2016-07-22 Michael TremerInitialize translation method in graph exporter master
2016-07-22 Michael TremerCreate a simple engine for forms
2015-12-18 Michael Tremeranalytics: Add graph thumbnails
2015-12-18 Michael Tremeri18n: Define the _ function
2015-12-13 Michael Tremergraphs: Remove title in graph image except for exports
2015-12-12 Michael Tremeranalytics: Add system interrupts graph
2015-12-12 Michael Tremeranalytics: Add the context switches graph
2015-12-12 Michael Tremeranalytics: Add network graphs
2015-10-27 Michael TremerAdd graphs handlers
2015-10-22 Michael Tremeri18n: Add a submodule that handles translations
2015-10-22 Michael TremerAdd a simple menu implementation
2015-10-18 Michael Tremerui/utils: Use backend module to determine the hostname
2015-10-18 Michael TremerAdd handler that serves graphs from collecty
2015-10-18 Michael TremerAdd a very basic website template
2015-10-18 Michael TremerFix importing UI methods
2015-10-18 Michael TremerAdd a basic web server that serves static files
2015-10-17 Michael TremerCreate a basic, modular frontend web service
2015-10-17 Michael TremerInitial creating of the project