stripper: Handle capabilities
[people/pmueller/ipfire-2.x.git] / config / rootfiles / core /
2021-07-09  Michael Tremercore158: Run sshctrl
2021-07-09  Michael Tremercore158: Ship pakfire
2021-07-02  Michael Tremercore158: Ship ppp
2021-07-01  Michael Tremercore158: Fully terminate apache before restarting it
2021-07-01  Michael Tremercore158: Fix name of vnstat initscript
2021-06-28  Michael Tremercore158: Actually drop motion instead of monit
2021-06-28  Michael Tremercore158: Uninstall all dropped add-ons
2021-06-21  Michael TremerMerge branch 'core157'
2021-06-21  Michael Tremercore157: Ship lua
2021-06-21  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/next'
2021-06-17  Michael Tremercore158: Ship web-user-interface
2021-06-17  Michael TremerMerge branch 'perl-system' into next
2021-06-17  Michael Tremercore158: Ship xfsprogs
2021-06-17  Michael Tremercore158: Ship smartmontools
2021-06-17  Michael Tremercore158: Ship hwdata
2021-06-17  Michael Tremercore158: Ship fuse
2021-06-14  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'pmueller/temp-cleanup...
2021-06-14  Michael Tremercore158: Ship sudo
2021-06-12  Michael Tremercore158: Ship libpcap
2021-06-11  Michael Tremeripsec-policy: Do no create DROP rules for on-demand...
2021-06-10  Michael Tremercore157: Fix shipping boost
2021-06-10  Michael Tremercore158: Ship nettle
2021-06-10  Michael Tremercore158: Ship libxcrypt
2021-06-10  Michael Tremercore158: Ship libedit
2021-06-10  Michael Tremercore158: Ship memory.cgi
2021-06-09  Michael Tremerintel-microcode: Update to 20210608
2021-06-08  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' into next
2021-06-08  Michael TremerUpdate linux-firmware to 20210511
2021-06-07  Michael Tremercore158: Ship apache2
2021-06-07  Michael Tremercore158: Ship rng-tools
2021-06-04  Michael Tremercore158: Ship pcre2
2021-06-04  Michael Tremercore158: Ship libnl-3
2021-06-04  Michael Tremercore158: Ship libcap
2021-06-04  Michael Tremercore158: Ship gnutls
2021-06-03  Peter MüllerClean up whatever remained from ALGs in userspace
2021-06-03  Michael Tremercore158: Ship dmidecode
2021-06-03  Michael Tremercore158: Ship gzip
2021-06-02  Michael Tremercore158: Ship perl files with changed permissions
2021-05-31  Michael Tremercore158: Ship sshd_config
2021-05-31  Michael Tremercore158: Ship expat
2021-05-31  Michael Tremercore158: Ship curl
2021-05-31  Michael Tremercore158: Ship zstd
2021-05-31  Michael Tremercore158: Ship zd1211-firmware
2021-05-31  Michael Tremercore158: Ship perl-XML-Parser
2021-05-31  Michael Tremercore158: Ship knot
2021-05-25  Michael Tremercore157: Ship python3-inotify
2021-05-25  Michael Tremercore158: Ship pakfire
2021-05-25  Michael Tremercore158: Ship libusb
2021-05-25  Michael Tremercore158: Ship iputils
2021-05-25  Michael TremerMerge branch 'master' into next
2021-05-25  Michael Tremercore158: Ship bind
2021-05-25  Michael Tremercore158: Ship vnstat
2021-05-25  Michael Tremercore158: Ship script
2021-05-25  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Delete shared object files leftover...
2021-05-25  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Ship backup package to apply changed...
2021-05-25  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Apply changed SSH configurations
2021-05-21  Michael Tremercore158: Ship ca-certificates
2021-05-20  Michael Tremercore158: Ship ethtool
2021-05-20  Michael Tremercore158: Ship qpdf
2021-05-20  Michael Tremercore158: Ship perl-CGI
2021-05-20  Michael Tremercore158: Ship glib
2021-05-20  Michael Tremercore158: Ship dhcp.cgi
2021-05-20  Michael Tremercore158: Ship updated firewall initscript
2021-05-20  Michael Tremercore158: Drop upnpd initscript
2021-05-20  Michael Tremercore158: Uninstall libupnp
2021-05-20  Michael TremerDrop miniupnpd stuff from rootfiles and all systems
2021-05-20  Michael Tremercore158: Ship IPsec changes for iOS
2021-05-20  Michael TremerMerge remote-tracking branch 'ms/ipsec-ios' into next
2021-05-18  Michael Tremerfireinfo: Update to 2.2.0
2021-05-18  Michael TremerStart Core Update 158
2021-05-18  Michael TremerMerge branch 'next'
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Apply changed permissions to /srv...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Remove executable bit less ugly
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Apply changed permissions to /var...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Apply changed permissions to /var...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Apply changed permissions to /var...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Ship changed iputils due to /usr/bin...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: /var/ipfire/fwhosts/icmp-types does...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Delete orphaned DMA mail box creation...
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: Delete ssh-keysign binary
2021-05-17  Peter MüllerCore Update 157: remove SUID bit from /usr/bin/gpg
2021-05-16  Michael Tremercore157: Ship sudo
2021-05-14  Michael Tremercore157: Ship python3-daemon
2021-05-14  Michael Tremercore157: Ship unbound-dhcp-leases-bridge
2021-05-13  Michael Tremercore157: Ship ddns
2021-05-12  Michael Tremercore157: Ship libxslt
2021-05-11  Michael Tremercore157: Ship newt
2021-05-10  Michael Tremercore157: Ship boost
2021-05-10  Michael Tremercore157: Ship squid
2021-05-04  Michael Tremercore157: Ship getipstat and iptables.cgi and bump guardian
2021-04-30  Michael Tremercore157: Ship libxml2
2021-04-30  Michael Tremercore157: Ship iproute2
2021-04-27  Michael Tremercore157: Ship libaio
2021-04-26  Michael Tremercore157: Ship libgpg-error
2021-04-26  Michael Tremercore157: Ship libevent2
2021-04-26  Michael Tremercore157: Ship libedit
2021-04-26  Michael Tremercore157: Ship libcap-ng
2021-04-26  Michael Tremercore157: Ship libarchive
2021-04-26  Michael Tremercore157: Ship libjpeg
2021-04-26  Michael Tremercore157: Ship xfsprogs