2018-08-21 Michael TremerCleanup the whole upload directory after a successful... master
2018-01-15 Michael TremerCleanup any empty directories
2017-11-29 Michael TremerMove nightly builds to /data/nightly
2017-11-29 Michael TremerSupport spaces in directory names
2017-11-29 Michael TremerNever remove any builds from the core branches
2017-11-29 Michael TremerKeep nightly builds for up to 10 days
2017-11-29 Michael TremerMove nightly builds to /data/nightly
2017-11-21 Michael TremerSupport XZ compressed system images
2017-11-14 Michael TremerDrop unused line of code
2017-11-14 Michael TremerUse ISO 8601-like date format (without strict)
2017-11-14 Michael TremerDon't override MAKETUNING which is to be determined...
2017-10-17 Michael TremerBuild latest core branch when branch name is core
2017-10-16 Michael TremerThrottle builds a little less and build with as many...
2016-05-24 Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-05-24 Michael TremerRemove the upload speed limit
2016-05-24 Michael TremerRetry uploads
2016-05-24 Michael TremerSave the most recent commits in a changelog file
2015-11-25 Michael TremerFix latest symlink script to not create recursive symlinks
2015-11-24 Michael TremerKeep the latest two successful builds
2015-11-24 Michael TremerRemove dead lastest links to deleted builds
2015-11-02 Michael Tremercleanup: Keep 2 builds per branch
2015-10-15 Michael TremerKeep two builds
2015-10-03 Michael TremerImport server scripts
2015-10-03 Michael TremerDon't start new builds when an other one is already...
2015-10-03 Michael TremerMake symlinks to installer ISO image for PXE boot
2015-09-28 Michael TremerSearch a bit deeper for repositores
2015-09-28 Michael TremerMake sure the found repository is IPFire 2
2015-09-28 Michael TremerMake sure this script can only run once at a time
2015-09-28 Michael Cleanup code for removing the result
2015-09-28 Michael TremerInitial import