imx: hab: Check if CSF contains deprecated commands
[people/ms/u-boot.git] / include /
2018-02-17  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-02-17  Marek VasutARM: rmobile: Replace SH I2C with IIC on Porter
2018-02-17  Marek VasutARM: rmobile: Set FDT/initramfs limits on Porter
2018-02-16  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-02-16  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-02-16  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-02-16  Goldschmidt Simonenv: restore old env_get_char() behaviour
2018-02-16  York Sunenv: Fix env_load_location
2018-02-16  Marek VasutARM: rmobile: Enable autocompletion on Gen2
2018-02-16  Marek VasutARM: rmobile: Convert Porter to SPL
2018-02-16  Marek VasutARM: rmobile: Enable autocompletion on Gen3
2018-02-15  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-02-15  Lukasz MajewskiConvert socfpga: select CONFIG_HW_WATCHDOG support...
2018-02-15  Lukasz MajewskiConvert CONFIG_SYS_BOOTCOUNT_SINGLEWORD to Kconfig
2018-02-15  Lukasz MajewskiConvert CONFIG_BOOTCOUNT_LIMIT to Kconfig
2018-02-15  Tom RiniRevert "drivers/ddr/fsl: Dual-license DDR driver"
2018-02-14  Sam Protsenkoam335x_evm: Consolidate eMMC partitions with DFU info
2018-02-14  Tom Riniconfigs: Migrate CONFIG_SPL_FRAMEWORK
2018-02-14  Tom Riniconfigs: Drop unused CONFIG_SPL_MMC_MINIMAL
2018-02-14  Heinrich Schuchardtefi_driver: comment struct efi_driver_ops
2018-02-14  Heinrich Schuchardtdm: core: fix typo in comment (device.h)
2018-02-14  Tom RiniSystemACE: Remove
2018-02-14  Tuomas Tynkkynenspi: Migrate CONFIG_CF_SPI to Kconfig
2018-02-14  Tuomas Tynkkynenspi: Migrate CONFIG_KIRKWOOD_SPI to Kconfig
2018-02-14  Tuomas Tynkkynenspi: Migrate CONFIG_LPC32XX_SSP to Kconfig
2018-02-14  Tuomas Tynkkynenspi: Migrate CONFIG_MPC8XXX_SPI to Kconfig
2018-02-14  Tuomas Tynkkynenspi: Migrate CONFIG_MXC_SPI to Kconfig
2018-02-14  Tuomas Tynkkynenspi: Migrate CONFIG_MXS_SPI to Kconfig
2018-02-14  Tuomas Tynkkynenspi: Migrate CONFIG_SH_QSPI to Kconfig
2018-02-14  Tuomas Tynkkynenspi: Migrate CONFIG_SH_SPI to Kconfig
2018-02-14  Max Filippovxtfpga: enable hush parser
2018-02-12  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-02-11  Tom Riniconfigs: Migrate CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE
2018-02-10  Tom RiniMerge tag 'signed-efi-v2018.03' of git://
2018-02-09  Heinrich Schuchardtefi_loader: correct efi_disk_register
2018-02-09  Heinrich Schuchardtefi_loader: add missing runtime services stubs
2018-02-09  Heinrich Schuchardtefi_driver: return type of efi_driver_init()
2018-02-09  Heinrich Schuchardtefi_loader: create stub for CreateEventEx
2018-02-09  Heinrich Schuchardtefi_loader: fix building crt0 on arm
2018-02-09  York Sundrivers/ddr/fsl: Dual-license DDR driver
2018-02-09  Lukas Auercrypto/fsl: instantiate all rng state handles
2018-02-09  Vinitha Pillai-B57223armv8: ls1012ardb: Add distro secure boot support
2018-02-09  Adam FordMove most CONFIG_HAVE_BLOCK_DEVICE to Kconfig
2018-02-09  Tom Riniblock: Migrate SystemACE chip to Kconfig
2018-02-09  Adam FordConvert LIB_UUID to Kconfig
2018-02-08  Adam FordConvert CONFIG LIB_HW_RAND to Kconfig
2018-02-08  Adam FordConvert CONFIG_APBH_DMA et al to Kconfig
2018-02-08  Patrice Chotardconfigs: stm32: Enable CONFIG_ENV_VARS_UBOOT_CONFIG
2018-02-08  Stefan AgnerConvert CONFIG_NAND_MXS to Kconfig
2018-02-08  Stefan Agnerarm: imx: mx28: Move MX28 selection to Kconfig
2018-02-08  Stefan Agnerarm: imx: mx23: Move MX23 selection to Kconfig
2018-02-08  Adam FordConvert CONFIG_MXC_GPIO to Kconfig
2018-02-08  Adam Fordconfigs: imx6q_logic: Move CONFIG_PHY_SMSC to defconfig
2018-02-08  Adam Fordconfigs: imx6q_logic: Move CONFIG_MXC_UART to Kconfig
2018-02-08  Derald D. WoodsARM: omap3: evm: Remove CONFIG_SYS_NS16550_REG_SIZE...
2018-02-08  Derald D. WoodsARM: omap3: ti_omap3_common: Fix CONFIG_SYS_NS16550_REG...
2018-02-08  Bin Chenmove booti_setup to arch/arm/lig/image.c
2018-02-08  Bin Chenparse the second area of android image
2018-02-06  Justin HibbitsFix FreeBSD endian checks
2018-02-06  Tuomas Tynkkynenfpga: Resync various CONFIG_FPGA_* symbols
2018-02-04  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-02-04  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-02-04  Fabio Estevammx6sabresd: Select CONFIG_CMD_USB_MASS_STORAGE
2018-02-04  Fabio Estevammx6sabre_common: Allow building CONFIG_USB_FUNCTION_MAS...
2018-02-04  Peng Fanmmc: fsl_esdhc: support SDR104 and HS200
2018-02-04  Eric Nelsonmx6memcal: fix comment in board header file
2018-02-04  Eric Nelsonmx6memcal: enable SDP support
2018-02-04  Nandor Hanboard,ge,bx50v3 - rtc time validation
2018-02-04  Ian Rayconfigs: ge_bx50v3: automatic partition selection and...
2018-02-04  Hannu Lounentoboard: ge: bx50v3: mount rootfs read-only
2018-02-04  Ian Rayconfigs: ge_bx50v3: enable bootcount
2018-02-04  Ian Rayconfig: ge_bx50v3: read boot script
2018-02-04  Ian Rayboard: ge: bx50v3: Support FIT and select configuration...
2018-02-04  Martyn Welchboard: ge: bx50v3: Enable hardware watchdog
2018-02-04  Martyn Welchboard: ge: bx50v3: move FEC MAC address programming...
2018-02-04  Ian Rayconfigs: Add network device support for bx50v3 products
2018-02-04  Martyn Welchboard: ge: Enable access to i2c bus 1 and 2
2018-02-04  Peng Fanimx: imx8mq: add dtsi file
2018-02-04  Peng Fanimx: add sip function
2018-02-04  Jagan Tekiconfigs: enable spl support wrt env device
2018-02-04  Anson Huangmx7_common: use psci 1.0 instead of 0.1
2018-02-03  Heinrich Schuchardtlog: add category LOGC_EFI
2018-02-03  Simon Glasslog: Add a way to log error-return values
2018-02-03  Simon Glasslog: Add control over log formatting
2018-02-03  Simon Glasslog: Add functions to convert IDs to/from names
2018-02-03  Simon Glassdm: core: Add a function to look up a uclass by name
2018-02-02  Lukasz MajewskiKconfig: gadget: Move CONFIG_USB_FUNCTION_MASS_STORAGE...
2018-02-02  Lukasz MajewskiKconfig: gadget: Move CONFIG_USB_FUNCTION_THOR to Kconfig
2018-02-01  Simon Goldschmidtenv: move more common code to env_import_redund
2018-01-31  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-01-31  Tom RiniMerge tag 'xilinx-for-v2018.03' of git://
2018-01-30  Adam FordConvert CONFIG_SYS_OMAP24_I2C_SLAVE et al to Kconfig
2018-01-30  Adam FordConvert CONFIG_SYS_DV_CLKMODE et al to Kconfig
2018-01-30  York Sundrivers/ddr/fsl: Cleanup unused variable
2018-01-30  York Sundrivers/ddr/fsl: Add calculation of register control...
2018-01-30  York Sundrivers/ddr/fsl: Add 3DS RDIMM support
2018-01-30  York Sundrivers/ddr/fsl: Fix DDR4 RDIMM support
2018-01-30  Yogesh Gaurdriver: fsl-mc: Perform fsl-mc fdt fixup for lazyapply dpl
2018-01-30  Tom RiniMerge git://
2018-01-30  Vipul Kumararm64: zynqmp: Moved ethernet PHY configs of ZynqMP...