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2018-02-20  Faiz Abbasenv: mmc/fat/ext4: make sure that the MMC sub-system...
2018-02-19  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-02-16  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-02-16  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-02-16  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-02-16  Goldschmidt Simonenv: restore old env_get_char() behaviour
2018-02-16  York Sunenv: Fix env_load_location
2018-02-12  Alex KiernanFix misaligned buffer in env_fat_save
2018-02-01  Simon Goldschmidtenv: sf: use env_import_redund to simplify env_sf_load
2018-02-01  Simon Goldschmidtenv: make env drivers propagate env_import return value
2018-02-01  Simon Goldschmidtenv: move more common code to env_import_redund
2018-01-31  Simon Goldschmidtenv: make env_import(_redund) return 0 on success,...
2018-01-31  Tom RiniMerge tag 'xilinx-for-v2018.03' of git://
2018-01-27  Tom RiniMerge branch 'rmobile-mx' of git://
2018-01-27  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-01-27  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-01-27  Maxime Ripardenv: sunxi: Enable FAT-based environment support by...
2018-01-27  Maxime Ripardenv: Mark env_get_location as weak
2018-01-27  Maxime Ripardenv: Allow to build multiple environments in Kconfig
2018-01-27  Maxime Ripardenv: mmc: depends on the MMC framework
2018-01-27  Maxime Ripardenv: Initialise all the environments
2018-01-27  Maxime Ripardenv: Support multiple environments
2018-01-27  Maxime Ripardenv: common: Make the debug messages play a little...
2018-01-27  Maxime Ripardenv: mmc: Make the debug messages play a little nicer
2018-01-27  Maxime Ripardenv: fat: Make the debug messages play a little nicer
2018-01-27  Maxime Ripardenv: Make it explicit where we're loading our environme...
2018-01-27  Maxime Ripardenv: Make the env save message a bit more explicit
2018-01-27  Maxime Ripardenv: Pass additional parameters to the env lookup function
2018-01-27  Maxime Ripardenv: Rename env_driver_lookup_default and env_get_defau...
2018-01-27  Maxime Ripardcmd: nvedit: Get rid of the env lookup
2018-01-26  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-01-26  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-01-24  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-01-24  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-01-23  Tom RiniMerge tag 'signed-efi-next' of git://
2018-01-22  Tuomas Tynkkynenenv: ENV_IS_IN_FAT improvements
2018-01-17  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-01-17  Ashish Kumarenv: sf: Add support for env init for QSPI-NOR
2018-01-16  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-01-15  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-01-15  Jorge Ramirez-Ortizenv: enable accessing the environment in an EXT4 partition
2017-12-19  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-12-19  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-12-18  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-12-17  Klaus Gogerrockchip: move CONFIG_ENV_SIZE and CONFIG_ENV_OFFSET...
2017-12-04  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-11-30  Tom RiniMerge branch 'rmobile-mx' of git://
2017-11-30  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-11-30  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-11-30  Philipp Tomsichenv: suppress a spurious warning with GCC 7.1
2017-11-27  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-11-21  Tom Rinienv: Remove CONFIG_ENV_AES support
2017-11-20  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-11-17  Jorge Ramirez-Ortizenv: Save environment at the end of an MMC partition
2017-10-29  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-10-28  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-10-27  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-10-27  Bin Mengenv: x86: braswell: Set ENV_IS_IN_SPI_FLASH as default
2017-10-18  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-10-16  Tuomas Tynkkynenenv: Drop CONFIG_ENV_IS_IN_DATAFLASH
2017-10-15  Masahiro YamadaARM: uniphier: switch to CONFIG_ENV_IS_NOWHERE
2017-10-13  Tom RiniMerge tag 'signed-efi-next' of git://
2017-10-12  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-10-11  Tom RiniMerge branch 'rmobile' of git://
2017-10-09  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-10-05  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-10-04  Masahiro Yamadatreewide: replace with error() with pr_err()
2017-09-08  Tom Rinienv: Migrate CONFIG_ENV_AES to Kconfig and deprecate
2017-09-05  Tom RiniMerge branch 'rmobile' of git://
2017-09-03  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-09-02  Adam FordKconfig: Add EEPROM options to Kconfig when I2C_EEPROM...
2017-08-21  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-08-20  Simon Glassenv: Replace all open-coded gd->env_valid values with...
2017-08-20  Simon Glassenv: Allow env_load() to detect errors
2017-08-20  Tom Rinienv: Correct case of no sub-init function
2017-08-20  Andy Shevchenkoenv: Sort selection of default choices
2017-08-18  Tom RiniMerge tag 'signed-efi-next' of git://
2017-08-18  Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2017-08-16  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-08-16  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-08-16  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-08-16  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-08-16  Simon Glassenv: Adjust the load() method to return an error
2017-08-16  Simon Glassenv: Adjust the get_char() method to return an int
2017-08-16  Simon Glassenv: Rename some other getenv()-related functions
2017-08-16  Simon Glassenv: Rename getenv_hex(), getenv_yesno(), getenv_ulong()
2017-08-16  Simon Glassenv: Rename getenv/_f() to env_get()
2017-08-16  Simon Glassenv: Drop saveenv() in favour of env_save()
2017-08-16  Simon Glassenv: Drop env_relocate_spec() in favour of env_load()
2017-08-16  Simon Glassenv: Drop env_get_char_spec()
2017-08-16  Simon Glassenv: Drop env_init_new()
2017-08-16  Simon Glassenv: Drop unused env_ptr variables
2017-08-16  Simon Glassenv: Drop the env_name_spec global
2017-08-16  Simon Glassenv: Drop common init() functions
2017-08-16  Simon Glassenv: Switch over to use environment location drivers
2017-08-16  Simon Glassenv: Add a new implementation of environment access
2017-08-16  Simon Glassenv: Convert CONFIG_ENV_IS_IN... to a choice
2017-08-15  Simon Glassenv: Create a location driver for each location
2017-08-15  Simon Glassenv: Rename nand env_location to nand_env_location
2017-08-15  Simon Glassenv: Add an enum for environment state