Removed deletion of the old .svn-subdirectories.
[people/pmueller/ipfire-2.x.git] / src /
2008-04-09  Christian SchmidtAdded include file for squidclam and corrected install...
2008-04-04  Arne FitzenreiterAdd Davicom DM9601 (2nd try, now working)
2008-03-30  Arne FitzenreiterNew Astra 19.2 Channellist, moved vdr config to /opt...
2008-03-28  arne_fadd vdr streamdev-plugin
2008-03-22  maniacikarusUpdated and patched squidGuard
2008-03-17  arne_fadded tunctl (tool for setup local tun/tap devices)
2008-03-14  maniacikarusFixed a pakfire bug preventing the fire to go from...
2008-03-08  maniacikarusSome little code corrections
2008-03-08  maniacikarusAdded some FW Options for the blue interface
2008-03-05  arne_ffix service.cgi hangs if the initscript of an addon...
2008-03-04  arne_ffixed "/dev/nul" error
2008-03-04  arne_fdeleted empty collectd rootfile
2008-03-04  arne_fadditional sane settings, backup of cfg, initscript
2008-03-04  arne_fsane configuration
2008-03-01  arne_fpid output of /etc/init.d/teamspeak status
2008-02-27  msA little bit of virtualization:
2008-02-23  arne_fmissing " :(
2008-02-23  arne_fadded backup of teamspeak database to pak
2008-02-23  arne_fAdd LANG=us_EN.utf8 to Teamspeak initscript.
2008-02-23  arne_fAdd "addon services" to webinterface
2008-02-23  maniacikaruslittle changes in core8 - backup before extract
2008-02-19  maniacikaruscorrected because micha said so :D
2008-02-19  maniacikarusfixed wirelesscontrol and included in core 8
2008-02-17  msAdded a teamspeak server addon.
2008-02-16  arne_fFix ClamAV uninstall script
2008-02-13  arne_fStarted core update 8
2008-02-11  arne_fUpdated ClamAV to 0.92
2008-02-10  maniacikarusLittle core7 fix because of mbmon restart probs
2008-02-10  arne_fremoved fail's if mbmon cannot start
2008-02-07  arne_fAdd forgotten Firewire HDD (sbp2 non smp-kernel) to...
2008-02-07  arne_fInitscript to enable smart for all disks. (not added...
2008-02-04  maniacikarusAdded option for firewall adjustment on blue
2008-02-03  arne_fadd hosts gateway entry for red static
2008-02-02  maniacikarusfixed collection deamon integration
2008-01-27  maniacikarusCorrected and translated outgoing fw
2008-01-26  arne_fprepared build of dm9601 module
2008-01-23  arne_fMissing files of the last commit
2008-01-23  maniacikarusCorrected guardian
2008-01-11  maniacikarusEnded core 5 and started core 6
2008-01-04  msUpdate kernel config for nfs 3/4 support
2007-12-30  msfix
2007-12-30  maniacikarusSome smaller enhancements for the firewall script
2007-12-28  maniacikaruspakfire cgi not refreshes after upgrades
2007-12-27  msCore Update 3:
2007-12-23  maniacikarusremoved custom background option for urlfilter option...
2007-12-21  maniacikarusfixed wrong url on redirector page
2007-12-19  maniacikarusUpdate Clamav and Cups build might fail because of...
2007-12-17  maniacikaruscorrected speed footer not working with dhcp and static
2007-12-15  msUpdated the IPFireSeeder that it seeds the final iso.
2007-12-13  maniacikarusupdate samba to 3.28 and pakfire release 3
2007-11-16  maniacikaruscorrected pakfire cgi displaying bash color codes
2007-11-12  maniacikarusstarted creation of the first update
2007-11-07  msAdded one missing string.
2007-11-06  maniacikaruschanged temperature reading to smartctrl
2007-11-04  msJump to 2.1.
2007-11-04  msFixed makegraphs.
2007-11-04  msTwo syntax errors in shell scripts of mysql and clamav.
2007-11-04  msFixed some minor things in networking/red script.
2007-11-04  msWrote a fetchmail init script.
2007-11-03  msLet the script load the other acpi modules, too.
2007-11-03  maniacikarussome small code fixes
2007-11-02  maniacikarusLoad acpi module for button shutdown, event is still...
2007-11-01  msTypo in compilation commands of postfix.
2007-11-01  msFixing a syntax error in pakfire's
2007-10-31  msPatched the installer for configuring the firewill...
2007-10-29  msSmall syntax error in red script.
2007-10-29  msMade some improvements in red script by Arne.
2007-10-28  msMade the install/update/uninstall scripts looking equal.
2007-10-28  msMade the gnump3d working out of the box...
2007-10-27  msIPSec script was missing.
2007-10-27  msAdded start links to some packages.
2007-10-27  msNot every process has to wait 60 seconds to start.
2007-10-26  msYou need to change the version in the pakfire.conf...
2007-10-26  msAdded some custom patches for openswan
2007-10-25  maniacikarusUpdate mldonkey openssh openssl ntfs-3g nfs and hdparm
2007-10-21  maniacikarusAdded some Radio Streams for MPFire
2007-10-20  msOpenmailadmin fehlt die Apache-Config...
2007-10-19  maniacikarusWeiter am Backup gebastelt
2007-10-19  msAlte Stylesheets entfernt. Wir haben ja Themes.
2007-10-18  msKleinere fixes an der Backup Routine
2007-10-16  msKorrekturen damit der Build wieder laeuft
2007-10-15  maniacikarusMPFire CGI korrigiert
2007-10-14  msDen cyrus-imapd umbenannt.
2007-10-14  msClamav kommt erstma ohne Virendefinitionen daher.
2007-10-14  msDer Grub findet leider ohne diesen Patch nicht die...
2007-10-13  msEine kleine Aenderung in der pppsetup.cgi von Arne.
2007-10-13  msDer Grub lies sich auf einigen RAID-Controllern nicht...
2007-10-13  msFoomatic ist gegen die libtiff gelinkt.
2007-10-10  msZwei kleine Fixes, an den Installations-Skripten.
2007-10-08  msbr2684ctl...
2007-10-08  maniacikarusdie fehlenden Anpassungen fuer die komischen Devicenamen
2007-10-07  maniacikarusSamba default Freigabe angepasst
2007-10-07  msEin altes Script...
2007-10-07  msEin paar Schoenheitsfehler korrigiert.
2007-10-06  maniacikarusFix im Squid init skript
2007-10-06  maniacikarusEin weiteres Webradion hinzugefĆ¼gt
2007-10-04  maniacikarusHddtemp DB angepasst frcon logging deaktiviert
2007-10-03  msGrosses mldonkey-Update.
2007-10-03  msred + pppsetup.cgi von Arne.
2007-10-03  maniacikarusfix im Red Skript fuer PPPoE