2017-11-20  Peter Senna... mx53: Add Board support for GE PPD
2017-11-20  Martyn Welchboard: ge: make VPD code common
2017-11-20  Nandor Hanrtc: add support for s35392a
2017-11-20  Ian Raybootcount: add support for bootcounter on EXT filesystem
2017-11-20  Martyn Welcharm: mx5: Add more register definitions
2017-11-20  Martyn Welchpwm: imx: Enable PWM support on i.MX53
2017-11-20  Ian Rayext4: recover from filesystem corruption when reading
2017-11-20  Nandor Hanimx: mxc_i2c: tweak the i2c transfer method
2017-11-20  Fabio EstevamRevert "wandboard: Remove unnecessary delay"
2017-11-20  Fabio Bertonpico-imx6ul: Use FS_GENERIC load command
2017-11-20  Fabio Bertonpico-imx6ul: Add function to create gpt partitions
2017-11-20  Fabio Bertonpico-imx6ul: Define partition layout in the environment
2017-11-20  Fabio Bertonpico-imx6ul: Add boot and rootfs dfu_alt_info
2017-11-20  Fabio Bertonpico-imx6ul: Use PARTUUID to specify the rootfs location
2017-11-20  Fabio Bertonpico-imx6ul: Move dfu_alt_info to CONFIG_DFU_ENV_SETTIN...
2017-11-16  Marek VasutARM: imx6: Adjust DDR DRAM settings on DHCOM i.MX6 PDK
2017-11-14  Tom RiniPrepare v2017.11
2017-11-12  Soeren MochRevert "console: simplify puts()"
2017-11-12  Angelo Dureghelloboard: sysam: stmark2: add missing environment location
2017-11-12  Marek VasutARM: rmobile: Fix eMMC signal voltage on Salvator-X/XS
2017-11-10  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-11-10  Werner Böllmannsunxi: SATA link timeout fix
2017-11-10  Chen-Yu Tsainet: sun8i_emac: Fix build for non-H3/H5 SoCs
2017-11-10  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-11-10  Jagan Tekirockchip: configs: vyasa: Update falcon offsets
2017-11-10  Jagan Tekirockchip: doc: Fix U-Boot proper location for falcon
2017-11-10  Goldschmidt... rockchip: doc: update U-Boot location info
2017-11-09  Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2017-11-09  Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2017-11-09  Lukasz Majewskiimx7: Add include guards for include/asm/arch-mx7/sys_p...
2017-11-09  Lukasz Majewskiimx5: Add include guards for include/asm/arch-mx5/sys_p...
2017-11-09  Lukasz Majewskiimx6: Add include guards for include/asm/arch-mx6/sys_p...
2017-11-09  Lukasz Majewskiimx:display5: Add support for LWN's DISPLAY5 board
2017-11-09  Lukasz Majewskiimx6: iomux: Add generic function to set RGMII IO volta...
2017-11-09  Lukasz Majewskiboard: imx6: marsboard: Remove doubled #include <asm...
2017-11-09  Artturi Almsunxi: restore PHYLIB for CONFIG_SUN4I_EMAC users
2017-11-09  Artturi Almsunxi: fix CONFIG_SUNXI_EMAC references
2017-11-07  Benoît Thébaudeaummc: fsl_esdhc: Fix PIO timeout
2017-11-07  Jagan Tekii.MX6: engicam: Fix MAINTAINERS/README
2017-11-07  Fabio Estevammx51: Select the ESDHC_A001 erratum
2017-11-07  Fabio Estevammx25: Select the ESDHC_A001 erratum
2017-11-07  Fabio Estevammx25: Move MX25 selection to Kconfig
2017-11-07  Kever Yangrockchip: remove SYS_MMCSD_RAW_MODE_U_BOOT_SECTOR from...
2017-11-07  Kever Yangrockchip: doc: update U-Boot location info
2017-11-07  Kever Yangspl: set SYS_MMCSD_RAW_MODE_U_BOOT_SECTOR to 0x4000...
2017-11-07  Klaus Gogerrockchip: board: puma_rk3399: make env location selecta...
2017-11-07  Klaus Gogerrockchip: dts: rk3399: change sd-card io voltage to...
2017-11-07  Klaus Gogerrockchip: dts: Use defines for pin names in rk3399...
2017-11-07  Philipp Tomsichrockchip: dts: rk3399-puma: update USB configuration
2017-11-07  Philipp Tomsichrockchip: dts: rk3399-puma: update usbhub_enable regulator
2017-11-07  Philipp Tomsichrockchip: dts: rk3399-puma: fix the modelling of BIOS_D...
2017-11-07  Kever Yangrockchip: config: use common CONFIG_ENV_SIZE for all...
2017-11-07  Kever Yangrockchip: config: sync the ENV offset from rockchip...
2017-11-07  Kever Yangrockchip: rock: remove CONFIG_ENV_OFFSET
2017-11-06  Tom RiniPrepare v2017.11-rc4
2017-11-06  Chris Brandtcosmetic: rmobile: renesas spelled wrong
2017-11-06  Jan KundrátDo not attempt to use the systemwide libfdt
2017-11-06  Angelo Dureghellom68k: doc: update outdated documentation
2017-11-06  Shawn Guodisk: part_dos: fix part_get_info_extended() function
2017-11-06  Lukasz Majewskigpt: Use cache aligned buffers for gpt_h and gpt_e
2017-11-06  Masahiro Yamadatools: image: fix message when fail to add verification...
2017-11-06  Masahiro Yamadatools: image: allow to sign image nodes without -K...
2017-11-06  Masahiro Yamadatools: image: fix "algo" property of public key for...
2017-11-06  Stephen Warrentest/py: regenerate persistent GPT image if code changes
2017-11-06  Stefan Agnertools: env: allow to print U-Boot version
2017-11-06  Masahiro Yamadaimage-sig: use designated initializers for algorithm
2017-11-06  Tom RiniMAINTAINERS: Add missing boards and config entries
2017-11-06  Patrice Chotardtpm: st33zp24: fix STMicroelectronics copyright
2017-11-06  Patrice Chotardspear: fix STMicroelectronics copyright
2017-11-06  Patrice Chotardstv0991: fix STMicroelectronics copyright
2017-11-06  Patrice Chotardstm32: fix STMicroelectronics copyright
2017-11-06  Patrice Chotardsti: fix STMicroelectronics copyright
2017-11-06  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-11-06  Icenowy Zhengvideo: sunxi: de2: fix SimpleFB node creation when...
2017-11-06  Dongjin KimARM: dts: exynos: fix property values of LDO15/17 for...
2017-11-05  Tom RiniKconfig: Migrate MTDIDS_DEFAULT / MTDPARTS_DEFAULT
2017-11-03  Tom RiniMerge tag 'xilinx-fixes-for-v2017.11' of git://denx...
2017-11-03  Michal Simekscsi: ceva: Start port in probe
2017-11-01  Tom RiniMerge git://
2017-11-01  Philipp Tomsichrockchip: lion-rk3368: defconfig: select PHY_MICREL_KSZ90X1
2017-11-01  Philipp Tomsichrockchip: puma-rk3399: defconfig: select PHY_MICREL_KSZ90X1
2017-11-01  Kever Yangrockchip: evb-rk3328: remove CONFIG_ENV_OFFSET
2017-11-01  Kever Yangrockchip: rk3328: fix rockchip_get_cru api
2017-11-01  Kever Yangrockchip: rk3399: init CPU clock when rkclk_init()
2017-11-01  Klaus Gogerrockchip: configs: only add available BOOT_TARGET_DEVICES
2017-11-01  Klaus Gogerrockchip: configs: use rockchip-common.h for rk3368
2017-10-31  Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2017-10-31  Fabio Estevammx6slevk: Call gpio_request()
2017-10-31  Fabio Estevamudoo: Remove cpu type check prior to setup_sata()
2017-10-31  Fabio Estevamwandboard: Remove cpu type check prior to setup_sata()
2017-10-31  Marek VasutARM: imx6: Enable UMS and DFU on DHCOM i.MX6 PDK
2017-10-31  Peng Fanimx: mx6slevk: cleanup board usb code
2017-10-31  Fabio Estevammx6slevk: Fix MMC breakage for the SPL target
2017-10-31  Fabio Estevamwandboard: Add support for the MX6QP variant
2017-10-31  Stefan Agnerconfigs: vf610: increase maximum size and enforce corre...
2017-10-31  Tom RiniPrepare v2017.11-rc3
2017-10-30  Fabio Estevamnet: fec_mxc: Change "error frame" message to debug...
2017-10-30  Fabio Estevamimx: Fix regression with CONFIG_DM_MMC=y
2017-10-30  Tom Riniconfigs: Resync with savedefconfig
2017-10-29  Heinrich Schuchardtscripts/ enable find_maintainer_files