2016-12-16  Jagan Tekiarm: imx6q: Add Engicam i.CoreM6 Solo/Duallite RQS...
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekiarm: imx6q: Add Engicam i.CoreM6 Quad/Dual RQS Starter...
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekiimx6: geam6ul: Add default mtd nand partition table
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekiimx6: geam6ul: Enable MTD device support
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekiimx6: geam6ul: Add NAND support
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekiimx6: geam6ul: Add I2C support
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekiarm: dts: imx6ul-geam: Add I2C nodes
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekiarm: imx6ul: Add Engicam GEAM6UL Starter Kit initial...
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekiarm: dts: Add devicetree for i.MX6UL
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekiimx6: icorem6: Add I2C support
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekii2c: mxc: Make 'no gpio pinctrl state' print as debug
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekii2c: mxc: Print hex instead of decimal for bus address
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekii2c: Kconfig: Add SYS_I2C_MXC entry
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekiimx6: icorem6: Add custom splashscreen support
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekiimx6: icorem6: Add framebuffer support
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekivideo: Kconfig: Add VIDEO_IPV3 entry
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekiicorem6: Use CONFIG_DM_ETH support
2016-12-16  Jagan TekiARM: dts: imx6qdl-icore: Add FEC support
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekidm: net: fec: Add .read_rom_hwaddr
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekinet: fec_mxc: Driver cleanups
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekinet: fec_mxc: Convert into driver model
2016-12-16  Jagan Tekinet: fec_mxc: Remove unneeded eth_device arg from fec_g...
2016-12-16  Patrick Bruennarm: imx: add i.MX53 Beckhoff CX9020 Embedded PC
2016-12-16  Peng Fanimx: mx6sllevk: add plugin support
2016-12-16  Peng Fanarm: imx: add i.MX6SLL EVK board support
2016-12-16  Peng Fanarm: dts: add i.MX6SLL device tree
2016-12-16  Peng Fanpinctrl: imx6: support i.MX6SLL
2016-12-16  Peng Fanimx-common: lcdif: update lcdif regs for i.MX6SL/SLL
2016-12-16  Peng FanOCOTP: Update OCOTP driver to support i.MX6SLL
2016-12-16  Peng Fanmx6_common: correct loadaddr and text base for i.MX6SLL
2016-12-16  Peng Fanimx: mx6sll: add Kconfig entry for i.MX6SLL
2016-12-16  Peng Fanimx-common: cache: configure L2 Cache for i.MX6SLL
2016-12-16  Peng Fanimx: mx6sll: add clock support
2016-12-16  Peng Fanimx: clock: gate clk before changing pix clk mux
2016-12-16  Peng Fanimx: mx6sl: add lcdif clock support
2016-12-16  Peng Fanimx: mx6: lcdif: gate clock before changing mux
2016-12-16  Peng Fanimx: mx6: fix mmdc ch0 clk for 6SL
2016-12-16  Peng Fanimx: mx6sll: add iomux settings
2016-12-16  Peng Fanimx-common: timer: add i.MX6SLL support
2016-12-16  Peng Fanimx: mx6sll: update register address
2016-12-16  Peng Fanimx: mx6sll: add pinmux header files
2016-12-16  Peng Fanimx: add i.MX 6SLL CPU type
2016-12-16  Sanchayan Maityconfigs: colibri_vf: Add fdt_fixup environment variable
2016-12-16  Marcin Niestrojboard/liteboard: Add support for liteBoard
2016-12-16  Marcin NiestrojARM: imx6ul: Add support for liteSOM
2016-12-16  Breno Limaudoo_neo: Add Ethernet support
2016-12-16  Breno Limaudoo_neo: Add PFUZE300 PMIC support
2016-12-16  Breno Limapower: pmic: Add Voltage configuration macro
2016-12-16  Breno Limaudoo_neo: Add thermal support
2016-12-16  Breno Limaudoo_neo: Remove console option
2016-12-16  Breno Limaudoo_neo: Remove mmcautodetect option
2016-12-16  Breno Limaudoo_neo: Staticize board_string()
2016-12-16  Breno Limaudoo_neo: Move MX6SX configuration to Kconfig
2016-12-16  Breno Limaudoo_neo: Remove USDHC3 support
2016-12-16  Max Krummenacherarm: imx: initial support for colibri imx6
2016-12-16  Max Krummenacherarm: imx: initial support for apalis imx6
2016-12-16  Stefan AgnerARM: dts: vf: Fix warning about missing reg property
2016-12-16  Stefan Agnercolibri_vf: use same NAND clock as Linux uses
2016-12-16  Stefan Agnercolibri_vf: cleanup USB clock initialization
2016-12-16  Stefan Agnercolibri_vf: use device-tree for MTD partitions
2016-12-16  Stefan Agnertoradex: allow custom fdt board setup in board file
2016-12-16  Stefan Agnertoradex: fix USB Download gadget fixup callback
2016-12-16  Stefano BabicMerge branch 'master' of git://
2016-12-12  Lukasz MajewskiMAINTAINERS: DFU: Change e-mail address for DFU maintainer
2016-12-12  Lukasz MajewskiMAINTAINERS: ONENAND: MTD: Mark Samsung's OneNAND as...
2016-12-12  Tom RiniMerge git://
2016-12-12  Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2016-12-12  Konstantin... arm64: mvebu: Enable hush parser in A8K default configu...
2016-12-12  Konstantin... arm64: mvebu: Enable PCIe support in Armada-7040 config...
2016-12-12  Konstantin... arm64: mvebu: Add L3 cache flush functionality to A8K...
2016-12-12  Konstantin... arm64: mvebu: Enable pin control support in A8K default...
2016-12-12  Konstantin... arm64: mvebu: Enable BUBT command support in A8K defaul...
2016-12-12  Konstantin... arm64: mvebu: Add pin control nodes to A8K family DTS...
2016-12-12  Konstantin... arm64: mvebu: pinctrl: Add pin control driver for A8K...
2016-12-12  Konstantin... arm64: mvebu: Add bubt command for flash image burn
2016-12-12  Konstantin... arm64: mvebu: Modify the A8K SPI and I2C config in DTS
2016-12-11  Masahiro YamadaARM: uniphier: remove BLK select
2016-12-11  Masahiro YamadaARM: dts: uniphier: sync Device Tree with Linux
2016-12-09  Tom Riniimgtec: Update MAINTAINERS for more config files
2016-12-09  Jyri Sarhaarm: am33xx: Initialize EMIF REG_PR_OLD_COUNT for BBB...
2016-12-09  Christian Rieschcalimain: Update maintainers and their email addresses
2016-12-09  Masahiro YamadaARM: uniphier: disable CONFIG_ARCH_FIXUP_FDT_MEMORY
2016-12-09  Masahiro YamadaARM: uniphier: remove unneeded parentheses
2016-12-09  Masahiro YamadaARM: uniphier: remove unneeded initializer
2016-12-09  Tom Rinitravis-ci: Switch to building QEMU
2016-12-09  Michal Simektools: mkimage: Use fstat instead of stat to avoid...
2016-12-09  Fabien Parentdavinci: omapl138_lcdk: boot from zImage
2016-12-09  Andrew F. Davisdefconfigs: am57xx_hs_evm: Add default OPTEE load address
2016-12-09  Andrew F. Davisdefconfigs: dra7xx_hs_evm: Add default OPTEE load address
2016-12-09  Fabien Parentdavinci: omapl138_lcdk: fix bad NAND ECC config
2016-12-09  Fabien Parentdavinci: omapl138_lcdk: increase u-boot load size
2016-12-09  Yehuda Yitschakcmd: pci: add option to parse and display BAR information
2016-12-09  Simon Glassspl: sandbox: Drop spl_board_announce_boot_device()
2016-12-09  Simon Glassspl: uniphier: Drop spl_board_announce_boot_device()
2016-12-09  Simon Glassspl: sunxi: Drop spl_board_announce_boot_device()
2016-12-09  Simon Glassspl: Drop announce_boot_device()
2016-12-09  Simon Glassspl: Pass the loader into spl_load_image()
2016-12-09  Simon Glassspl: Move the loading code into its own function
2016-12-09  Simon Glassspl: Add a name to the SPL load-image methods
2016-12-09  Simon Glassspl: Use a single underscore in the SPL_LOAD_IMAGE_METH...