wireless-ap: Check that secret has the correct length and no invalid characters
[people/ms/network.git] / src / functions / functions.util
2019-03-30  Michael Tremerwireless-ap: Check that secret has the correct length...
2019-03-30  Michael Tremerhostapd: Dump config file in debug mode
2018-09-23  Michael Tremerutil: Parse command line correctly when running commands
2018-09-23  Michael Tremercopy: Automatically create target directory when copyin...
2018-09-22  Michael TremerShow driver name in device status
2018-09-22  Michael Tremerutil: Fail silently when directory already exists
2018-09-21  Michael Tremerport: ethernet: Correctly create new configurations
2018-09-21  Michael TremerValidate input for --offloading flag and throw an error...
2018-09-20  Michael Tremerport: ethernet: Allow setting the MTU
2017-08-21  Michael Tremeripsec: Properly validate FQDNs
2017-08-18  Jonatan Schlagutil: add normalize function
2017-08-18  Michael TremerRename make_parent_dir to make_parent_directory
2017-08-17  Michael TremerRemove zone_dir and zone_file
2017-08-16  Jonatan Schlagnetwork fix parameter passing when using ""
2017-08-06  Michael TremerImprove loading of kernel modules
2017-08-05  Michael Tremerutil: Drop cmd_clean_environment function
2017-08-05  Michael Tremerutil: Fix cmd function and never leak anything into...
2017-08-04  Michael Tremeripsec: Properly shut down connections when destroyed
2017-08-04  Michael TremerRename fwrite to fappend
2017-08-04  Michael Tremersecurity-policies: Cache output of proposal generators
2017-08-03  Michael Tremeripsec: Write functions to generate strongSwan configuration
2017-07-21  Michael Tremerutil: Log return code of commands only if something...
2017-07-21  Michael Tremersecurity-policies: Add function to generate ESP proposa...
2017-07-19  Michael Tremercopy: Do not empty $dst when source file cannot be...
2017-07-19  Michael Tremercopy: Remove trailing dot from log message
2017-07-19  Michael Tremercopy: Move comment to right spot
2017-07-19  Michael Tremercopy: Make function handle paths with spaces
2017-07-19  Jonatan Schlagutil: add new function copy
2017-07-15  Michael TremerDrop deprecated listlength function
2017-07-15  Michael TremerDrop deprecated listmatch function
2017-07-15  Michael TremerDrop deprecated listsort function
2017-07-13  Jonatan Schlagutil: isbool accept now also true and false
2017-06-14  Jonatan Schlagutil: new function abs
2017-06-14  Jonatan Schlagutil: add function mtu_is_valid
2016-09-23  Michael TremerImplement using Linux's SMP affinity
2016-09-14  Michael TremerDHCP: Allow configuring lease times in human-readable...
2016-09-14  Michael TremerDHCP: Format lease time in human-readable format
2016-01-16  Michael TremerImplement identify feature
2015-09-06  Stefan SchantlAllow renaming zones
2015-08-13  Michael Tremermac_generate: Refactor to make this function faster
2015-08-13  Michael TremerIntroduce triggers
2015-05-02  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.ipfire.org/pub/git...
2015-05-02  Michael TremerReplace routing_db_* by db_*
2015-05-02  Michael TremerRemove the function keyword which is a bashism
2014-12-27  Michael TremerFix hook settings writing and checking
2014-12-10  Michael TremerMajor rewrite of hotplug handling
2014-09-06  Michael Tremerutil: Silence fwrite on error
2013-09-06  Michael TremerUse autotools.