2015-11-17  Alexey Brodkinarc: add stubs for map_physmem() and unmap_physmem()
2015-11-17  Tom RiniPrepare v2016.01-rc1
2015-11-16  Vincent StehlĂ©tools/proftool: fix use-after-free
2015-11-16  Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-11-16  Nikita Kiryanovarm: mx6: cm-fx6: add splash locations to cm-fx6
2015-11-16  Nikita Kiryanovsplash_source: add support for filesystem formatted...
2015-11-16  Nikita Kiryanovsplash_source: add support for filesystem formatted usb
2015-11-16  Nikita Kiryanovsplash_source: add support for filesystem formatted mmc
2015-11-16  Nikita Kiryanovsplash_source: rename *_read() to *_read_raw()
2015-11-13  Tom RiniMerge branch 'series1_v2' of git://
2015-11-13  Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-11-13  Bin Mengsf: Fix NULL pointer exception for flashes without...
2015-11-13  Bin Mengx86: Remove CONFIG_SYS_EARLY_PCI_INIT
2015-11-13  Bin Mengx86: Remove legacy pci codes
2015-11-13  Bin Mengx86: crownbay: Remove unused PCI region address macros
2015-11-13  Bin Mengx86: qemu: Convert to use driver model eth
2015-11-13  Bin Mengx86: qemu: Convert to use driver model usb
2015-11-13  Bin Mengx86: qemu: Convert to use driver model pci
2015-11-13  Bin Mengx86: qemu: Move chipset-specific codes from pci.c to...
2015-11-13  Bin Mengx86: qemu: Remove call to vgabios execution
2015-11-13  Bin Mengx86: Move timer_init() call a bit earlier
2015-11-13  Bin Mengx86: queensbay: Really disable IGD
2015-11-13  Bin Mengx86: Move CONFIG_8259_PIC and CONFIG_8254_TIMER to...
2015-11-13  Bin Mengx86: Rename pcat_ to i8254 and i8259 accordingly
2015-11-13  Bin Mengx86: Initialize i8254 timer counter 1
2015-11-13  Bin Mengx86: Fix cosmetic issues in the i8254 and i8259 codes
2015-11-13  Bin Mengx86: Remove dead codes wrapped by PARANOID_IRQ_TRIGGERS
2015-11-13  Bin Mengx86: Rename CONFIG_SYS_NUM_IRQS to SYS_NUM_IRQS
2015-11-13  Stefano Babicimx6: fix warnings due to switch to distro environment
2015-11-13  Francois Retiefsparc: leon3: Add debug_uart support to LEON3 serial...
2015-11-13  Daniel Hellstromsparc: ambapp: Removed warning and unnecessary printout.
2015-11-13  Daniel Hellstromsparc: leon3: Moved GRLIB core header files to common...
2015-11-13  Daniel Hellstromsparc: leon3: Added memory controller initialization...
2015-11-13  Francois Retiefsparc: Kconfig: Move the CMD_AMBAPP command to Kconfig
2015-11-13  Daniel Hellstromsparc: leon3: Reimplemented AMBA Plug&Play scanning...
2015-11-13  Francois Retiefsparc: Update startup code to take PIC mode into account
2015-11-13  Francois Retiefsparc: Update GRSIM board with memory settings for...
2015-11-13  Francois Retiefsparc: Update LEON serial drivers to use readl/writel...
2015-11-13  Francois Retiefsparc: Add -mcpu= compiler flags for LEON2/LEON3
2015-11-13  Francois Retiefsparc: Update the maintainer for SPARC architecture
2015-11-13  Francois Retiefsparc: Fix broken files during license changes
2015-11-13  Fabio Estevamboard_init: Change the logic to setup malloc_base
2015-11-13  Tom RiniMerge branch 'master' of git://
2015-11-12  Vignesh Ram43xx_evm: Add DFU support for qspi flash
2015-11-12  Michal Simekspl: Add support for CONFIG_OF_EMBED=y
2015-11-12  Guillaume REMBERTopenrisc: updating build tools naming convention
2015-11-12  Andy FlemingFix trini email in the script
2015-11-12  Vincent BENOITpengwyn: nand and ethernet fixes
2015-11-12  Fabio Estevamblock: ahci: Remove dead code
2015-11-12  Peng Fancommon: Simplify get_clocks() #ifdef
2015-11-12  Matwey V. Kornilovconfigs: Use config_distro_defaults.h in ti_armv7_common.h
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachi2c: Fix pca953x endianess issue
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachi2c: soft_i2c: Fix bus indizes
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachboard: gdsys: Enable osd on output only
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachboard: gdsys: Add osdsize command
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachhrcon: Add fan controllers
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachhrcon: Add support for the DH variant
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachhrcon: Fix videoboard i2c setup
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachhrcon: Use generic ioep-fpga support
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachmpc83xx: Add strider board
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachhrcon: Remove CH7301 configuration
2015-11-12  Reinhard Pfauiocon: reset FPGAs in last_stage_init()
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachcontrolcenterd: Disable sideband clocks
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachdlvision-10g: Support displayport
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachboard: gdsys: Consider DP501 limits on link training
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachboard: gdsys: Increase DP501 I2C retry interval
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachboard: gdsys: Configure DP501 SPDIF input
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachi2c: ihs_i2c: Fix hold_bus control
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachi2c: ihs_i2c: Use macro bestpractices
2015-11-12  Dirk Eibachi2c: ihs_i2c: Dual channel support
2015-11-12  Prabhakar Kushwahadriver: net: Fix pointer conversion warnings for xilinx...
2015-11-12  Prabhakar Kushwahadriver: usb: Fix pointer conversion warnings for hikey
2015-11-12  Prabhakar Kushwahadriver: dwmmc: Fix pointer conversion warnings for...
2015-11-12  Prabhakar Kushwahadriver: gpio: hikey: Fix pointer conversion warnings...
2015-11-12  Siarhei Siamashkammc: Use lldiv() for 64-bit division in write_raw_image()
2015-11-12  Patrick Delaunayuuid: add selection by string for known partition type...
2015-11-12  Patrick Delaunaygpt: add optional parameter type in gpt command
2015-11-12  Patrick Delaunaypart:efi: add GUID for linux file system data
2015-11-12  Cheng Gupci: fix checking PCI_REGION_MEM in pci_hose_phys_to_bus()
2015-11-12  Tom Riniinclude/linux/mtd: Update copyright notices
2015-11-12  robertcnelson... board/ti/am335x: beaglebone stop muxing i2c1_pin_mux
2015-11-12  Maxime Ripardsunxi: cubietruck: Enable the USB OTG controller
2015-11-12  Maxime Ripardsunxi: A13-Olinuxino: Enable the USB OTG controller
2015-11-12  Maxime Ripardsparse: Rename the file and header
2015-11-12  Maxime Ripardfastboot: nand: Add pre erase and write hooks
2015-11-12  Maxime Ripardfastboot: Implement NAND backend
2015-11-12  Maxime Ripardsparse: Implement several chunks flashing
2015-11-12  Maxime Ripardfastboot: Implement flashing session counter
2015-11-12  Maxime Ripardsparse: Implement storage abstraction
2015-11-12  Maxime Ripardfastboot: Move fastboot response functions to fastboot...
2015-11-12  Maxime Ripardsparse: Simplify multiple logic
2015-11-12  Maxime Ripardsparse: Refactor chunk parsing function
2015-11-12  Maxime Ripardsparse: Move main header parsing to a function of its own
2015-11-12  Maxime Ripardmtd: uboot: Add meaningful error message
2015-11-12  Hannes Petermaierboard/BuR/kwb: use bootvx(...) (with bootline feature...
2015-11-12  Peng Fanimx: mx7dsabresd: support lcdif
2015-11-12  Peng Fanimx: mx7: compile misc.c for mx7
2015-11-12  Peng Fanimx: imx-common: power down lcdif before boot os
2015-11-12  Peng Fanimx: mx6: implement reset_misc
2015-11-12  Peng Fanvideo: mxsfb: introduce lcdif_power_down