2010-10-22  Florian Fainelliehci-pci: print hccr, hcor and hc_lenght
2010-10-21  Anatolij GustschinFix building for 83xx boards with USB support
2010-10-20  John Schmollerppc: Don't initialize write protected NOR flashes
2010-10-20  Wolfgang DenkMPC52xx, motionpro: update default configuration
2010-10-20  Macpaul Linftrtc010.c : enhance code according to original datasheet
2010-10-20  Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-10-20  Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-10-20  Steve SakomanARMV7: OMAP: I2C driver: Restructure i2c_probe function
2010-10-20  Steve SakomanARMV7: OMAP: I2C driver: Restructure i2c_write_byte...
2010-10-20  Steve SakomanARMV7: OMAP: I2C driver: Restructure i2c_read_byte...
2010-10-20  Steve SakomanARMV7: OMAP: I2C driver: Use same timeout value as...
2010-10-20  Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Fix default environment for AMCC boards
2010-10-20  Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Enable NOR flash support in sequoia_ramboot...
2010-10-20  Stefan Roeseppc4xx/POST: Add board specific UART POST test to lwmon5
2010-10-20  Stefan Roeseppc4xx: Change tsr/tcr macros to upper case
2010-10-20  Kumar GalaFix compile warning in uli526x driver
2010-10-20  Peter Tyser85xx: Use gc-sections to reduce image size
2010-10-20  Peter Tyser86xx: Use gc-sections to reduce image size
2010-10-20  Kumar Gala86xx: Create common linker script
2010-10-20  Peter Tysermpc8640: Update the io_sel fields for PCI Express
2010-10-20  Peter Tysertqm85xx: Update PCI code
2010-10-20  Peter Tysersbc8641d: Update PCI code
2010-10-20  Peter Tysermpc8641hpcn: Update PCI code
2010-10-20  Aaron Sierra85xx: Add support for not releasing secondary cores...
2010-10-20  York SunDisable unused chip-select for DDR controller interleaving
2010-10-20  York SunAdding fixed sdram setting for cornet_ds board
2010-10-20  York SunEnable POST memory test for P2020DS
2010-10-20  York SunEnable POST memory test for corenet_ds
2010-10-20  York SunSetup POST word for generic mpc85xx
2010-10-20  York SunAdd memory test feature for mpc85xx POST.
2010-10-20  York SunAdding more control to physical address mapping
2010-10-20  Timur Tabialways relocate fdt into an lmb-allocated memory block
2010-10-20  Kumar Galapowerpc/8xxx: Add fdt_fixup_phy_connection helper
2010-10-20  Kumar Galapowerpc/fsl: Introduce common enum for PHY types
2010-10-20  Stefano BabicFAT: buffer overflow with FAT12/16
2010-10-20  Wolfgang Denkcommon/fdt_support.c: Fix compile warnings
2010-10-19  Wolfgang DenkUSB: sync Queue Element Transfer Descriptor against...
2010-10-19  Stefano BabicMX31: Removed warnings for iomux function
2010-10-19  Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-10-19  Eric CooperMakefile: rename TEXT_BASE to CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE
2010-10-19  Richard Retanubunboard_init_r: Removed unused cmdtp variable
2010-10-19  Stefan RoeseAdd UBI README
2010-10-19  Stefano Babiccmd_fpga: cleanup help and check parameters
2010-10-19  Stefano BabicFPGA: Add missing prototype
2010-10-19  Mike Frysingerboards.cfg: update local documentation
2010-10-19  Jens Scharsigupdate board EB+CPUx9K2
2010-10-19  Kristoffer... Add support for HP Jornada flashrom boards
2010-10-19  Mike FrysingerMakefile: allow boards to check file size limits
2010-10-19  John Rigbydrivers/net/fec_mxc.c: write mac address in init
2010-10-19  Marek VasutBuild: PXA: Fix TrizepsIV build variants
2010-10-19  Marek VasutBuild: PXA: Fix Vpac270 build variants
2010-10-19  Marek VasutPXA: Fix vpac270 OneNAND booter
2010-10-19  Marek VasutPXA: Fix Balloon3 for Reloc
2010-10-19  Marek VasutPXA: Fix ZipitZ2 for Reloc
2010-10-19  Marek VasutPXA: Fix vpac270 for Reloc
2010-10-19  Marek VasutPXA: Fix reloc, Push lowlevel init into C code
2010-10-19  Marek VasutPXA: Add necessary information for RELOC
2010-10-19  Mikhail KshevetskiyPXA: fix MDREFR[APD] bit setting
2010-10-19  Mikhail KshevetskiyPXA: fix environment sector size, kernel and environmen...
2010-10-19  Mikhail KshevetskiyPXA: cleanup vpac270 config and set CONFIG_SYS_HZ to...
2010-10-19  Mikhail KshevetskiyPXA: remove unused from board/vpac270
2010-10-19  Marek VasutPXA: Add missing MAINTAINERS entries
2010-10-19  Marek VasutPXA: Balloon3 board support
2010-10-19  Marek VasutPXA: Voipac270 improvements
2010-10-19  Marek VasutPXA: Add initial Palm LifeDrive support
2010-10-19  Marek VasutPXA: Palm Tungsten|C Support
2010-10-19  Marek Vasutcommon: Enable serial for PXA250
2010-10-19  Marek VasutPXA: pxafb: Marvell Littleton LCD definition
2010-10-19  Marek VasutPXA: pxafb: Add support for Sharp LQ038J7DH53
2010-10-19  Marek VasutPXA: pxafb: Add ACX517AKN support
2010-10-19  Marek VasutPXA: pxa-regs.h cleanup
2010-10-19  Marek VasutPXA: pxafb: Fix indent problems
2010-10-19  York SunExpand POST memory test to support arch-depended implem...
2010-10-19  Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'at91' of git://
2010-10-19  Wolfgang Denkdoc/README.scrapyard: add documentation for abandoned...
2010-10-19  Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'elf_reloc'
2010-10-19  Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-10-19  Reinhard MeyerAT91 clock/timer: move static data to global_data struct
2010-10-19  Andreas Bießmannat91rm9200ek: enbable USB support
2010-10-19  Andreas Bießmannat91rm9200: enable USB support
2010-10-19  Andreas Bießmannat91rm9200ek: convert to at91
2010-10-19  Wolfgang DenkNC650/CP850: remove code for yet another corpse
2010-10-19  Wolfgang DenkQONG: fix and update board config file
2010-10-19  Magnus Liljai.MX31: Fix Litekit board to use new ARM relocation...
2010-10-19  Jason LiuMX5: Remove dead code with ENABLE_IMPRECISE_ABORT
2010-10-18  Wolfgang DenkRename TEXT_BASE: fix merge conflicts
2010-10-18  John RigbyARM: enable device tree for beagle
2010-10-18  John RigbyARM: add flat device tree support
2010-10-18  John Rigbyboot: change some arch ifdefs to feature ifdefs
2010-10-18  John RigbyFDT: only call boot_get_fdt from generic code
2010-10-18  John RigbyFDT: Add fixup support for multiple banks of memory
2010-10-18  John Rigbycommon/image.c remove extra calls to be32_to_cpu in...
2010-10-18  John Rigbycommon/image.c fix length calculation in boot_relocate_fdt
2010-10-18  Joakim Tjernlunddlmalloc.c: Fix gcc alias warning
2010-10-18  Joakim Tjernlundpowerpc: do not fixup NULL ptrs
2010-10-18  Peter Tyserpowerpc: Cleanup BOOTFLAG_* references
2010-10-18  Damien DushaMPC5121: Add USB EHCI support
2010-10-18  Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of /home/wd/git/u-boot/master/
2010-10-18  Enric Balletbo... MAINTAINERS: Fix alphabetical order in ARM subsection
2010-10-18  Wolfgang DenkMerge branch 'master' of git://