Michael TremerMakefile: Ship virtual environment files in release...
2018-06-15  Michael Tremernitsi: Add a test that calls "make check" in the virtua...
2018-06-15  Michael TremerMakefile: Remove any excess substitution rules
2018-06-15  Michael TremerBuild source tarball before running any NITSI tests
2018-06-15  Michael Tremernitsi: Create "nitsi" Makefile target
2018-02-06  Michael TremerReplace ipv[64]-static by one static hook
2018-02-06  Michael TremerMakefile: All shell library files where executable...
2018-02-06  Michael Tremerfunctions: Include path to new utils
2018-02-06  Michael Tremerlibnetwork: Add command that returns supported HT caps...
2018-02-04  Michael Tremerlibnetwork: Add objects for 802.11 PHYs
2018-02-04  Michael Tremerlibnetwork: Depend on libnl >= 3.0
2018-02-02  Michael Tremerlibnetwork: Add interface objects
2018-02-02  Michael Tremerlibnetwork: Add logging infrastructure
2017-08-21  Michael TremerMake testuite run properly to make make distcheck happy
2017-08-21  Michael TremerCreate configuration directories on install
2017-08-20  Michael TremerAdd new libnetwork
2017-08-20  Michael Tremerman: Add documentation for VPN security policies
2017-08-19  Michael Tremer802.11s: Generate config in extra function
2017-08-18  Michael TremerMove wireless networks functions into extra file
2017-08-18  Michael TremerDrop wireless-adhoc port
2017-08-18  Michael TremerRemove B.A.T.M.A.N.
2017-08-17  Michael Tremerwpa_supplicant: Drop config helper
2017-08-16  Michael TremerDrop bridge-stp script
2017-08-16  Jonatan Schlagipsec: move pool function in a seperated file
2017-08-15  Michael TremerAdd port hook for wireless mesh devices after 802.11s
2017-08-03  Michael Tremeripsec: Write functions to generate strongSwan configuration
2017-07-30  Michael TremerMakefile: Fix alphabetical order
2017-07-30  Michael Tremervpn: Move VPN CLI functions into separate files
2017-07-30  Jonatan Schlagipsec: add new functions
2017-07-21  Michael Tremersecurity-policies: Add new "performance" policy
2017-07-19  Michael Tremersecurity-polices: Create a system policy
2017-07-19  Jonatan Schlagadd new feature vpn security policies
2017-07-19  Michael TremerRemove empty files
2017-07-15  Michael TremerImport CODING_STYLE
2017-07-15  Michael TremerMove license into docs directory
2017-07-12  Jonatan Schlagman: add documentation for the description command
2017-07-12  Jonatan Schlagman: add color documentation
2017-07-12  Jonatan Schlagdhcp: merge hooks ipv4-dhcp and ipv6-dhcp
2017-06-22  Jonatan SchlagAdd editor functions
2017-06-22  Jonatan SchlagAdd new description functions
2017-06-07  Michael TremerMakefile: Add missing trailing backslash
2017-06-07  Jonatan Schlagroute: update documentation
2017-06-07  Jonatan Schlagip: rename ip_is_network to ip_net_is_valid
2017-06-02  Michael TremerDrop support for 6rd
2017-05-31  Michael Tremertest: Include test-functions in tarball
2017-05-31  Michael Tremertest: Add module tests for ip_network_is_subset_of
2017-05-31  Michael TremerOrder tests alphabetically
2017-05-31  Michael TremerMake "make distcheck" happy and allow builddir != srcdir
2017-05-31  Michael Tremertest: Use tools from build tree
2017-05-31  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'jschlag/tests'
2017-05-31  Jonatan Schlagtest: Add all new tests to the makefile
2017-05-31  Jonatan Schlagtest: Add some test data
2017-03-23  Michael TremerDrop support for SixXS